Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 6


After breakfast was done I was escorted by Maxwell to Library where I was to meet one of the elder wolfs for counseling on wolf knowledge. My Luna ceremony will be on the next full moon so I had a month to learn a lot about the people I will be ruling. As Maxwell opened the large library door he said "The elders name is Madam Hannah, please call her that only unless she say so. She one of the oldest wolfs on the counsel and she agreed to help you learn more about us." I nodded.

We went to the middle of the library where a old women was sitting, she had her gray hair tied in a bun and she wore a dark red dress and she had glass that had a necklace attached on it. She hear us coming and looked at Maxwell then me. "Gamma Maxwell, thank you for bring the Luna to Me" Maxwell nods and bows to me and leaves me alone with madam Hannah.

She stands up and looks directly at me "What do you know about us werewolves?" She asked bluntly, I took a deep breathe "I know alpha is the leader and that there was a vampire and werewolves war that Grayson won, and he protect my small village from harm in exchange for a sacrifice" I told her all I knew. She nods "that's is a lot, we will start with terminology" I nod and took a seat as she teaches me.

After three hours I know so much my head hurts I started to rub my temples and she chuckled "Let's take a break, shall we?" I nodded quickly. She nods and dismissed me and I walked out of the Library toward the garden where I sat on a stone bench and looks at he Many flowers that bloomed In his garden. "My love?" I heard a voice behind me and I turned and blushed, there he was the man that somehow made butterfly fly in my stomach "Grayson? What's wrong?" I asked.

"I was wondering why you was sitting here alone? Did something happen?" He asked I shook my head "Just getting a break from madam Hannah" he chuckled "she tried to fill you head with in hours huh?" I nodded and we chuckle together. He sat with me and held my hands "I know this is fast and I know your confused but I'm here for you and I do love you. I've waited so long for you." He said and I felt my heart break that he's been waiting for me so long and I held him as he kisses my forehead.

"It is fast and a lot to take in but for the first time in my life I feel complete and that's after I meet you. I'm glad I'm your mate and I'll do my best to be a good Luna queen for you and our people Grayson" I said him and he inches closer and we slowly kissed and I felt my cheek getting hot from this actions and I felt something stir in me.
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