Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 16

Chapter 16

“Happy Birthday Harley!” everyone screams jumping out from hiding and Harley was shocked.

“Thank you,” she says smiling. Today Harley turned 20 and they were currently in Australia, in Harley’s old house where she stayed with her dads’ and her friends and family were here to celebrate with her.

“I can’t believe you are 20 now,” Serena says walking up to her and hugs her tight.

“Thank you Rena,” she says as Serena kisses her head.

“You look beautiful,” Alex says walking up to her and kisses her.

Harley was dressed in a blue and white pattern beaded and sequin fitted cocktail dress with some shades of gold with long sleeves, a plunging neckline, open back, and neck strap. It was short and she wore golden pointed high heels with it, along with her simple studs and the ring Alex had given her.

Her hair was curled and parted in the middle while her makeup was kept neutral except her golden glitter eye shadow and her nude pink lipstick. Her nails were kept a bit long with some pale pink shade. She did look beautiful.

“And you look handsome,” she says as she sees him in a suit, looking sexy. She had to move away from him before someone saw them together.

“Harley! Happy birthday!” the boys say walking up to her and she hugs them tight.

“All of you look so handsome,” she says looking at them and they smile.

“See Harley, we can pick out our own outfits too,” Noah says and Harley laughs hugging him. Her parents were here too and she greeted them.

“You look beautiful honey,” David says and Harley kisses his cheek and did the same to Mike.

“Oh my Lou, you look so sexy,” Harley says seeing Louisa in a long red dress with a thigh high slit. Louisa laughs and hugs Harley tight.

“I dressed up only for you,” she says and Andrew looks at them.

“And I thought you dressed up for me,” he says and they laugh along with Andrew. Louisa gave Andrew a kiss and went to meet the rest of her guests and everyone was so nice to her.

“Hello,” Harley says walking up to Olivia who was standing alone and she turned around and smiled. Olivia’s baby bump was huge since she was 8 months pregnant now and it was a bit covered with the loose fitted gown of hers.

“Happy birthday Harley,” she says and Harley smiles. they were inside the house where no one else was present.

“Thank you. How are you Olivia? You look beautiful,” she asks and Olivia smiles.

“I am good and you look breathtaking too,” she says and Harley smiles.

“How’s my baby girl?” Harley asks as she motions of she could hold her belly and as Olivia nods, Harley rests her hands on Olivia’s baby bump and she felt a kick.

“Well someone is excited to see me,” she says laughing along with Olivia. Olivia and Harley didn’t hate each other nor did they love one another. They were quite nice to one another and that seemed to be enough.

“You probably shouldn’t drink that Olivia,” Harley says as Olivia reaches for the drinks with alcohol in it.

“Why not?” she asks.

“Well, because you are 8 months pregnant and that has alcohol. You should not be drinking alcohol,” she says but Olivia just reaches for the drink just as Harley grabs it out of Olivia’s reach.

“Give me back my drink,” she says angrily trying to reach for the drink but Harley held the drink away.

“No,” Harley says and Olivia stared at Harley.

“Give me my drink Harley,” Olivia warns but Harley shakes her head.

“Who are you to tell me what to drink when it’s my baby?” Olivia asks raising her voice.

“Well, I might be the baby’s aunt or whatever. She might be whatever to me but she is a baby, a life and I can’t let you drink because that will destroy her life and not yours,” she says moving back, only angering Olivia.

“Give it here you dirty Australian tramp,” she swears angrily and Harley froze. She just called Harley a slut, a dirty Australian slut.

“Yeah? Then why don’t you go back to Alex and cry to him about it? I don’t want this child anyways,” she says and at the same time Alex enters. He had heard enough.

“Alex, I can explain,” Harley says but Alex turns to look at Olivia and stares at her.

“I didn’t want to have a kid too but now my daughter is in your womb so as long as she’s inside of you, you will do no such thing and after my daughter’s born, you will give her to me and I will have the full custody of her and you can visit her if you want,” Alex says and Olivia opens her mouth.

“I can raise my daughter alone,” he says and turns towards Harley.

“All Harley asked you to do was not to drink because you are pregnant but you called her that horrific name and god knows what you called her before that. Shame on you Olivia,” he says and holds out his hand for Harley.

“Come on now,” he says holding his hand out for Olivia too and she takes it. He leads them outside but out of everyone’s eye shot, Harley wiped her tears because she was hurt. She immediately smiles because she was used to concealing her feelings now.

“Alright, let’s cut the cake,” Mike says as they walk outside and Harley walks up to the table where the cake was present and people take out their phones and start recording it. They start singing the birthday song as she cuts the cake.

“Wait, wish,” Kevin says and Harley nods and closes her eyes. She wished for a healthy life for Alex’s daughter, for the boys’ freedom and for real love and happiness in hers.

“Thank you guys,” she says as they give her presents and everyone was thoughtful.

“Harley I need to speak with you,” Alex says walking up to her and she nods. She leads him somewhere private so that they can speak.

“You heard what I told Olivia right? That I’m taking my daughter’s full custody?” he asks and she nods.

“And that means that she will be with me all the time, and you will be with me too,” he says and she nods once again.

“So I want to know if that’s fine with you,” he asks and she smiles.

“Alex,” she says cupping his face and he smiles.

“Of course I’m fine with it. I’ll be happy to watch you take care of her and I’ll be honored to help you,” she says and he kisses her.

“Wait, I want to ask you something else,” she says and now he nods.

“Since Olivia is making it very clear that she doesn’t want to be in your daughter’s life, can I be her legal mom? I’ll sign any documents you want me to and I promise I’ll take of the little girl like my own,” she says and he was surprised.

“Harley but you are so young,” he says.

“So are you. And yet you are taking a full custody of her,” she says trying to convince him.

“I know that we will last. I see us getting married and starting a family so I won’t abandon her Alex,” she says.

“What if in the future we will have our own kids? What will happen to her?” he asks.

“Then she will have siblings. My love for that little human will not change,” she says.

“But you have no experience taking care of kids,” he insists.

“But I take care of the five of you,” she says and he laughs slightly.

“But seriously Alex, we’ll do fine together. Just let me be her mom,” she says and he sighs.

“See, we will leave ‘Star’ management in about 2 months or so, then we won’t have to hide our relationship. I can do what I want with my life and so can you and now I want to be her legal mom,” she says and he smiles.

“Then you will be her legal mom,” he says and she squeals, hugging him tight.

“This is the best birthday present of my whole life,” she says and he smiles.

“I’ll talk to my parents and I’m sure that they will be fine,” she says and he nods. They decide to walk back to the party and sees everyone dancing to the songs the dj was playing. They all danced till they had no energy and soon decided to leave.

Harley hugged and thanked all of her guests as they walked out. It was cold outside so she was freezing. Alex looked at her and took of his blazer and gave it to her but she denied it.

“Give it to Olivia, she needs it and she’s carrying a baby,” she says and Alex nods and wraps it around Olivia, who looked at the both of them thankfully.

“I am sorry for what I did earlier Harley,” she says and Harley hugs her.

“It’s alright and take care of yourself and the little angel,” she says and she nods. Harvey turned around and saw Harley shivering in cold so he took of his blazer and wrapped it around her.

“Thank you Vey,” she says and he smiles, holding her shoulder and as they step out, the paparazzi were waiting for them. They started taking pictures of the boys and their partners and Harley was thankful that she wasn’t with Alex because she couldn’t deal with the questions from the press.

“Happy Birthday Harley,” they say and she smiles despite being exhausted from all the dancing and drinking some alcohol.

“Thank you and we would really appreciate it if you don’t follow us because all of us are tired,” she says but they don’t stop following them. They started yelling out their names but they ignored it and walked to their cars.

Alex dropped Olivia off in her hotel room, like a gentleman and after Harley told that it was fine and Harley dropped off her in hers. As she took a hot shower and got changed into more comfortable clothes, she immediately went to bed.

Alex had his own room and slept in his because they respected each other’s personal space and knew that they needed all the rest they could get since there was a huge day the next.

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