Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 5


He carried me all the way back and power walked like it was nothing. He was so warm and cozy, I somehow fell asleep in his arms as we traveled back toward the mansion. I woke up with the sun hitting my face and I was on a massive king bed and it was like I was on a cloud, so soft and puffy. I looked around the room and saw so many fancy and expensive things.

I felt someone lay next to me and it was Grayson himself asleep and holding me. I turned so I was face to face with him. He had long black hair that touch his shoulders and I remember his eyes were the color of ambers and he was so handsome. He laid in only black short undergarments and I blushed and I notice I was in a night gown of some sort, it was soft against my ivory skin.

"Are you alright?" He said softly and I looked back up at him and blushed "Yes Grayson I am, thank you" "I like how you say my name Harlow" I blushed and nods softly. He gets up and grabs some clothing from what I assume is his closet. "I will shower in the other room, I'll send the maids to help you get ready" he said and leaves and I get off the bed and looks outside. It was so beautiful outside and the sun was high.

"I can't believe I'm going to be a queen" I said to myself and then I heard a knock at the door "Oh uhm come in?" Three maids came in and bowed to me "Hello Luna, I am Faith and this is Gena and Tess. We are your maid, we will help you with everything you need from here on out" faith said. "Oh hello I'm Harlow, you guys can call me Harlow" they shook there heads "I am sorry Luna but we can't not call you by your name it's only Luna or Luna Queen" Gena said. It was their custom I suppose and so I won't fight it.

I nodded and they began their assignment. One made me a bath while the other stub my body and hair and one got my gown ready and got me dressed and did my makeup and hair. Soon I was ready for breakfast, I heard down as Tess guided me to the dinning hall. The gown I wore was royal blue and my hair was half up and half down with dark red lip stain.

As I enter everyone in the dining hall got quiet, I was extremely nervous and walked behind Tess as she lead me to the front of the dining hall. I saw Grayson in a fancy suit that matched mine and he held his hand out to me, to which I grabs and he help me "Pack members listen up" Daxton said.

"Everyone this is Harlow Montgomery, she is my mate and your future Luna" Grayson said and the crowd in the dining cheer for us. "Now we shall eat" Grayson announced and we sat and the maids served us food and I smiled at Grayson as he kisses my hand.
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