Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17

“H? Come to the hospital, Olivia has gone into labor,” Alex says calling up Harley and she sprang to her feet at once. She was working with some other designers when he called her and she didn’t have to tell them anything because they knew from her sudden reaction.

She ran out and sat in her car and drove as fast as she could. She parked her car in the parking lot and went up the elevator. Alex was inside the room along with Olivia and the others were waiting outside.

“Harley,” Heidi North, Alex’s mom says as Harley tries to look around and find as to where she should go.

“Heidi!” Harley says walking up to her and Heidi hugs her tight. Heidi and Harley had met a couple of times and were very close. Heidi liked Harley and was happy that her son was with her.

“How are you Heidi?” she asks.

“I am so good darling. You look so beautiful,” she says and Harley smiles as Heidi pushes her hair behind her ear.

“Is she here yet?” Harley asks and Heidi shakes her head.

“No, come on. Take a seat,” she says leading her into the private room. Alex had booked the VIP wing of the maternity side and so they had more than three rooms, one of in which Olivia was.

“Darling, I heard what you are going to do. You will be adopting the little angel,” Heidi says and Harley nods.

“Yes I am because I know for a fact that I will love her with all my heart and I want her to grow up with a mom unlike me and Olivia doesn’t want to be in her life, so I’ll stay. I chose to stay,” she says and Heidi smiles.

“Harley! What a surprise!” Daniel, Alex’s dad says entering the room with open arms and hugs Harley.

“It’s so good to see you Daniel,” she says and he smiles.

“Harls!” Maisie, Alex’s second youngest sister says entering the room too and runs into Harley’s arms.

“Maisie, I missed you,” she says and Maisie laughs kissing Harley’s cheek.

“Well, well, well. Look who we have here, if it isn’t the famous Harley Cairns,” Florence, Alex’s oldest sister says walking in and Harley laughs.

“Come on now,” she says and Harley hugs her tight. Harley hugged Holly, Alex’s youngest sister too and they were so happy to see her. His family loved her and she loved them back the same. They had become practically sisters at this point.

“Here you go. Your favourite pink drink,” Holly says handing Harley her favourite drink and Harley was so happy.

“Wait, did you know that I’m going to be here?” she asks taking the drink.

“Of course I knew you’ll be here. You wouldn’t miss this for the world,” Holly says and Harley smiles.

“Thank you Hols,” she says and Holly nods. They sit down and chat for a while, waiting for the arrival of their new family member.

“Come on in guys. She’s here,” the doctor says coming into the room and everyone stood up, clearly very excited and happy. They all walked into the room, quietly, not to scare the little girl and they saw her, in Alex’s arms, bundled up in a cosy blanket.

“Oh, my heart,” Heidi says tearing up looking at her granddaughter and then looks at Olivia and smiles, holding her hand.

“Can I hold her?” Harley asks softly and Alex nods. She sits down and Alex places his daughter in Harley’s arms and Harley got emotional.

“Charlotte North, welcome to this world,” Harley says looking at the angel in her arms and Charlotte had a smile on her face.

“Hello Lottie, I am Harley and I love you so so much,” she says holding Charlotte’s hand and Charlotte, with her tiny fingers, held on to Harley’s hand. She held it so tight that Harley was now crying.

“Oh, oh she’s holding my hand,” Harley says and Florence laughs, sitting down next to her. They all sat down next to Harley, around little Charlotte and she didn’t seem to be letting go of Harley’s hand because she was holding onto it so tight.

“Lottie, this is Grammy Heidi, Grandpa Daniel, Aunt Florence, Aunt Maisie and Aunt Holly,” Alex says sitting down in front of Charlotte.

“She has the same grey eyes as you Alex,” Heidi claims and Harley looks at the half closed eyes of Charlotte.

“And the same blonde hair as you,” Florence says and now Alex was smiling, touching Charlotte’s soft hair.

“Congratulations Olivia,” Harley says smiling and Olivia smiles back and nods. Even as Charlotte was given to Olivia so that she can breastfeed her, Harley didn’t want to let go of her.

The amount of love she had for little Lottie was beyond her understanding. She was so happy and emotional at the same time and she couldn’t wait to watch her grow. She sat back and just closed her eyes, taking in everything.

She still couldn’t believe Olivia didn’t want to be in Charlotte’s life even after seeing her small hands and at beautiful smile. But she was happy that she could get Charlotte all for herself and take care of her like her own.

She had to step outside because she was so emotional. She was crying out of happiness and she thought that her heart was going to explode.

“We made it,” Alex says coming behind her and she turns around.

“What happened?” he asks, looking at Harley wiping her tears.

“Nothing, I am just so happy that Lottie is here. It’s- she’s so tiny and perfect,” she says and Alex laughs and hugs her. He was very emotional too. Seeing the little human he helped create, holding his hand meant the world to him.

He still couldn’t believe that he was a father but at the same time he was ready. He was proud to call her his and to even know her. From the first time he laid his eyes on her, he fell in love with his little girl. He promised to himself that he would do anything in his power to see her happy all the time.

“I love her,” Alex says and Harley smiles.

“I love her too,” she says and Alex kisses her. Even though Harley didn’t give birth to Lottie, she felt like she just did. She felt like she was just her daughter and that she would protect her no matter what.

She knew that Charlotte would be the most wonderful woman and that Harley would stay by her side, holding her hand till the end. She promised to see to that that she would be protected from this cruel world. Harley knew that she wouldn’t let anyone or anything hurt Charlotte.

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