When the dying flower blooms

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“Ms. Scarlett, I need you to be ready for whatever I’ll tell you.” He said, sounded like nervous. “I’m sorry to inform you, but you have a Meningioma in your brain. And you only have at least two years to live.” He sighed in sadness. "W-Wha-" Hearing those unpleasant words coming from his mouth makes my plans gradually shattered into pieces. I feel so lost. God probably hated me for everything I did in the past and punished me this way. What should I do in these remaining two years of my lifetime? Should I confess my love to him and be with him for the remaining years? But do I deserve to be loved by him? Or should I return to the place where I used to belong? But will they welcome me despite my past and the things I did to them? A lot of choices flowed through my mind but eventually lead me to a dead end. My life is like a flower blooming in the field of grass that easily wilts.

Romance / Drama
Kit Francis0427
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Chapter 1: A dreadful news

Amelia’s P.O.V.

Sitting before the doctor’s desk table and waiting for him to say the result. His face became utterly different from before as he saw the test result. It really makes me feel heavy and nervous, and I don’t know why.

“Ms. Clarke, have you ever gone into an accident that caused you great injuries?” He asked, sternly staring at me.

“How did you- Is there something wrong?” I said, changing my question. I clenched my hands tightly as I remembered that night. I don’t want to talk about that accident a few years ago.

The doctor cleared his throat and placed the result on his table. “Ms. Clarke, I need you to be ready for whatever I’ll tell you.” He said, sounded like nervous. “I’m sorry to inform you, but you have a Meningioma in your cerebellum, which could affect your cranial nerves... And you only have at least two years to live.” He sighed in sadness, showing me the MRI scan result.

“Wh-What!” I huffed, can’t believe his words. “Listen, Dr. Mendez. I only came here to ask for a prescription, not to joke around with you,” I said sarcastically, glaring my eyes at him.

“It’s Mendoza, Ms. Clarke. I guess your eyesight has gone blurry since it’s one of the common symptoms of having Meningioma.” He corrected me with a serious looked.

“Listen, Ms. Clarke. I have seen a lot of patients who are like you. I know it’s difficult for you to accept it, but I need you to decide what you want to do.”

He’s right...

Tears started to brim in my eyes while listening to him. “Wh-What about surgery? Can I-I do any treatment or therapy?” I asked.

There must be another way to survive and live longer...

He shook his head. “The cause of Meningioma is still unknown. It’s too risky for you to do. There is only a 35 percent chance of surviving it. But... I can’t assure your life during surgery. And there is a low chance of recovery if you wanted to choose therapy. The only thing you can do is to slow the growth of the Meningioma in your brain with the help of the medication.” He answered.

“I suggest that you need to tell your family about your disease and decide what’s best for you.” He suggested.

I clenched my hands tightly. Ever since I was young, I am too good at making decisions in life. But at this moment, I don’t know what to do in such an unpredictable time. I stood up slowly and left the room without any words to say to the doctor.

This life is so unfair....

Why? Why do I always live my life in misery? There are too many things I want to do, things I want to achieve. But fate never gives me a chance to let me live longer. I still haven’t confessed my feelings to the man whom I ever love.


I stopped walking as I suddenly realized something.

That’s right! I should go to Liam and tell him what I feel. We’ve been together for almost four years. I know that he will understand me.

I immediately ran away towards the road and took a taxi. “Take me to the Williams’ Hotel,” I said to the driver.

As I arrived at the hotel, I immediately went to his room since I already know his room number. But as I pressed the doorbell countless times, no one still answered. Luckily, he didn’t change the password. If he is not here, then I’ll wait for his arrival.

However, when I opened the door, Liam comes out of the restroom nakedly. He stared at me with a shocking face.


“Hey, Liam, how about we go to your bed ne-” A woman appeared all of a sudden behind the restroom’s door and couldn’t finish her words as she saw me.

“It seems like I disturbed your privacy... I-I should go.” I said, trying to calm myself down. I immediately closed the door and walked through the hallway. Tears started to brim in my eyes. That woman, I recognize her voice and face.

Fool... How can you be so naive? Do you really think he will be considered your feelings in this kind of situation?

“Lia! Wait!” Liam shouted, running towards me.

I wiped the tears from my face before turning around to face him. He already wore his robe. “Lia... L-Let me explain,” Liam said, holding my arms tightly.

“Why do you need to explain it to me? What kind of relationship do we have to make you explain it further?” I sarcastically said with a rough voice. I looked at his eyes solemnly, waiting for his reply.

“Y-you, you are my best friend for four years who understand me the most. And I need to explain it to you since I finally found the woman whom I want to spend for the rest of my life.” He said, grinning widely at me.

“Amber Johansson, she’s your girlfriend?” I asked, clenching my hands into fists.

“How did you know her?” He gasped.

“No, she’s already my fiancée I proposed to her earlier and, she said yes.” His eyes shimmered with happiness and excitement that made me feel speechless.

“Lia... Is there something bothering you? Are you not happy about my good news? You’re the only one who knew about it since Amber and I decided to announce our engagement after I ask permission from her parents.” He asked, placing his hands on my shoulder.

“I guess I’m the fool here for running my wild imagination in my head and believing something that is already impossible for me now,” I mumbled, lowering my gaze. Tears prickled my eyes again.

Liam widened his eyes and immediately took his hands away from me.

“L-Lia... Yo-You...” He took one step backward.

“Anyway, congratulation on your engagement. I couldn’t even stop crying in joy for your sudden good news.” I said, wiping my tears from my face. But tears kept streaming down. “You should go now. She’s probably waiting for you. Stop wasting your time on me...” I immediately turned around and walked away from him without letting him say anything.

Every step I take makes my hopes and dreams with him gradually shattered into pieces...

Within those four years of falling in love with you, I guess my love is too feeble for you to love me back....


Third P.O.V

“Thank you for visiting our hotel, Mrs. Clara. It’s a pleasure to meet you again.” The Manager of the hotel said, shaking his hand to Mrs. Clara McIntosh. “Let’s go,” She softly smiled at him.

As the reporters continued flashing their cameras to them, the securities gradually block their way for safety measures. “The hotel changed a lot ever since I came here.” Mrs. Clara said, wandering her eyes around.

“Yes, it is,” He smiled.

Suddenly, Mrs. Clara halted in the middle of the hallway after seeing someone she knows.

“A-Arya,” She mumbled in disbelief.

“Mrs. McIntosh, is there something wrong?” The middle-aged head of security, Carter, asked while looking at her face with scrutiny.

Mrs. Clara immediately ran with all of her might, looking for the girl she saw earlier. Carter and the rest quickly followed her.

“A-Arya, A-Arya,” Her eyes kept wandering around the hallway.

“Mrs. McIntosh, please calm down. You probably mistook someone.” Carter said, trying to calm her.

However, she shoved him. “No, there’s no way I mistook her for someone. Arya is still alive and, you know that. She’s still alive. She’s probably here to see me.” She said.

Mrs. Clara kept mumbling herself until her breath becomes heavy and slowly staggered. Thankfully, Carter caught her in his arms. “Mrs. Mclntosh! Hurry! Call an ambulance!” Carter shouted, holding Mrs. Clara in his arms.

“Arya...” Mrs. Clara mumbled her name before passing out.


Hi readers!!!! I hope you enjoy reading my book. Please give your opinion and thoughts about my book through writing comments and reviews. Thank you!!

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