Secret love

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Chapter 3: They became boyfriend and girlfriend

It's been weeks since they started to hang out more and more. It was almost time for school to start back up and Dani was scared that they will lose contact when he has to leave and because of their friends and how far they will be from each other but on the other had Brent wants to be more than friends. Dani and Brent were gonna be hanging out the last day we was gonna be in town. Dani got sad that it was almost time for him to live back home.

"Dani are you doing okay"

"I never thought we would become this close"


"Yeah really it's hard to believe you were my stalker now my best friend"

"Well Dani I want to be more than friends"


"Dani I want you to be my girlfriend"


"Yes really so what do you say?"

"I say yes"

"What really?"

"For real"

I can't believe I was now dating the most cutest guy ever. I was so happy he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. I was still sad that he was leaving today. I was getting ready to take him to the airport.

"Are you ready to go yet Brent"

"I am almost ready hold up"

"Omg you take longer than a girl does"

"Hey be nice to your boyfriend"

"No thank you"

"Hey that's not nice"

'Really we gonna get going like now"

"I'm coming now"

"Thank you"

We are off to the airport now. It was time to drop him off and I wasn't ready for that to happen. I was about to cry when he hugged me goodbye. I couldn't believe it was time to let him go and right after he asked me to be his girlfriend. When he walked off I started to cry. I could make a lake out of all the tears I cried that night.
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