Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 8


It's been 10 days since Nadine had challenge and I was working hard with Daxton and Maxwell to train me in combat since I have no experience. They were going easy on me since I was a girl and a human. But I built my tolerance and then they notice that and started going hard at me. At first I was exhausted and tired Easily, but as the days went by it became like second nature.

"Listen Luna, since your human the fight will only be in human form. So that does give you a bit of advantage." Daxton said and I nod as I drank my water. "Tomorrow is the battle so get some rest tonight." Maxwell said as him and Daxton waved me off. I waved back and headed inside toward my room. I went straight into the shower before dinner time.

Grayson was sitting on the bed watching me as I walked out with only a towel on my wet body and I blushed and went to the closet and got ready there. I smiled as I walked out and saw he was still on the bed, "come on it's time for dinner" I said and he gets up slowly "I worry for Tomorrow Harlow" he sighed and I go and wrap my back around his waist "Don't be if the goddess wants it she will help me if not then I guess Nadine is better suited" I said with tears.

Grayson scoffed "No I don't care what anyone says, you are made for me and I will only have you" and I nodded As he bends down and kisses my lips and we make out for a bit before my tummy growled and I blushed holding my tummy. We laughed and made our way down to the dining hall.
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