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Her parents grave were side by side. She bent in front of it. The flowers she put there three days ago has withered and turned brown. Pain and anger surged through her, she took the flowers and clenched it between her fingers. One lesson she learnt about life, Nothing good lasts. The only family she has left are her fellow colleagues. If she had it way, she would kill every single vampire that she comes across. But of course rules had been made that supernaturals creatures can live freely unless they try to kill or harm any human and if they are hungry they go into the woods and have their kill. The rule has seemed stupid and ridiculous to Julia cause all vampires are evil to her. Unfortunately for some vampires that were illegally turned against their will to become creatures of the night, even little kids, but they eventually turn blood thirsty so what's the point anyway. There's a new vampire Lord that keeps vampire in line. She'd kill him too if she had her way. She loathed all vampires but at same time learn to live with them and the rules.

She stopped thinking about having Grey McCall, the Vampire Lord head in her hands because he was mated to her best friend Cynthia. Julia sat down on the ground and closed her eyes. Julia had called Cynthia insane when she told her Greg McCall is her mate. She had laughed bitterly and said "To hell with soulmate Cynthia, I can't believe you already fell in love with someone that feeds on blood"! Cynthia had shook her head and said "you don't know what love is, you haven't felt it"

Oh she knew what love is, it was taken away from her and her heart had been caged in ice ever since.

Although surrounded by her friends she still feels lonely. She sighed as her phone rang, dragging her away from her thoughts. She stood up heading towards her motorcycle. It's already 5am in the morning. Though she needed to punch something to relief the anger she felt. Fate can't add more problems by mating her to a supernatural. She'd rather kill herself.
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