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Julia a strong and determined woman who lost her family at a young age to a ruthless vampire who was killed by her sensei. This made her heart cold and made her resentful over any supernaturals. Many years later the Ruthless vampire was resurrected by a witch when everyone least expected. she fought not to love her vampire mate Jason as they risk their life to save Barmiggan city from a crazy vampire.

Romance / Adventure
Olly Diva
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Julia looked at the dead vampire in front of her, pulling out the wooden stake out of his chest without remorse. She's used to seeing blood, used to killing and fighting. She swayed a bit. Damn that Vampire! He had tried to hypnotize her so that he could kill her easily. It took her a lot of energy to resist the Vampire. He was good at hypnotising that's for sure, but he lacked fighting skills.
In Barmiggan City, Supernatural creatures are everywhere, living among the humans, that irritated Julia because humans are weak compared to this creatures. Although there are certain rules that enable this to be possible, but of course they will be broken and that's why there are vampire hunters, they hunt the bad ones, if Julia had it her way she would hunt them all. There are also human polices as humans can't be totally trusted either. And a vampire lord that keeps the vampires in check, just as there is a Mayor that keeps the humans in check. Werewolves and witches don't reside in Barmiggan City but they come once in a while with tangible reasons though. Of course if Julia had it her way, they wouldn't be allowed at all. But she's good at her job, trained to be a fighter, a ninja right from the age of six by a Japanese man.

Her sensei had saved her from a rugged vampire lord Sean Wood who had come to attack her parents. Her heart clenched as she remembered the dreadful night.

Julia was playing with her doll when she sensed a presence in the room, although at six she's very observant and intelligent. She looked at her back and saw nothing, still not at ease she got down from the bed and walked towards the window, she saw a black bat with fangs and green eyes. She was about to scream when the green eyes glowed and she heard a voice in her head

"There, there child, calm down and don't scream".
And she couldn't scream as much as she tried to so she could get her parents attention.
"Now child, will you open the window I'd like to have a word with your parents, they have something that belongs". The voice said in her head again. Julia saw herself move against her will. No way she would willingly open the window to a green eyed bat with fangs! But she did and the bat flew past her into her room and right there, before her eyes, it turned into a grown man, tall and skinny he looked pale and frail wearing all black and a cape with red eyes, evil red eyes. He turned towards Julia and smiled showing fangs
"thank you child, you've been helpful let's hope your parents are or else - things, could get rough".
Only then did Julia find her voice. She screamed like she had never before when throwing tantrums. She was passed terrified. Her parents came running into her room. Her father first and then her mother. Her father was calm and collected her mother by the way grew wild when she spotted the bat guy. She pushed past her father, " Sean! What are you doing here how did you get in"
The Bat guy was already standing beside Julia smiling like a psycho " Now, we don't want to hurt our dearJulia do we"?
"stay away from my baby you crazy monster!" her mother shouted
"stay away? But Julia likes making new friends she let me in, didn't you Julie" Sean the bat guy said. "now let's talk like civilized people Peter. You know what I want, now give it or things may get ugly"
"I don't know what you are talking about, so just stay away from my daughter" her father said
"oh, you don't, maybe a little game will refresh your memory. It's called strangling Julia to death- oh that's simple we could play with sucking Julia dry are crushing her bones one by one, she does know how to scream. So you which do you prefer Peter" Sean sneered. Her mother was already a sobbing mess. Julia didn't cry though she's terrified as hell. She's just six and a creature has an arm around her neck stroking it as it-or is it -he spoke to her parents. "just don't hurt my baby" her mother begged
"whatever you are looking for Sean, it's not here".
"I do not have time to waste human!" sean shouted " Give me the Welling stone and I don't kill all of you".
" And I tell you! I do not have it". This angered Sean and in a blur he was in front of her parents, hands wrapped around his throat. Julia watched as her father struggle to get air "Mary?" Sean growled
"I'll give it to you" her mother's voice trembled he looked satisfied as he watch her mother hurry out of the room
"Now Julia, I am a merciful vampire" oh so the bat guy was called a vampire she noted. "but I've been told by great witches that you will be a great nemesis when you get older and I don't want that" and then she heard a crack. The Vampire guy snapped her father's neck and he went limp. "So I'd have to dispose you too". Shortly her mother came back with a small red stone. Sean smiled "Mary you are the smarter one here, here's your stupid husband" he threw her dead father in front of her. "no, you monster!" Only then did Julia see the small dagger in her mother's hand, she ran like a mad woman aiming at Sean but he caught her by her throat and the dagger fell out of her hands "mama"! Julia screamed.
"Fool! Do you really think this weapon would hurt me! Surely you don't know what I am do you"? Her mother's eyes met hers "run" but Julia couldn't move. She was beyond petrified. Her mother's eyes pleaded for her to as she choked. Sean stretched out his hands towards the floor where the dagger laid, and it floated into Sean's hand. "you wanted me to feel this"! He stabbed her mother. Julia saw blood and screamed the more Sean laughed "Don't worry Julia your death will be painless" he stabbed her again" now you tell me how it feels" he was about to plunge the dagger the third time when a large stake went through his chest. He groaned in pain and dropped her mother. He turned around to see who threw the stake. "you-" he croaked. "yes, me" her Sensei had said that night and he plunged in another stake right through his heart. Julia saw the Vamp dress soak in black liquid which seems to be blood and Sean dropped to the floor. Dead. Julia ran towards her mother, she knelt beside her "mama" she said hoarsely she felt the man who had saved her presence behind her. That night her mother had smiled "baby-st-stay-strong, I- I -love-" she never finished her last words, but she didn't need to. Julia looked at her dead parents, she should be crying. But she didn't
"and it ends up being a fake Welling stone" the man sighed.
"come here little one, you're my responsibility now. My name is Chan I'll be your Sensei and teach you to fight for yourself"

Julia could still hear her screams, Sean's cold laughter, her mother's last words. When she wakes up from nightmares, the evil vampires face scarred to her memory. Her eyes snapped open when her phone rang. James name appeared on the screen. James is one of Master Chan's trained hunter, he cares for her and it's not hard to figure out why he's calling whenever she's late. But she's in no mood to talk to anyone. She walked towards her motorcycle. She'll go to her parents grave. A typical girl would be scared to go to a cemetery 2am in the morning. But she isn't normal anymore, she's scared of nothing. Right from the age of six.
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