Untitled Love

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So there we were, baking, making out, and eating brownie batter.

"mmm" I hummed with brownie batter in my mouth as Seb kissed me.
"was that mmm for me or the brownie?" He laughed pulling away from me.
I giggled "can it be both?" he laughed again. His laugh was deep and hearty I could feel my core respond to every chuckle.
"No baby it can't be both" sigh another hearty chuckle. He looked me up and down, oh shit! does he know?
"Then I choose the-" he cut me off as he smashed his mouth into mine.
"mmm!" was all I could get out before he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.
a/n: what do you guys want to happen next?
Carter: maybe we could get a little heat?
Seb: hey! there could be kids reading
Carter: oh like that's ever stopped you!
Seb: ...
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