Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 3


The carriage ride was fast and rough I had to hold on to the hand rail and I can hear the two men in outside front bickering about something I didn't know. Sudden the carriage yield and and I looked through the curtain and gasped. We were in front of a large mansion and there were trees and lakes and it was just so magical here. I heard the the two men get off and one open the door for me to exit.

I got out and other man helped me as I took his hand and stepped down. "Hello I am Beta Daxton and this Gamma Maxwell. We are the second and third of command in this pack." Daxton said. I nodded "oh uhm pleasure to meet you both, I'm Harlow Montgomery" I said smiling softly at the two men in front of me.

They smiled back and lead me inside of the mansion, it was huge in there. So many paintings and furniture and essentials that I didn't even know existed. The two wolfs chuckled at my expression. "You never seen royalty things?" Maxwell said and I shook my head "I never left the village" I said as I looked to the ceiling that also had painting on it.

They both got quiet and nodded and left to a big garden "Ms. Montgomery, do you know anything about the alpha king?" Daxton asked and I shook my head. "Well he is the king of wolves and is the victory of the war with the vampires. We wolves had what's a called a soulmate made just for us by the Moon goddess herself. Unfortunately the king hasn't found his and therefore started this sacrifice business again. That why you are here." I took in what Daxton was telling me.

"So what if I was his soulmate?" I asked "then you will crown Luna queen and queen of the wolves" Maxwell answered and I nodded "and what if I'm not?" I asked another question "then you will stay her for the remainder of you life" Daxton said and I looked down and though either way I wasn't going home anymore. I looked to both men with confidence and nodded "I'm ready" I said with authority and they nodded.

"You must walk through the garden and into the forest, the Alpha is there prowling around and when he see you and you see him. You will know if your mates or not" Daxton said and I looked to the dark forest ahead of me and nodded and walked toward the forest. I felt like someone was called me there so I was following my heart and I went past the garden into the forest and toward a small lake that seem to be the middle of the forest and saw a tall figure in the water.

His back was turned toward me and I slowly creeped up toward the water bank and took in his looks in the moonlight. He was extremely tall and had slight tan and tons of muscle and was only wear black pants. I gasp as he tuned to me and his eyes were glowing gold and I felt that he was the one who chased me yesterday morning. My heart was beating so fast, I never felt like this in my entire life. He came closer and took in my face in the moonlight and whisper something that only I can hear.

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