Imperfectly Beautiful

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“Perfection is found in accepting your imperfections.” My whole life I was told what to do, what to wear and eat. I have no social life, no friends or people who really care about me. I feel like a burden in everyone's life. But then I met Jeremy who changed my perception towards life and taught me that my IMPERFECTION are BEAUTIFUL.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter-1 Lonely


Ring Ring

I move my hand randomly to find my phone.

Ugh! Where the hell is my damn phone?

Oh! God, I hate morning. Why is the sun so bright? Why do we have to wake up anyway, it's not like something good is happening.


Oh! Shit was that my phone.

I shot out of my bed and looked at the floor. My phone is lying beside my side table.

I picked it up and looked at the screen, it has a crack.

Great! Now I will have to buy a new phone, I sighed.

Oh! Sorry, I haven't introduced myself.

Hi, my name is Arieanna Williams. I am twenty-two years old and own a small bakery, called 'Chocolate Ocean'.

I am a pretty boring person. I don't do much. I go to my bakery, do my work, come back home, and sleep.

I don't have any close friends. I talk to people, but they never become close to me.

You must be thinking why. So, let me tell you.

I spent my pre-teen life like a normal girl. But when puberty hit, I started gaining weight. It didn't affect me much, but then I started getting bullied. I lost all my friends because they were ashamed of me and didn't want to be around me.

So, I started getting depressed, and to cope up, I used to eat sweets. Whenever someone bullied me or talk ill about me, I used to eat sweets. It was my happy place.

People around me were not very happy about it, especially my mother.

I was also studious, which people call a nerd or a bookworm, and was not good at any sports. I was also not a popular kid.

I never had a boyfriend. I have always been lonely. It's kind of sad, but I know there is someone for me who will expect me the way I am. Maybe!

It's not that I have not tried to do what they expected me to do. I have tried everything going to the gym, dieting, and whatnot. It was effective at some end, but it does not make a drastic change.

My mother was a model of her time. So, she always maintained her body. She regularly goes to the gym, eats healthy food, and keeps a record of her calorie, and she expected me to do the same.

My father never had a problem with what I do, what I eat, or become in my life. But, it doesn't matter because he passed away when I was eighteen years old. I miss him. Then, mom started making all the decisions about my life.

I defied her one time when I decided to open a bakery. She was not happy with it. She wanted me to study business management and help her like my elder brother Alex.

He is the only person who accepts me and my decisions. He is five years older than me and following our father's path. He has a girlfriend, named Cherry, who looks just like a barbie. But she is also very not fond of me.

Mom was dejected when I opposed her decision. According to her, I will not earn lots of money with it. So, she told me, those were her words, 'As I am a complete disappointment and only good in studies. I should utilize my only asset and earn some money from it.' But didn't welcomed her opinion.

It's not like we are poor or even middle class. We are well-off. My father was an entrepreneur and owns lots of hotels and restaurants. Now, my mother works in his position.

Oh! How can I forget about my stepfather? John Smith, who works on my mother's fingers. He is a man of few words. He does what my mother says and never questions her. He repeats whatever my mother wants him to say.

Yeah! I have an interesting family, and I love them. I know they are just worried about me.

I do what they want me to do. I have been trying to do everything that they want. But, they are never happy with me.

So, here I am a seventy-kg lonely depressed girl who is a huge disappointment to everyone who loves or cares about her.

This is my second story. English is not my first language. So, if you find any errors please let me know, I will rectify them. Also, I am reuploading it with some changes so if you find any comment a bit off, that's because of the changes in the story.

I hope you enjoy it. I would love to know your thoughts about it through comments and please leave a review on it.
Thank you,

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