Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

“Do we have to go and meet him?” Harley asks disappointed.

“Yes babe. Come on, we have to make it official that we are dating,” Alex says holding her close to him and she sighs. Kevin had scheduled a meeting with Peter Gregg to officially announce to them that Harley and Alex were dating and that Evan was bisexual.

The world had already started speculating that something was going on between Alex and Harley, even before they started dating because everyone knew that they had eyes for one another no matter who was around them.

They just wanted Alex and Harley to be free that they were dating because the fans who stanned the boys loved Harley because they loved her. They saw her as a very down to earth and beautiful human being. They wanted her to be happy with Alex knowing after what happened with Blake in the past.

“Alright,” she says and he gives her a kiss on her head.

“Let’s face the devil then,” Noah says standing up and so do the boys and Kevin along with Harley.

“Ah! The whole squad is here,” Peter says swinging in his chair as they enter and take a seat on the couch since not everyone could fit on the chair.

“How are you doing Peter?” Kevin asks and Peter shakes his hand.

“I am doing good. Now what was the reason you scheduled this meeting Kevin?” he asks unbuttoning his blazer and removed it. As he did so, his eyes were on Harley and she purposely looked away because that made her uncomfortable.

“We have some things to discuss,” Kevin starts and Peter nods, sitting opposite to them, opening his legs wide open and still staring at Harley.

“Evan is bisexual,” he says and Peter looks at Evan.

“And Alex and Harley are dating,” he says and he was more shocked knowing that Harley was dating Alex than Evan was bisexual.

“What? Harley is dating him?” he asks and Harley looks at him.

“Why is there a problem with it?” she asks and he laughs.

“Of course there is darling. He can’t date a commoner. He has to date a celebrity because that is what brings us more popularity and as of Evan, he has to also date someone else and have a baby with her because the world should know that he is straight,” he says and they all were shocked.

“That is ridiculous,” Harvey says voicing everyone’s opinion.

“And you Alex, you can’t reveal to anyone that you are dating Harley. You have to date someone else too,” he says and everyone was shocked.

“Why are you so cruel?” Noah asks.

“Well, shut up boy. Who are you to tell me what to do? You are just the invisible guy in the group,” he says and Harley was pissed.

“You shut up. They all have talents and you don’t. All you do is live off of their hard work like a parasite,” she says standing up close to his face and he gets even closer to her.

“Feisty beast,” he says and Alex gets in the way.

“Back away Peter,” he says and Peter just laughs.

“You have to do as I say or else you will be in prison,” he says and Harley laughs.

“No, it’s the other way around. You have to do as I say or you will be in prison,” she says and everyone was confused.

“I will tell everyone what you did the last time I came here. You came onto me and put it out straight that you wanted to be with me despite me refusing. That will surely put you into prison,” she says and the boys didn’t know about this so they were shocked.

“It’s your word against mine,” he says but Alex steps forward.

“I witnessed it. I saw you pulling her close to you even as she clearly said no,” he says and Peter was overpowered.

“Alright, I’ll grant you one thing. You can either save Evan from dating a girl and having a kid or Alex keep your relationship a secret and have a kid with another woman,” he says and Harley had tears in her eyes.

“You bastard! Don’t you have feelings? Don’t you have a heart?” she asks furiously but Alex held onto her. She started crying as Alex pulled her close to him and the boys stood up.

“It’s alright. I’ll do it,” Evan says but Harley looks at him.

“No,” Alex says and everyone was shocked.

“No Evan you will not try to hide your sexuality,” he says and looks at Harley.

“Babe, I like you, a lot. So what if the world doesn’t know that we are dating? We’ll still be together and we’ll be happy,” he says and Harley looks at him.

“What about having a baby?” she asks and he gave her a sad smile.

“We have to help Evan Harley. I won’t sleep with her. I’ll donate my sperm and let’s do it,” he says and Harley thought about it.

“Are you sure?” she asks and he nods.

“Alright, we’ll do it but if you ask us anything else Peter, I will go to the HR and report you under sexual harassment. I hope you are happy you fucking retard,” she says and he gave a huge smile.

“Alright then. It’s all set. A girl will be found soon to be the mother of your baby Alex and Evan, you don’t have to do anything but you cannot date a man as long as you are under my management,” he says and they all stand up.

“Are you doing all of this just because I turned you down?” she asks and he nods.

“Of course. You are the first woman I actually wanted to have a relationship with and you were the first women who turned me down like a fool. I was going to treat you like a princess but now you brought this upon yourself. I will make your love life as hard as possible, that is my promise to you,” he says with a face full of hate.

“I won’t let you get into my head. Someone had to show you your place after everything you’ve done and soon karma will come back to you,” she says and he laughs, blowing her a kiss.

“I can change it all if you come to me now,” he says getting close to her.

“Fuck you Peter!” Harley says showing him her middle finger as she walked away and he just laughed.

“Alex and Harley, the sacrifice you did for me is-just- wow. I can’t ever repay you,” Evan says breaking down into tears and Harley and Alex hugged him.

“Evan, we are family. Remember the promise we made when we first started out together?” Alex asks and looks at the boys.

“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools,” they all say it together and smile. They form a group hug.

“It really is amazing what the both of you are doing,” Kevin says and Harley just gives a sad smile. She didn’t like the thought of Alex having a baby with someone else while he was with her.

“I know that it hurts to see your man having a baby with someone else Ley. But you are a strong woman and we will be out of this shit hole soon. Just another year and we will all have our lives in our control,” Harvey says using the nickname he used for her. It was pronounced as ‘Lee’, as in ‘Ley’ in Harley.

“Thank you Vey,” she says using the nickname she used for him and he hugged her. It was pronounced as ‘Vee’, as in ‘Vey’ in Harvey.

Since Harvey and Harley’s names are very similar and only one letter in their name changes, Harvey called Harley, Ley using the last three words of her name and Harley called Harvey, Vey using his last three words.

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