Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“I’m on my way, Bella,” Harley says ending the call with Isabella as she drives to work. She turned on the radio and the new single, ‘Secret Love’. This song was mainly written by Alex, proclaiming his love for Harley and how he could not live with her. It was also written by Harvey.

’I can’t stop these silent tears

As I see you get hurt seeing me with her

But I have nothing to do, but hold you

While there’s no cameras on us.

I don’t want to let you go

’Cause baby, you make me feel so loved.

But this cruel world doesn’t want,

To see us get together.

I wish one day, I can hold you in the street,

Without being told as to what to do,

I wish one day I can kiss you in front of the cams

Without having nothing to hide

Why can’t the world see my love for you?

Why do I have to hide it from them?

Why can’t I just leave all of this behind?

And start a new live with you?

Why can’t we run away somewhere quiet?

Where there is nothing but the nature with us.

Why can’t we just proclaim our love for you and I?

Just like we want to?

They don’t want us together,

They say we are not meant to be together

But what they don’t know is,

What the future holds for us.

I’m dying inside, trying to keep up this lie.

But when I see you, I want to live.

I want to live for the day,

Where we can be together.

Why can’t the world see my love for you?

Why do I have to hide it from them?

Why can’t I just leave all of this behind?

And start a new live with you?

Why can’t we run away somewhere quiet?

Where there is nothing but the nature with us.

Why can’t we just proclaim our love for you and I?

Just like we want to?

I can feel your heart inside of inside of mine,

I can feel my love for you, inside of mine.

For your eyes only,

I’ll show you my love.

For your heart only,

I’ll fall in love.

For your life only,

I’ll wait for the day we can be free,

So until then,

I sing for our secret love,” was the song and that made their fans wonder if Alex was really in love with Harley but couldn’t be with her.

The song was already at the number one spot despite it being out only for a few days and it was one of the most heartbreaking songs to listen to. This was the only song of Intrepid Brits that made everyone cry because they were known for releasing songs that showed them hope.

Harley cried every single time the songs played, even if it was just the tune of it. Alex was a songwriter so he wrote his feelings down but what about Harley? She couldn’t write a song to cope with her feelings. She was drowning in them.

“Alright, get dressed Harley, we have to go on air in about 15 minutes. Quick,” Isabella says as Harley ran back stage to get dressed. She was asked to accompany the boys during one of their interviews and the host specifically asked for Harley.

Harley wore the dress laid out for her that she had planned in advance. She wore a full sleeved white t-shirt underneath a black loosely fitted camisole dress and she wore her black heeled boots with it.

She quickly did her own make up by applying some brown eye shadow with some cream colored one and some glitter, making her blue eyes pop. She put on a peach lipstick and did her overall makeup look as the hairstylist curled her hair lightly and applied some hairspray.

“Alright I’m ready,” she says standing up and Alex looks at her with his eyes wide open.

“In just 15 minutes you got ready and yet you look stunning,” he says and she smiles, giving him a quick kiss.

“Thanks babe,” she says and she takes some deep breaths as they wait for being called on stage.

“And now, let’s welcome Intrepid Brits and Harley Cairns!” the host, Matthew says and the audience cheers for them as they enter and Harley was nervous because this was her first time on live television.

“How are you doing?” Harley asks giving Matthew a hug and he kisses Harley’s cheek.

“I’m doing good. Thank you,” he says and Harley nods as the boys give Matthew a hug too. Matthew was also British and they were in Manchester currently.

“So, how’s everyone been?” Matthew asks as they all sit down on the long couch. Harley was sitting next to Alex in the middle, as Andrew sat on Alex’s left, next to Evan, Harvey sat on Harley’s other side and Noah next to him.

“Oh we are doing so good,” Evan says and Matthew nods.

“First of all congratulations for getting your song, ‘Secret love,’ for number one spot all over the world,” he says and the audience cheers for them.

“Thank you so much,” the boys say and Harley was so proud of them.

“You seem very happy for them Harley,” Matthew says and Harley nods.

“I am so proud of these boys. They are so young and yet they create such wonders with their talent. They deserve nothing but the absolute best,” she says and the audience agreed with her.

“As we are on the topic of this song, Alex and Harvey, the both of you co-wrote this heartbreaking song. What inspired you and what made you write something so different from your other songs?” he asks and they knew he was going to ask this.

“I mean, we’ve obviously grown up and we have experienced things in life that we don’t want anyone to ever experience and we took that as an inspiration and here we are,” Alex says trying not to state the actual reason.

“Is there a specific woman this song this about?” he asks, looking at Harley.

“Um, I think so, you can say that but I’m not telling you who it is about but if you listen to it, it’s quiet clear who it is,” Alex says and Harley tries containing her smile.

“Also, congratulations Alex. You are going to be a father soon to a baby girl,” he says and everyone cheers.

“Thank you so much,” he says.

“How are you preparing for the birth of your daughter? She’s only about 3-4 months away,” Matthew asks.

“I am trying my best I can to provide a safe and loving home for my daughter and these boys and especially Harley are being very helpful,” he says putting his arm around Harley’s waist and she just gave a small smile.

“Are you and Olivia together?” he asks and Alex shakes his head.

“No we are not,” he says clearly.

“Were you and Olivia ever together?” he asks and Alex shakes his head.

“No, it was just a onetime thing but I don’t regret it because I am going to have a daughter soon,” he says smiling.

“I’m sure you will be a great father Alex, and I know that Harley will love the child like her own,” Matthew says hinting that the baby could possibly be her step daughter, if they got married and Harley was shocked but she didn’t let it show.

“So Noah, you and Rachel broke up after 7 months of being together and she accuses you of being the worst boyfriend ever and claims you broke up with her over a single text. Is it true?” he asks Noah and Noah seemed a bit nervous to tell the truth.

“I cared about Rachel, a lot and I would never break up with anyone over a text,” Noah says and Matthew nods.

“I think I’ll say what the truth is because Noah is too sweet to do so,” Harley says and everyone looks at her.

“First of all I’m sorry Rachel but you have put so much shit on Noah that is false and it’s time the world knows what the truth is because I was there,” she says looking into the camera.

“Noah was the best boyfriend anyone could ever have. He cared so much for Rachel but she was a bit difficult. She always found a reason to quarrel with him and about the break up, he spent the whole day talking to her about how they aren’t meant to be together and she says they broke up over a text?” she says and she could hear gasps at the back.

“Noah did care a lot about Rachel,” Evan says and the boys agree. And they move on.

“So, there are rumors and some pictures that Alex and Harley are actually in love but they can’t be together because of the management. Is it true?” Matthew asks and Harley tensed.

“I think people want to believe what they want to be honest. So what if Harley and Alex are together? So what if what they think is true? Will it change something if the world knows? Nothing will change so all you guys have to do is, start seeing what’s true. What you believe in becomes true,” Harvey says giving a clever reply and even the boys were impressed with it.

He indirectly confirmed that Alex and Harley are together and at the same time, he didn’t.

“No matter what is it, I wish they can be open and happy,” Evan says again giving a tricky statement as Harvey.

“That’s a nice ring Harley,” Matthew says looking at Harley’s ring and she tried covering it up.

“Thank you,” she says.

“Can I ask you as to who gave it to you?” he asks and she was a bit hesitant.

“Um, I cannot say who but that person is someone I love and I care about a lot,” she says and Matthew nods, getting the fact that she didn’t want to say it.

“Boys, now I have a question. Would you let a woman disband you or let her get in your way?” he asks and Harley looks at everyone.

“No,” Noah says.

“What if two of your band members or more than that have feelings for the same woman?” he once again asks.

“I think we will let the woman decide who she wants and the rest of us will be happy for them,” Harvey says and everyone agrees.

“Harley, how has it been working for the boys the past year?” he asks.

“It’s been wonderful. When I started working for them, I never knew that I would find five best friends for life and yet here we are. They are all wonderful guys and I feel comfortable and loved with them,” she says and the boys hug her from the side.

“It’s true, Harley is one of the only people who can tolerate us,” Andrew says and everyone laughs.

“And maybe the reason we all get along so well is that we all have sisters and we kind of understand her too,” Andrew says and everyone agrees.

“Andshealsomakesusfeelsocaredandshereallyunderstandsus. She’sreallyamazingandiloveher,” Noah says and no one understood what he said because he spoke so fast.

“Just so you know he said, and she also makes us feel so cared and she really understands us. She’s really amazing and I love her,” Harley says translating his sentence.

“And another reason why we need Harley,” Harvey says and they laugh.

“How did you understand what he said Harley? I don’t think the boys who have been with for more than 5 years understood,” Matthew asks.

“I think it’s the fact that Noah and I have our own unique way of pronouncing things, we get each other. We are usually each other’s translators and we spend so much time together that we are making up our own language,” she says and everyone bursts out laughing.

“You should teach me your new language,” Matthew says and Harley sits on the edge of her seat.

“Then we can be the trio and have our own group and gossip about people in front of them and they wouldn’t understand,” Harley says excitedly and Matthew agrees.

“Imagine the look on their faces when we do so,” he says and Harley nods.

“Oh I’m so down for it!” Noah says and they high five.

“Alright, calm down weirdoes,” Andrew says and everyone laughs.

“You are just jealous that you cannot be in our trio group,” Harley says looking at Andrew playfully.

“Oh yeah? Then I’m going to create my own group with them,” he says pointing at the boys and they agree.

“Copycats,” Noah says and everyone laughs. The audience saw how true their friendship was and how much Harley adored them just like they adored her.

“Oh only if I could sing, I would be the sixth member,” she says and Matthew laughs.

“Everyone, this is Intrepid Brits and Harley Cairns. Give it up to them,” Matthew says ending the show and they stand up and hug him and leave the stage.

“You did so good H,” Alex says hugging Harley and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

“Thank you and boys, thank you for covering,” she says hugging them too and they all formed a group hug.

“Anything for one another,” they say their new saying and they were happy. Now no matter what obstacle was in front of them, they would overcome it, as a team, having each other’s backs.

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