Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 4


Her smell was so intoxicating, I couldn't stop myself from getting closer to her. When I saw her bathing during my morning run I wanted to take her then and there till she enter the village that I had wanted a sacrifice from. I'm glad it was her that came because the other girls would've been rejected and I would come and hunt for her down in that small town.

I felt my beast wanting to come out and greet our little human mate but I didn't want to scare her so I took in her scent and spoke "I am Grayson Steele, King to the Wolves. You are?" I said smiling at her. She blushed deeply as she took in my tone body and smiles back softly "Hello your highness, I am Harlow Montgomery" she said in a very softly gentle voice.

"You don't have to call me that. You can call me Grayson, we are equals Harlow. You're my mate and now the Luna Queen." I said and she gasp. "I-I'm really your mate?" She said and no nodded "Yes, my love you are." She blushed even more when I called her that. She nodded and I hold my hand out to her and she slowly takes it and I felt a charge course through me and she must of to because her eyes widen.

"Did you feel that?" She nods "that is our bond between us, it's a bit weak but it will grow strong as we get to know each other and more after the mating process" she looked confused. "Mating Process?" I nod "Yes. It's where I will announce you as the Queen and turn you into a werewolf and you will then say your vows to the wolf pack and then we will mate to finish it off" I explain.

She was quiet and looking at me with curiosity "You will turn me into a wolf?" I nodded "And all this is required? And what do you mean by mate?" She asked, so my little human is very innocent. I chuckled "Yes this is required and I mean I will make love to you until I cannot Harlow" I said and she gasp and blushed "O-Oh" she said and I pulled her closer and kissed her forehead.

"Let head home Harlow, a lot needs to be done" She nods and starts to walk the way she came and I laughed and pick her up. She yelps and holds on to me as I carried her and she blushed but didn't complain to be put down, my beast was yipping in my head he was happy we found mate.
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