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Carter was a regular artist, had a few fans, went to concerts, wrote songs, And she even had a boyfriend! that was until she found him kissing another girl....... Intent on proving that the girl kissed first Sebastian Stan does his best at fixing the mess he made.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Carter was a regular artist, had a few fans, went to concerts, wrote songs, And she even had a boyfriend! that was until she found him kissing another girl.

"You asshole!" I screamed at Sebastian. God, I don't even want to say his name anymore! This Jerk had the nerve to cheat on me while I was away at a concert!

"Carter listen! wait!" Yeah right, "I am NOT gonna listen to whatever excuses you try to come up with!" I shouted as I turned around to look at him, Tears in my eyes.

"I- ugh, god..." he says holding the bridge of his nose obviously trying to hold back tears. he never could handle it when I cried maybe he... No! I made the rest of that thought the furthest thing from my mind.

"I'm gonna do my best to explain this..." You know for a guy who I just found cheating on me, He was pretty sexy in the soft sunrise light coming out of the big windows in the L.A. airport.

"That girl there," he paused to point at the fazed woman he was just kissing, "She kissed ME!" he looked pretty serious so I walked over to the woman and said trying to do my best to stay calm, "Is this true?"

she looked down obviously trying to hide the shame. I looked back at seb, "I am so sorry..." A single tear finding its way down my face.

he walked up to me slowly and wiped away the tear. "...I-" I cut whatever he was about to say off with a kiss, A long passionate damn I missed you, kiss.

"mmm, I guess that's an apology then?" he asked with the stupidest smirk on his face. "almost we need one more apology," I paused to look at the woman.

"I do believe that you owe me and my handsome boyfriend an apology for so rudely ignoring his personal space!" the woman blushed and apologized, walking away with a guilty look on her face.

"Now then!" I turned around to look at my now forgiven boyfriend, "how bout' a welcome home?" He replied winding his arms tight around my waist, giving me a welcome home kiss.

"how about we get out of this stinky airport? I have a surprise for you." He asked, his voice hoarse. "You know I love surprises lets go."

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