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Atlas Carter Rivers is insanely popular, both in reality and in VR. At school, he's your typical teen heartthrob with a legion of puppy-love followers. On CEED-the world's #1 virtual reality environment-he's all but a celebrity...or a god. If you want to get close to him, you have to play his games, literally. Join the same Easter Egg hunts as him, win some of the prizes, and you might just gain enough of his attention for him to follow you. That's exactly what Greyson plans to do. After years of admiring Atlas from afar, Greyson is desperate for more. To talk to him, to get to know him, and he's willing to play whatever games he needs to if it means getting his crush's attention. He'll change his avatar's red hair, his green eyes, everything he must to keep Atlas from recognizing the biracial, partially deaf teen that he has known since preschool. What Greyson will do if it works...he'll cross that bridge when he comes to it... If a plan seems too good to be true, it probably is. - We'll Always Meet In VR Book info: Complete & Copyright © 2021 Between 50,000-80,000 words, 33 chapters, 1 bonus. Warning: The following book contains materials that may be offensive and or uncomfortable to some audience. Readers discretion advised.

Romance / Scifi
Mary Tosin
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EVER LOVED SOMEONE SO much that your heart aches, and even though breathing the same air as them just wasn't enough? What if that someone forgot you existed despite having known them since preschool? Sucks, huh? Don't be surprised. This is almost everyone's story. Unrequited love, in my opinion, is ninety percent of the world's problem. Only ten percent are lucky to be able to be with the one they chose.

Now, if you are closeted gay, biracial, and deaf in one ear, you are looking at one hundred percent. I say this not because I want anyone to feel sorry for me but simply because I've come to learn that not everyone gets a happy ending, and I've survived.

These days those whose parents tell them they are handsome every day and are still unloved and different can look forward to other things, like building their own happiness in virtual reality. And no matter how many times the one you love walked past the invisible you, you just have to survive a few hours of boring high school life. Because when it's over, you could hurry home to your virtual family.

"Grey, snap out of it!"

And I did. I snapped out of my thoughts when I felt a sheet of paper slap the side of my face, breaking my concentration. I grabbed the sheets and crumpled it, all while ignoring the cries of my best friend as he complained about his homework.

"Damn it, now I have to rewrite this," Liam complained.

I turned to him and shrugged my shoulders. "Don't use something that you need to antagonize people," I replied, using sign language.

I lost my hearing in my left ear when I was ten. My speech was very much formulated by then, so speaking was never a problem, especially since I could hear from my other ear.

My doctor warned of the possibility of losing hearing in both ears. Because of this, my family and I studied sign language to communicate just in case. My best friends did as well, which was very nice.

"Are you sure you are not in love with him?" Liam teased, bringing his lips close to my face so I could hear.

I shoved him away and rolled my eyes before turning back to the direction Atlas was with his group of friends. They sat in the school's cafeteria's outdoor area, reminding everyone who looked at them how cool they were. I didn't have to deny it. I never openly spoke about my feelings. My friends just knew. Especially since I created an AI of Atlas in VR, they just never asked about it.

"Well, since you don't want to reply, you probably don't want his CEED username," my friend Adam said.

I turned to Adam as if he had won the lottery.

"You're fucking lying!" I spoke, my heart racing to the point that I feared it would stop beating.

"You can speak without your hands now?" Liam teased.

"I swear on my dog's life," Adam said. "I overheard him giving it to the new kid and I confirmed it in the app."

My heart was racing as I tried not to seem eager. "What is it?" I asked nicely.

"Still going to ignore the question?" Adam asked.

"You all already know. Please don't let me confess it. If I do, I become one of them," I replied, looking at the group of teens scattered at tables near him. Almost everyone there was either an ex, or had confessed their feelings to him or to someone. It was the table of mourning.

Telling from Adam's narrowed eye expression, I could tell he did not like my response.

"How much do you think I can get for this information?" Adam asked our friends.

"Do you have it or not?" I snapped. I didn't mean to, but at this point, I felt like my feelings were being played with, and I felt terrible that I allowed him to get my hopes up.

Everyone turned toward me wide-eyed, and I felt bad, but I needed space before apologizing. As I stood to leave, Adam picked up his phone and sent me a message.

In the message was a screenshot of a profile. The guy in the image was turned away so that anyone looking would not recognize him. As far as anyone was concerned, he could potentially be good-looking. I spent many years looking at Atlas from the back and the side and instantly knew it was him. Especially after noticing the three beauty marks that made up a triangle on his neck just under his ear. His Gamertag was also onlyACRvr, which I knew stood for only Atlas Carter Rivers—totally not a stalker.

"Happy Early Birthday," Adam replied, laughing when he saw my shocked reaction.

I was speechless and overwhelmed that my eyes teared up, and I had to turn away to hide my tears from them. I heard laughing, but the joy I felt muffled their teasing.

"Adam, you don't ever have to get me a gift for the rest of our lives," I told him.

THE CEED WAS A VIRTUAL world that was forever growing and expanding. Whatever anyone could think of, they could find it if they looked, and if they couldn't, they could build it. Want to fly? Sure. Swim in the ocean? Absolutely. Start a virtual family in VR—definitely. You can even find a job in the CEED and get paid in the real world. The only thing those who used CEED avoided doing was dying.

Dying in VR is nothing serious. Everyone is allowed a certain amount of death in a given week based on their status. If they exceeded their limit, the penalty is being blocked from entering the CEED for a month, which is torture for anyone trying to escape the real world.

Having someone CEED means I can follow them. By following them, I know somewhat the location of where the person is at all times, pretty much an inside view of their daily VR activities. Like the games, they are currently playing, and I could even join it.

It wasn't as special as being a friend in CEED, where friends have instant access to them and their exact location versus a ping in the CEED map, but I didn't care about that. Just knowing where Atlas was and that I could play games with him was enough for me—again, I am totally not a stalker.

I found myself looking at the time, waiting for it to say it was time to leave. I didn't think I even learned anything. Ever since I received Atlas' Gamertag, nothing in the world mattered.

When the last bell rang, usually someone would suggest grabbing something to eat. Instead, we all agreed to meet at my place in VR. When I got home, I greeted my older sister, Asali, and fed our dog. Then I quickly walked him like the wonderful dog owner that I am, pretty much going over my checklist of to-dos before I was allowed to go into VR.

When my homework was finished, I messaged both my parents, who were medical physicians. I told them that I was going into VR and screenshotted the list of the things I'd done. I didn't wait to get a reply before turning on the headset and then lying in bed and closing my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I felt was the cool breeze that blew through an open window that I forgot to close. When I looked at the snow that blew in, I sighed, wondering why I was in such a hurry that I didn't close it before I left. None of this was real, but the feedback stimulated the brain, making it feel real. And depending on what a person's pain level was, they could feel pain in VR.

I walked over to the window and closed it before getting a mop to wipe the snow that turned into a puddle soon after the room warmed up.

From there, I walked around, checking the first and second floors to make sure no one broke in while I was away. I hadn't been able to afford a guardian system yet, so the possibility of a break-in was possible.

People do break into other homes in VR, but I've been lucky. When I first joined CEED, I realized the potential and that I can be a virtual homeowner. The architect that I strived to one day become could not wait to see what I could put together.

So I saved up my allowance and birthday money from relatives for four years just to buy the land and design my own winter home far from the many CEED cities. While others chose a beach home or places in high rises, I loved the beauty of snow, which was why I decided to put a glass cabin in the mountains.

My friends couldn't understand it and often turned their pain sliders down when they visited so as not to feel the cold. I liked it. It reminded me of visiting my late grandparents in Scotland and my grandfather bringing me out to play in the snow. It was nostalgic and welcoming and different from south Florida.

My cabin wasn't really a cabin, there were wooden foundations, but most of the walls were glass so that I could look out into the environment. It had two floors. I designed the top floor to be placed on top of the bottom structure to get an L shape. The top floor was my master, and study, while the first floor was the living room, dining, and kitchen.

I had just finished checking the upstairs bed and bath when the bell rang. I hurried to the door, knowing that the visitors were just my friends. When I opened the door, I laughed when I noticed Adam's new form. He was a giant raccoon.

When setting up CEED, I had to upload an image of myself with details such as height, weight, and eye color so that the system could generate my body. However, if someone was not comfortable doing so, they could create up to three avatars.

"So you are a raccoon man, why?" I asked, letting them in. They took off their jackets and hung them.

"Ah, experimenting," Adam replied, annoyed probably because the others had been teasing him.

"So, have you looked to see where he is?" Liam signed, still even after knowing that I could pretty much hear in VR.

"I haven't looked yet," I replied.

"Lies," my friend Matt uttered.

True, it was all I thought about, but the truth was I just got here. "I just got here," I said, bringing forth the CEED console, which was a map of the world and all of its users, which was a total of five billion.

When I typed in Atlas' name, he popped up, but he was not online. As I looked at his profile, he had forty million followers worldwide. He only followed five hundred people and his friend group was only nineteen people.

"The fuck?! 40M followers?" Matt coughed. "Liam plays very similar games, and he has what? 3k followers?"

"4K," Liam corrected sharply.

"Look at his avatar. Atlas plays as himself, and he is a good-looking guy. I bet his followers are all girls," Kyler pointed out.

"Liam is good looking too, so that doesn't make sense," Matt replied.

"Thank you," Liam said, rolling his eyes.

"It is possible that every girl that Atlas passed in VR just added him after his name showed up in their locations," Josh said. "He is like a celebrity."

I frowned. Atlas was like one at school too. I only had five friends—my friends, of course, and zero followers. The happiness that I felt crumbled when I realized how impossible it would be to get close to him. Anyone this popular was challenging to be near because other people had the same idea that I did.

"Imagine how much money he is making. I bet he has hundreds of sponsors, which would explain his luxury car," Josh spoke.

"Maybe, but his parents are rich, so it could be that," Kyler added.

"Can we see if he has sponsors?" Adam asked.

I looked but couldn't open the page. "Restricted to friends only," I uttered before I frowned.

"Are you okay?" Liam asked me.

I turned to him and nodded. The truth was that I wasn't. Atlas felt just as distant in VR as he did in real life. I followed him anyway, adding myself to the long list of dreamers. Once I did, I had access to all of his activities and engagement.

"Oh, he had a party recently, was invite-only," Josh replied.

"I think I know why he is so popular," Liam replied. "He does many competitions and has won most of them."

"You are right. Look at his stats. He is a total beast!" Adam replied as he read his profile. "Almost every competition he joined, he has found most of the Easter eggs, and you know that's the crown jewel of CEED. That's why he is so popular."

CEED's crown & jewel were the competitions known as the Easter Egg hunts. A company that wanted to promote its upcoming game would start a quest to demo the product and offer different prizes to those who find the Easter Egg.

However, the companies that offer cash prizes were the most popular. It was no understatement to say that the Easter Egg hunts were the crown jewel of CEED. People who played them religiously became extremely rich because of the cash prizes.

The first millionaire to be praised on reality TV made her fortune just from these competitions. The news spread across the globe, taking CEED from something only those who could pay for the implant did to something everyone strived to get.

"Looks like if you are going to get his attention, you will have to focus less on being a regular CEED citizen and more on actually playing with him. So far, Atlas follows other top players," Liam said.

I nodded.

When I left Atlas' page, I went into my setting and began creating an avatar.

Author's note:

1) We'll Always Meet In VR Book info:
Complete & Copyright © 2021.
Novel is between 50,000-80,000 words

2) I think all writers should copyright their work, even if it's posted for free. All of my work are important which is why I will never again publish a book that hasn't been copyrighted. With this said, no one has the legal rights to copy, repost, or translate my work into a different language without my permission. Please respect my hard work and enjoy the story.

3) Warning: The following book contains materials that may be offensive and or uncomfortable to some audience. Readers discretion advised. (As in your may or may not encounter Zombie 🧟‍♀️ 😅)

4) I apologize for any grammatical errors, after staring at the screen you stop seeing them. So forgive me.

5) Lastly, if you enjoys this chapter, please consider giving this chapter a vote. Knowing that there are people who enjoy it helps inspire more creative writing. ☺️

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