Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

“Is it worth it Alex?” Harley asks as she turns around, not facing him.

“What?” he asks genuinely confused.

“Us. Are we really worth it? Are we worth so much that you have a baby though you don’t want to?” she asks turning around to face him. He had come to meet her in her apartment and this had been bugging her for weeks.

“Of course we are,” he says and she sighs.

“No we aren’t Alex,” she says and he was upset.

“Harley, you know how much you mean to me and how much I want you. It’s not a secret I try to hide. So stop saying that we aren’t worth it or that we can’t be together,” he says and she shakes her head.

“Alex, no. I care about you and I want you too, it’s not something I try to hide too but we are not worth wasting your life like that. The world doesn’t want us together, nothing or no one wants us together, not even fate,” she says tears rolling down her face.

“Harley, you are here in my heart, and who can stop me from deciding that you are all I need? This is my life and I know that you are literally all I need,” he says getting closer to her but she backs away.

“Why don’t we write our own faith? Why don’t we say that you were made to be mine and I yours? Nothing can keep us apart and you would be the one I was meant to find and love for the rest of my life. It’s all up to you and me about us and no one can say what we get to be. The world could be ours,” he says and she wipes her tears.

“You think its easy Alex. You think I don’t want to run to you on the streets? You think I don’t want to be held in public? You think I don’t want to call you mine?” she says raising her voice.

“I know you are wondering why because we are able to be just you and me within these walls, but when what happens when we go outside? You’ll just realize that it was hopeless after all,” she says and he shakes his head.

“No one can write our own fates Alex. It’s already written for us so how can you be mine? Everything keeps us apart and I’m not the one you were meant to find. It’s not up to you and me when everyone and everything tells us what we can be,” she says and he walks up to her and now she doesn’t back away.

“Harley, who cares about what anyone says? They say whatever they want. If this is the small price I have to pay to be with you, then let it be. I don’t care because I’ll have you,” he says and she breaks down.

“I can’t have you Alex,” she says and he holds her close.

“Yes you can. We will fight H, we will fight for ourselves and for our relationship. I know that we will end up together and I know that you and I can be open and happy soon. Please,” he says and she looks at him.

“Please don’t give up on us. Not now when people are trying to break us apart. Please Harley, I don’t want to be with anyone else but you,” he begs.

“But Alex, you are one of the richest and most famous pop stars in the world and I on the other hand am a stylist. Why don’t you be with someone else worth your time? Someone who is loved by the world, someone who is worthy of you,” she says.

“Harley, you are the most beautiful, caring and understanding woman in the world. There is no one I have met like you and I have travelled the entire world, trust me. I have met so many people but no one can live the way that you do. I want you Harley,” he says trying to persuade her.

“Let me be yours Harley, I want to be yours. I can’t imagine my future without you, please,” he asks and she sighs and walks up to him and wraps her arm around him, tightly.

“I want to be yours too Alex,” she says and he hugs her back.

“Then who cares about what anyone thinks? We will have one another,” he says and she nods. He looks into her eyes and kisses her. At this point, they made a decision. They would stick together no matter what happens.


“Olivia Cole, is the baby Alex North’s?”, “Alex, are you excited to become father?”, “Congratulations Olivia!”, “Are you and Alex together?” was literally everything Harley could hear no matter where she went. Everyone was talking about this young heartthrob got a girl pregnant and was going to be a father.

Olivia was a beautiful model with ash blonde hair and light green eyes and a bright skin tone. She agreed to have Alex’s baby because she was also under ‘Star’ management and Peter wanted her to increase her popularity.

Olivia was now 4 months pregnant and for the last five months, Alex and her were seen together. They were made to hold hands while walking, or kiss on the street for the pictures and that hurt Harley.

Most of the times, Alex took Harley along with them where they went because once they were out of the view of people, he could stop pretending and be with Harley but he had to hold Olivia when he was with Harley.

The world was suddenly suspicious of Olivia and the sudden announcement of her pregnancy when it appeared like Alex and Harley were together. They started speculating that the management had made Alex have a baby with Olivia to cover up his relationship with Harley.

“Honey?” Mike asks entering Harley’s room. She was back in Toronto for a while as Alex and Olivia were attending interviews about their child.

“Papa, come on,” she says removing some things from her bed and makes space for Mike. He sits down and looks at her. She wasn’t doing fine. She was crying all the time because her boyfriend was pretending to be with someone else.

“You haven’t seem to be doing well sweetie,” he says and she sighs, sitting down next to him.

“Papa, the man I want to be with is pretending to be with someone else and is getting ready to have a baby with her. How can I be doing well?” she asks and Mike looks at her, sadly.

“I’m sorry Honey,” he says and she shrugs.

“How did he get her pregnant? Did he sleep with her?” he asks and Harley shakes her head.

“He gave his sperm and they injected it into her,” she says.

“At least he didn’t sleep with her,” he says and Harley nods.

“It hurts,” she says breaking down and Mike holds her.

“Everyone’s talking about how good of a dad Alex is going to be and how Olivia and him should stay till the end and I’m just here,” she says crying. She has tried keeping it all together and appearing strong but she wasn’t fine with it.

“Peter is doing all of it just because I turned him down. Don’t I deserve love Papa? All of my past relationships are a fail,” she says and he strokes her head.

“You deserve all the love in the world honey, but the world doesn’t deserve you. The world is cruel but you do know that Alex is doing his best and is spending all the time he has with you because he wants you to know that you are the one in his eyes and not Olivia,” he says and Harley wipes her tears.

“David and I went through the same thing. We were hated on and looked like we were sinners but at the end, nothing mattered to us because we got to spend the rest of our lives with one another and with a daughter who loves us so much,” he says and Harley smiles.

Alex was also going through a lot at this point. He wanted to be there with his girlfriend and spend all the time he had with her and show her off to the world rather than faking a relationship with someone else and have a kid with her. He wanted to hold Harley rather than Olivia in public.

“Harley?” David asks coming into her room and Mike turns around just as Harley does.

“Sweetie, you are going to Australia soon with the boys right?” he asks and she nods.

“And you will be there for your 19th birthday too,” he says and she nods.

“Alice had a daughter and she’s 17 now. She wants to meet you,” David says and Harley was confused.

“Who wants to meet me?” she asks standing up and David shows her a picture of her step-sister. She was a beautiful woman with light brown hair, brown eyes and an amazing skin tone. She had a genuine smile on her face.

“Her name is Emma and she contacted me recently saying she just found out that she had a sister and she wanted to meet you,” he says and she nods.

“Did she sound genuine?” she asks and David nods.

“She sounded very genuine and like she actually cared. She wanted to meet you and we think it’s a good idea. We think you should meet Alice too, maybe she has changed and wants to make amends,” he says and Mike nods too.

“Ok, I’ll meet her. Send her my number,” she says and David nods giving her a big hug and walks out with Mike, leaving her alone for a while. She worked on her computer and lost track of time.

“Harley! Someone’s here to see you,” David calls for her from the living room and she stands up, taking out her head phones and walks down the stairs.

“Who is it dad?” she asks tying her hair into a bun and massaging her neck and rubbing her eyes from the headache.

“Alex?” she says shocked as she sees him, standing in front of her with a bouquet full of flowers and with a huge smile on his face.

“What are you doing here?” she asks and he puts down the bags and the flowers.

“I missed you and I came to see my girl,” he says and she runs and falls into his embrace. She missed him so much and just as he held her tight, she inhaled his cologne and she felt like she was home.

“I missed you H,” he says and she smiles. He bends down and kisses her. It had been a few days since they had seen each other because Peter made sure that Alex’s schedule would be so packed that she wouldn’t be able to meet him.

“Oh gosh! I look like a mess,” she says and Alex laughs, pushing her hair away from her face and kisses her once more.

“You have never looked more beautiful,” he says and she smiled, hugging him.

“Come on now. Let’s have dinner,” David says and Alex nods. He hands Harley the flowers he brought for her and she put it in the vase and placed it in the middle of the dining table.

“This is delicious. Did you cook it Mr. Cairns?” Alex asks David and he nods.

“Yes I did and please call me David. Don’t be so formal Alex,” he says and Alex smiles.

“How’s your baby?” Mike asks and Harley holds his hand and squeezes it, making it known from Alex that it was alright to speak about it.

“He/ she seems to very healthy. There will be a baby shower soon this month,” he says.

“Do you want a boy or a girl?” David asks eating his steak.

“I mean, I didn’t even want a child but now, I don’t care as long as he or she is healthy,” he says and Harley smiles.

“So Harley, that makes you the baby’s step mom, given that you and Alex will last. Can you take care of the baby?” Mike asks and Harley nods.

“I mean, I don’t know. But I’ll try my best Papa. I will not abandon him or her like my family did,” she says and Mike smiles.

“How long will you stay in Toronto Alex?” David asks.

“I think I’ll stay as long as Harley stays, if that’s fine with you,” he says and David nods.

“You are now family Alex. You can stay here as long as you want,” Mike says and Harley smiles wide.

“Then I guess you are staying here for another few days,” Harley says excitedly because now Alex didn’t have to act like he wasn’t with Harley.

“Do you know that the majority of our fans think this entire thing with Olivia is fake and that you and I are together?” Alex asks and Harley laughs.

“They are very smart then,” she says and Alex agrees. They soon finish their dinner and Alex takes his things and follows Harley into her room.

“I brought this for you,” he says handing her a small bag and she took it, surprised and she sat down and opened a tiny little box and there sat a huge and beautiful pink diamond ring in it.

“I brought this for you so that when I’m not next to you, you’ll still know that I’m right by your side and that I love you,” he says and she looks at him. This was the first time he said that he loved her.

“I love you too Alex,” she says wrapping her hands around her neck and kisses him. He makes her wear the ring on her right hand, ring finger and he kissed it.

“I love you so much H,” he says and she kisses him once more. She really did love him too and he was the first guy she ever loved and she hoped that this would last.

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