Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 2


The next morning I woke up early and took a shower in the cold pond and washed my body as best as I could before I got way to cold. I put on another plain dress blue dress and was drying my hair when I heard a twig break. I looks at the forest and a weird sensation came over me, I was being watched and I didn't know who or what was watching me.

I heard a howl and I knew I wasn't alone anymore, I grabbed my things and ran back toward the village I heard someone running along the forest edge. I got back in time to the village to be breathing hard and was looking back to see if I can see anything and I didn't see anything but I did see two gold glowing eyes looking at me in the darkness and I was terrified of what would've happened if I didn't run back.

I walk toward my farm house and put my stuff back into my room and started breakfast, my parents came in first then my grandparents came in last, we all said grace and ate quietly. I was eating looking down at my food thinking about what was chasing me when I heard sniffing and I looks up to see my mom crying as she ate. I didn't know what to say to comfort her, since today I will be leaving.

My dad put an arm around her and I looked at him as his eyes to were red and I knew he was holding a lot back trying to stay strong for my mom. I sighed and I said "Mom.. dad ... please don't be said about me being sacrificed, it's for a good cause. You will get more food like fruit, vegetables, grain and more seeds to plant." And my little daily nodded and I knew nothing I say will make them feel better.

The day went by and I helped my mom and grandmother with house work and soon it was time for me to get ready. Around midnight I will be taken toward the werewolves kingdom. My mom and grandma sews a bright red dress and then put it on my after I was washed in a very lavender scented liquid. Then my hair was braided with flowers in them. And lastly I put makeup on with the few things I had.

I walked out of my house and towards the village entrance, all the villagers were there with mayor and my family. "Harlow, thank you for this service and I hope god be with you forever" the mayor said. I nodded to him and I was saying my goodbyes to my family when we heard horses racing toward the entrance. There was four big black horse and it was pulling a black and gold carriage behind them.

There was also two massive men that was driving the carriage and then enter the village and parked in front of them mayor. They both got off and look down at the mayor who looked terrified. "We are with the King, is the sacrifice ready?" One of them said, the mayor nodded and motion me forward. I did what I did always I walk towards me with my head held high.

The didn't saying anything as I walk toward them, the other one opened the carriage door and I enter not saying anything to either one of them. "We will send the reward soon after" the one that talked before said and the mayor nodded and they bid us good bye. I waved one last time to my family and they cried as they waved back and the carriage set off in top speed.
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