When She Was Seventeen

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❝She continued rubbing her stomach as she stared at the pen-sized stick in her hand. She glanced towards the box, still confused. So, I’m pregnant?❞ Alexandria has always been the quiet girl. The one who prefers sitting in her room with a nice book to going out in the world. The one who sees the world, not as its damaged self, but perfect and beautiful. So when she meets the older guy who is charming, undeniably gorgeous, and experienced, it throws a wrench in things. Following the advice of who she considered family, she pursues the 'relationship'. But when another unexpected gift appears, her fairytale beginning turns into a nightmare. The people she once called family soon turn on her, showing her their true colors. It's only when she meets someone that understands her problem that she realizes she can survive the next stage in her life. It's only then, that she realizes no matter what happened when she was seventeen, she'll survive.

Romance / Humor
Maya Cyns
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When She Was Seventeen, After

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This was not what she expected.

Although she didn’t know what to expect, she knew this: She didn’t expect this. The woman was pregnant. What led to this? Why was she not warned? Protection, maybe. Parenting is for that, right? To guide you and help you correct your wrongs before you face the real world. She didn’t expect this to happen.

Standing in the middle of the small house, she stared. As a child, she used to imagine what her house would be like when she grew up. The way she would stay true to herself, keeping the fictionist behavior she had when she was young. It was no longer possible for her to see Katniss from The Hunger Games or Tris from Divergent. The only thing she saw was reality. In the middle of the room was a small section couch. A large television she bought from her brother hung on the wall. In the corner was a small, open kitchen. A stack of papers is strewn across the dining room table against the wall. Next to the laundry room, she saw the clothes lying in a basket. Finally, she noticed her large belly peeking out from the plus-sized sweatshirt.

In an effort to hide it, she raised her hand. Rather, she sighed and stroked her belly affectionately. As if reading her thoughts, the unborn baby kicked at her hand. I know, I know. Three more days to go. If only she had said no to her brother when he told her to attend that party. She should not have sought out her mother’s advice about boys. If only she would ignore her best friend. If only she had stayed true to herself and trusted her instincts. If only, she hadn’t gone to that party.

Among American teens, she’s one of only three who get pregnant before they turn twenty. I made a mistake, I didn’t realize! There would be tears in the girls’ eyes. As far as they were concerned, they understood what they were getting into. Before they were legal, they knew the consequences of having sex. They knew exactly what they were doing. Unfortunately, she didn’t know. The risks of having sex were unknown to her. She didn’t know she had a say when she had sex. She didn’t know she could’ve said no at any time. She didn’t realize that her needs came first before anyone else’s. She didn’t know that her needs came before a man.

Moreover, she did not know that she would become pregnant.

Her innocence shouldn’t be judged. For being so bright and gullible. For being an angel. Don’t judge her.

Listen to the words.

I am sharing Alexandria’s story - the story about what happened to her at the age of seventeen.

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