Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

“Alright, should we do it?” Kevin asks and everyone nods.

“3, 2, 1 and the video is out now,” he says and everyone celebrates. The music video for, ‘Unconfined’, the latest new single of the Intrepid Brits’ was out. This was the first song they released after splitting from ‘Star’ management and all of them were happy.

“Oh my! Look at the amount of people watching it,” Isabella says and they look at it. It was only out for 3 minutes and there were thousands of people watching it already. People in the comment section were going crazy.

“Let’s watch the video along with them,” Evan says and plays the video on the huge projector.

The song to start off with was all about being free and having no one to tell them what to do. Each verse of the song was decided to the five members of the band and their life and all the things they could do.

The music video was the most fun part of the song. They did what they wanted to do and it was public.

Evan was seen with boys and girls, kissing a boy and a girl in his part, revealing to the world that he was bisexual. Andrew was seen hugging Louisa and kissing her belly, revealing that she was pregnant with his child; Noah had rose gold hair and swore. That something he couldn’t do previously.

Alex danced with Harley and pulled her close. They went for a drop and he kissed her in a dramatic style, revealing that they were together. Then later on, Harley came out with Charlotte, revealing that she was her legal mother now and that her, Alex and Charlotte were a family.

Harvey wore gender neutral clothes and painted his nails and had lipstick on, revealing to the world that he wasn’t a man who had a belief in toxic masculinity and that was something he couldn’t do previously.

The world was going crazy with all of these new confessions and they couldn’t handle it. They were so happy for them and this was the best surprise that was dropped on their 6 year anniversary.

The Intrepid Brits’ and Kevin along with Isabella and Harley left ‘Star’ management and signed with ‘Power’ management. They read their contract very carefully and they made specific rules that they shouldn’t follow, one of it being not being told who to love or what to wear and the management happily agreed. Kevin was still their manager.

“Everyone loves it!” Andrew says jumping up and they all go for a group hug.

“We made it!” Harley says and they all cheer for themselves. This day was the day they all had been waiting for, for the day they could release a song they liked and doing what they want and here they were doing what they wanted.

“I’m so proud of you guys,” Louisa says and Harley hugs her tight. Louisa was five months pregnant now and Charlotte was a little over five months old. They all were so happy.

Everyone was currently in Alex’s house and they decided to launch their video here. Just as they were celebrating it, Harley heard Charlotte making some noise in her room so she walked up to the room.

“Hello Lottie,” she says in a low voice and turns on the light in her room. Charlotte was awake in her crib and was smiling. Charlotte was put down for a nap and she had woken up just now.

“Did we wake you up love?” she asks walking up to her and Charlotte raises her hand, wanting to be in Harley’s arms so Harley picked her up and cradled her. Charlotte held on to Harley tight and cuddled her back.

Charlotte loved Harley and always seemed to be with Harley. She was going to be a Mummy’s girl, just like everyone predicted. She did love Alex too but she preferred being with Harley and that made everyone, including Alex so happy.

Harley quickly changed Charlotte’s diaper and got her out of her clothes and wore her fresh clothes and combed her hair. She was dressed in a grey romper and a headband she loved on her head.

“Look who’s finally awake!” Harley says holding Charlotte in her arms and walked to the living room where everyone was and they immediately stopped everything they were doing and focused on Charlotte.

“Oh Char!” Alex says walking up to his little girl and kissed her cheek. Charlotte laughed and that made everyone laugh.

“She looks cute today,” Harvey says and Harley smiles. Charlotte had the same big grey eyes and light blonde hair like Alex and that made everyone fall in love with her.

“Lou? Can you please hold her for a while? I’ll get her some milk,” Harley asks and Louisa nods, taking Charlotte in her arms. Louisa was now getting ready to be a mom so she was hanging out with Harley and Charlotte and was learning from and helping Harley in taking care of Charlotte.

Harley poured some milk into a bottle and brought it out for Charlotte and she drank it like an angel, without fussing.

“Daffy, your hair color is fading away. Will you get it done or go for another crazy color?” Harley asks Noah and he looks up.

“I think I’ll go for another color soon,” he says and she nods.

“Good because I want to experiment with hair color too and we can get it done together,” she says and his eyes go wide open.

“We can get matching hair colors!” he says and Harley laughs, nodding.

“Of course Daffy,” she says and the smile on his face was so bright.

“Boys, you all have been asked to be on a talk show along with Louisa and Harley day after tomorrow,” Kevin says getting off the phone and everyone looks at him.

“But why do Lou and I have to go?” Harley asks and Louisa nods.

“That is because Harley, you and her are officially in the boys’ fandom and this would be the perfect opportunity for the world to know that you are with Alex and that Louisa is happy with Andrew. It’s a perfect opportunity,” he says and Harley nods looking at Louisa.

“Perfect then,” he says going back on a call to confirm their invitation. They all stand up to leave to their own houses since it was getting late.

Harley and Alex had their dinner laid out by the helpers in the house before they left so they sat around the table and ate it. Charlotte had been given her food in a bowl and was placed in her chair and a bib was tied around her neck so that she could eat her won food since she didn’t like being fed.

“H?” Alex says and she looks at him.

“I have been meaning to ask you this,” he says and she nods as she sips on her drink.

“Will you move in with me?” he asks and she looks at him confused.

“What do you mean Alex? I already live here with you,” she says and he shakes his head and takes her hands into his and looks into her eyes.

“No, not that way. We’ll buy our own house and live in it together. 24 hours and not just for name sake. Move in with me officially,” he says and she smiles.

“Of course,” she says and he kisses her. She smiles because she was happy in their relationship. She liked where this was going.

After dinner, Harley and Alex sat with Charlotte and played with her for a while as Charlotte watched her favorite cartoon. Charlotte was very smart for her age and she was always a happy child.

Charlotte was barely grumpy and crying and she was always smiling and laughing. She was always in a cheerful mood and made everyone’s mood better just by giving them a smile. As Alex played some songs for Charlotte, Harley brought out her sketch books and started designing some dresses.

Harley had started designing dresses and outfits for other famous celebs because she liked what she was doing and they loved her dresses. She was creating a name for herself in the fashion industry and she was proud of herself.

As Charlotte started seeming to be sleepy, Alex took her to give her a quick bath as he saw Harley, busy and working. After the shower, Harley helped him apply lotion all over Charlotte’s tiny body and got her all dressed for the night.

Alex sang Charlotte her lullaby and she slept peacefully. They kissed her head and slowly walked out of her room. Harley went to take a quick shower and in the mean time, Alex put Charlotte’s toys away and tidied up the house.

Alex and Harley worked really well together. They didn’t need to be told as to what to do because just by looking at each other’s actions, they knew what had to be done and they took turns doing chores or taking care of Charlotte.

“Oh, you are such an angel,” she says as she walks into the room and sees a chamomile tea in her favorite cup in Alex’s hand for her.

“Thank you Alex,” she says giving him a kiss on the cheek and drinks up her tea. He knew how extremely tired and exhausted she was so he did everything he could to try to make her less work and she appreciated it.

“Good night H,” he says kissing her forehead and she smiles.

“Good night Alex,” she says as he wraps his arms around her and holds her tight as she falls asleep.

Harley could fall asleep happily knowing that her relationship and love for both Alex and Lottie didn’t have to be hidden and a secret anymore. She could be with him without having to be scared or secretive and that made her so happy.

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