Living a dream: Part 1

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Harley Cairns is a young girl of 19 who applies for a job as a personal stylist to the biggest boy band of the world, 'Intrepid Brits'. She obviously gets the job and that leads to her becoming the five boys best friends. Then on, her whole life is put on display. She should live in a lie and no one should know her life. Her life is already hard enough. How will she make it out? Find out by reading this book.

Romance / Drama
Jenna Stomphson
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Harley Cairns?” the receptionist says and Harley stands up and walks over to her.

“Kevin Anderson would like to see you now,” the woman who was about 30 years old with blonde hair and green eyes said pointing at a room and looked into her laptop and she appeared to be busy, so Harley followed her hand.

She knocked on the door and walked in after she was granted the permission.

“Harley Cairns, welcome. Have a seat,” Kevin says in a strong British accent and Harley smiles as she walks in and sits down. She looked at him and he was a light skinned man with black hair and brown eyes, looking important in his suit.

“So Harley, you are here for the job of a stylist for ‘Intrepid Brits’ for gaining experience in the showbiz business right?” Kevin asks and she nods. Kevin was said to be their manager for the ‘Intrepid Brits’, the number one boy band in the world.

“So I would say, you are pretty young. You are 19, so why do you want to work with us instead of going to college?” he asks setting aside his pen.

“I am already done with college and I have a degree in Fashion Styling so maybe I thought, I could work with your team and gain some experience,” she says confidently and he liked it.

“From where did you obtain your degree Harley?” he asks.

“From Fashion Institute of Technology,” she says and he nods.

“Are your parents’ fine with this Harley?” he asks.

“Oh yes! My parents wanted me to do this,” she says smiling and he looks at her surprised.

“Really? Why so? Tell me about your family,” he asks interested because there was something about Harley that was so radiant and positive that he wanted to speak to her.

“So my dad was married to my mom back in Australia and they had me but soon after my dad realised that he wasn’t into women like he thought he would be after he met a man called Mike. They fell in love unintentionally and they came out to my family and my mom, she divorced him when I was about 4 years old. I don’t honestly remember her.

“That was when my dad, David and Mike moved in together and got married, much to our family’s disapproval so they grew away from our family and I was chosen to stay with my dad and his partner because my mom wanted nothing to do with me since I was a reminder of her failed marriage and we stayed in Australia till I was 18 and Mike got transferred to Toronto and we came here. I finished my college and high school simultaneously, both online and my dads’ want me to me to live my life and experience it without anyone telling me what to do and I want to do this,” she says and Kevin nods.

“I love your family,” he says and Harley smiles. She was an Australian so she had a strong Australian accent, unlike every other Canadian she met.

“I know that this is not professional but are you and your mom still in contact?” he asks and Harley shakes her head.

“No, she left us and I don’t want to speak to her,” Harley says and Kevin nods. They chat casually for a while and they seemed to form a friendly connection with one another.

“Congratulations Harley, you are now the stylist of Intrepid Brits for their tour in America,” he says congratulating her and she was happy. She thanked him and walked out of the office, smiling.

As she came down through the elevator, she looked at herself in the mirror present in it. Her sea-blue eyes and her long lashes looked beautiful as the light in the elevator hit it; her medium length naturally wavy toffee brown hair looked perfect according to her eye color. Her tanned skin worked well with her 5 feet and 6 inches petite body with long legs. She looked beautiful to say the least.

She stopped by a flower shop to buy some flowers for her parents and brought some hot chocolate for them since they like it and went home to their independent house in a gated community.

Her father, David owned a construction company which was originally his friend’s who sold it to him doing well and Mike worked as a CFO in a exports and imports company, both of which was doing extremely well.

“Hello,” she says opening the door and found her parents sitting in the living room watching sports. Her heart was warm from looking at her dads so in love with one another.

“Welcome back sweetie,” David says getting up from the couch and Mike follows him.

“These are for you,” she says handing them the flowers and drinks.

“Thank you very much,” David says and Mike puts the flowers in water.

“So did you get the job?” Mike asks and Harley looks at him and smiles. Her smile was enough to give everything the news away.

“That is wonderful honey,” Mike says hugging her and she hugs him back. Mike wasn’t a big man, but he was lean, had a strong and fit body with grey eyes, dark brown hair and he was tall where as David was also a man with a strong and fit body with sea-green eyes and brown hair just like Harley did.

“I am so happy for you Harley,” David says kissing his daughter’s head and she smiles.

“Thank you dad and papa,” she says referring to David as dad and Mike as papa, just the way she called them ever since she was a kid.

“So, Intrepid Brits, tell us about them,” David says as they sit on the couch with their hot chocolate.

“As you already know, they are number one boy band in the world currently. They were on the talent show in UK and they didn’t win the show but they won everyone’s heart. They have been together now for 4 years after they have left the show and are already on a world tour. It consists of 5 British boys, Harvey Preston, Alex North, Noah Brady, Evan Richards and Andrew Parker and all of them are about 19 to 21 years old,” she says and they listen patiently.

“Kevin, their manager was so sweet to me and we formed a friendship for the short amount of time. He was impressed with the fact that I am 19 and already have a college degree,” she says and they nod.

“To celebrate our daughter’s achievement, I have cooked us all her favourite food and some soda for her and some wine for us,” David says and Harley smiles at her dad and make way to the dining table where they have their food.

They have always been the three of them in their family because Harley’s dad’s family disowned him since they were narrow minded and homophobic just like Mike’s family. Her mom, Alice, never once called Harley and speak to her nor did she even wish her on her birthday.

“You know Harley, sometimes I wish Alice never gave you up,” Mike says and Harley looks at him confused.

“What do you mean?” she asks as she sips on her soda.

“You deserve to be loved by a family honey and you had a wonderful family but because of your dad and I, you never got the chance of growing up in a big family,” Mike says and Harley holds his hand.

“I would rather stay with you and dad rather than go to them because they wouldn’t have taken care of me as much as the both of you did. Sure they gave me up but I consider the biggest gift of my life because now I have two amazing dads like you and what else will I ever need?” she says and David holds her hand too.

“Love you sweetie,” David says.

“We are proud to call you our daughter,” Mike says and Harley smiles.

“I love the both of you too and I will till the rest of my life,” she says and they nods, before continuing to finish their dinner. She later got a text from Kevin saying that she had to go to work tomorrow to check out outfits for the band and she agreed.

She helped them put the dishes away and she went to her room on the first floor and opened her enormous room’s door. Since she was their only daughter, they liked to spoil her and this time it was a room that was as big as the master bedroom, with a loft, a seating area near the window, expensive carpet, fancy lights, big and well equipped bathroom with a Jacuzzi.

She was grateful for the life she had and more importantly she loved her family which were herself, David and Mike.

She took a shower, got changed into comfortable night wear, did her skin care routine and watched a movie before jumping into bed, turning on the heater since it was cold in Canada all the time and she wasn’t used to it yet since it had been only one year of her staying in York Mills, Toronto.

She missed Australia sometimes but not often because whenever she was there in Melbourne, she ran into her family and every time she saw them, she remembered how narrow minded they were and they would ignore her. Some people gave her dads and her some dirty looks but here in Toronto, they were supportive so she liked it here.

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