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“I called fifteen”! James yelled as he saw Julia get down from her motorcycle.
“I was busy”
“I Was worried”
Julia walked past James into the building where they all stayed, it's like their lair. James walking angrily behind her as she walked into the training room.
“So busy you couldn't call back so I can be sure you're alright.
“I needed to think” Julia said as she punched a punch bag. “and I can take care of myself James, jeez I'm not little anymore, I'm twenty four”. James looked at her as she aggressively punched and noted she's angry
“you're angry” Julia ignored his statement and said “where's Sensei”?
“With Lucas in his office”
“Yeah”, James said walking closer, “I think something's up, they've been in there for hours”. She stopped punching and looked at James his expression clearly said he had been worried. James and Cynthia had been there for her since she lost her parents, they were both older than her with 2 years, and their Sensei had been there for her like a father, one that trained you to be a fearless ninja. Julia sighed “James you don't have to worry about me, I'm a grown woman”
“I know” he said tightly, “it's just, I can't help myself”
“ Like I said earlier I needed time alone” she said leaving the training room. She stopped abruptly and looked over her shoulder, “thank you” she said smiling. She needed to show gratitude Keep the the little family she had and not drive them away, with her hot temper.
“you're sad” James said, Julia only nodded.
“I'm just angry but nothing a little punch can't fix” James laughed and his eyes caught a tiny scratch on her sleeves. “rough day ”
“yeah, the notorious vampire we've been tracking for days almost killed me and a teenager wandering about at midnight”
“hmmm” was James reply. Julia knew he wandered if she fought a vampire all through since she has left. “And I also went to pay my parents a visit”
Oh, I see now”. Julia continued walk when walked outside together, she sat at base of the stairs, James standing beside her “Just know I'm there for you, I'll always be”. James wish he could tell her he loved her not just as friends. “hmmm” was Julias reply too.

Cynthia's Lamborghini drove into the yard. It was now 8am in the morning. She parked her car. Julia saw Cynthia's fair long legs in black high heels, she rolled her eyes, the woman never gets tired of wearing them. Julia on the other hand doesn't fancy them, she can't recollect when she wore them, maybe she never did.
Cynthia came out of the car walking majestically. Red skin tight trousers and a gold crop top. She has a short blonde hair, full breasts that Julia feared might fall out her top, slim waist, slightly wide hips. Julia hasn't seen eyes so blue like that of Cynthia's, upturned nose and small lips painted nude. Also Julia hadn't seen face so innocent like that of Cynthia's you wouldn't think for once she fights like a ninja, kills and arrests vampires.
“Hello guys” Cynthia said walking towards them. “How are you doing” James replied
“sup dummy” was Julia's reply. Cynthia rolled her eyes at Julia's reply, not in the least surprised.
“You left a dead vampire unattended to that ain't proper”
“we've been tracing that hooligans for days” Julia replied
“we'd have thought it was murder if a Donald hadn't smelled your scent”
“ I know, it skipped my mind”
Cynthia scoffed “skipped, where's Sensei”
“Busy with Lucas” James replied. Sasha walked in ignoring Julia and Cynthia, she walked beside James and smiled twirling her hair and touching James arm “Lucas wants to have a word with you”
Sasha has a shoulder length hair, brown with blonde highlights, she's slender and tall. She's got grey eyes, long nose and small lips.
James slowly pushed her hands away and turned to Julia and Cynthia, though eyes focused only on Julia like she's the only one that existed that moment. “I'll see you ladies later” he said smiling, Sasha scowled but it quickly turned to a smile when James turned to her. “let's go” in a too girly voice that irritated both Cynthia and Julia.
“Bitch” Cynthia said as soon as they left. Cynthia never gets along with Sasha, she complains at feeling uneasy around her “like she's evil or something” Cynthia would say. They fought all the time when Cynthia still lived with them before she moved in with Greg. She also irritates Julia also and she just couldn't trust her, though they are all students of Master Chan

“you know James like you right”?
She really didn't want to talk about this.
“I like him too”. She looked at Cynthia and drawled “as–a–friend”
It was Cynthia's turn to roll her eyes
“he likes likes you”
“oh God”
“he loves you”
Julia groaned
“he has a crush on you, you guys will make nice couple”
“Cynthia what has Greg McCall turned you into”?
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