Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 7


The kiss got deeper as Grayson opens my moth up with his tongue and I grant him that access. We was so lost that neither one of us hear Maxwell and madam Hannah approaching us and she clears her throat and I got startled and pulled away from Grayson quickly, blushing very hard and bright as we got caught making out.

"My lady, we must continue with our lesson for the day and then you can come back to the king" she said with a Stern tone and I nod and hug Grayson and bid him and Maxwell goodbye as I followed madam Hannah back to the library. We sat for more hours as madam Hannah was teaching me about my new people and Grayson parents as well.

Apparently they were both still alive and they were to meet me a week before my Luna ceremony. I was suddenly nervous as I was gonna meet them. They were the former King and Queen, Thomas and Louisa Steele. Madam Hannah assured me that they were both nice and gentle wolves and were probably very happy for Grayson and I.

I pushed my nervousness to the back of my mind and focused on Hannah teachings. It was time for dinner when we was done and I felt like my head was gonna fall off. Madam Hannah escorted me to the dinning hall and I slowly made my way to Grayson as he was up in the front and a women with blonde hair and silver eyes and pale skin was talking to Grayson and they both stop as they saw me and blonde rolled her eyes at me.

"Alpha I am sorry but Shes not fit to be Luna, I want to challenge her in combat for the throne" Blonde said out loud. Many people gasped and stopped eating. Grayson growled and said "How dare you challenge my mate, you may be the top warrior Nadine but you are not my mate nor this packs Luna" so her names Nadine huh.

"Even so, you are the Alpha king you need protection and a real Luna. I am not be your mate but I would make a good Luna for our packs" she defended herself. I looked between them both and Grayson was about to say something and I felt his wolf coming on so I put a hand on his chest and rub him till her looked at me and calmed down. After he was calm I looked at the warrior in front of me.

"You are right, Grayson does deserve a mate and Luna that can defend and rule his people. But the moon goddess chose me not you." I said without breaking eye contact. She wasn't going to scare me away, Nadine scoffed "that maybe true but he can reject you and accept me. That's why I wanna challenge you" she said smirking and I shook my head.

"Then I accept your challenge Nadine" I said with confidence and Grayson growled "No, you can't fight her she our best warrior here" he explained and I nodded "Then I would request time for preparation" I said and Nadine nods "you can have all the time you want"
She said smirking thinking she won.

I thanked her and left the dining hall, my appetite was gone by this time and all I wanted to do was sleep, I heard Grayson calling after me but I just wanted to be alone.
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