Secret love

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This is about a girl that fell in love with multiple famous people but she became famous herself. Her ex was obsessed with her for years and she had to try her best to hide her new relationship for awhile.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Creepy Stalker

It was the middle of July but it was cold like it was a November night. You're looking right at me and I'm looking away. I didn't want to look you in those eye. You grabbed my hand but I pulled it away and ran off. I was walking down the street to go to the only grocery store in this town. I walked in and there you were standing there waiting for me. I only went there to get some milk when saw our eyes met I walked off right when our eyes met.

I walked back into my house without the milk. My sister looked at me and saw I had no milk with me. She was so mad at me for not having the milk. She came up to me and looked me right in the eye.

"Dani I gave you one job and you still can't do it"

"Sorry Maggie something happen so I couldn't get the milk"

"What happen Dani?"

"Remember that guy I was telling you about"

"Yes I remember..... what about it"

"He was there at the grocery store so I freaked out and ran off"

"Why is he following you"

"I think he likes me or knows my secret"

"Dani let's go back to the grocery store and see if he still there"

"We don't have to do that"

Yes we do"

"No I mean he is right there"

My sister walked outside to talk to the creepy stalker. My sister came running back into the house. She was coming to get me so I was like shit I don't want to talk to this creepy guy that has been stalking me for weeks now.

"What is it?"

"He likes you"


"Yes come on get your ass out there to talk to him"

"Maggie what no"

"Go now Dani"

I went outside to meet this creepy stalker dude so see what he wanted from me. I was hoping it wasn’t to kidnapped me.
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