Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“So Harley, there are some outfits that some companies have sent for the boys for their live interview and a press conference today. It is important for them to look fun and different, Kevin wanted to tell you that,” Isabella Hull, Kevin’s assistant says and Harley nods.

“But where are the outfits kept?” Harley asks and Isabella laughs.

“Sorry, I forget that this is your first day, come on,” she says taking her to a dressing room. Intrepid Brits were in Canada currently for 2 months for their tour and interviews so it was easy for Harley as of now.

She put together some outfits, shirts and some trousers and she heard someone walk in but she was busy setting their outfits so she didn’t look back.

“Hello,” someone says with a string British accent and Harley turns around to find the boys standing in front of her and were smiling but were confused.

“Oh, hi. I am Harley Cairns, your stylist,” she says walking up to them and they were still confused.

“But we thought Harley Cairns would be an older woman,” Noah says and Harley smiles.

“Well, this is the Harley Cairns you are getting,” she says with a strong Australian accent and they smile.

“I’m Harvey,” Harvey, a man of 19 years with sea green eyes, dark brown curly hair, cute dimples and a height of 6 feet 4 inches and a lean body says shaking Harley’s hand and she smiled because he was so famous and yet he introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you,” she says and he gives her a huge smile.

“Alex,” Alex, a man of 19 years with grey eyes and blonde hair, and lean body of 6 feet and 3 inches says and Harley shakes his hand.

“Evan,” Evan, a man says of 20 years with warm honey eyes, warm brown hair with a thin built body and a height of 6 feet 1 inches says and Harley shakes his hand too.

“Andrew,” Andrew, a man of 21 years with amber eyes and brown black hair says with a height of 6 feet says and Harley nods while shaking his hand.

“And I am Noah,” Noah, a man of 19 years with green eyes and light blonde hair with a height of 6 feet and 2 inches and a fairly built body.

Even though Alex, Harvey and Noah were all 19, Alex was the oldest among the three followed by Harvey and then Noah, making Noah the youngest of the band.

“Nice to meet all of you,” she says and they all nod.

“Alright, come on. Check out these outfits I have laid out for you and tell me if it’s fine,” she says and all of them walk up to the clothes stand with their name on it and wear their outfits and come out looking fabulous.

“Harley, this doesn’t fit me,” Harvey says coming out shirtless with his white shirt in his hand and she could see his tattoos which were scattered over his arms and chest. He had a star, rose, anchor, some writings and many more.

“Oh no, wear this black one then,” she says handing him another one and he takes it and they all come out.

Harvey was dressed in a silk buttoned black shirt with black skinny jeans with his buttons undone till the middle of his chest from top. Alex was dressed in a white polo shirt and some jeans, Noah was dressed in a lavender sweatshirt and jeans, Andrew was in a blue short sleeved shirt and some jeans where as Evan came out in a simple white t-shirt and a print jacket over it.

“Do you all like it?” she asks and they look at each other.

“Oh this is lovely,” they say and she noticed that everyone had tattoos on their arms and chest. All of them were small and looked like they held a meaning with Harvey having the most followed by Alex, then Andrew, Evan and Noah.

“Let’s get your hair and makeup done,” she says and the artists come and do their hair and makeup.

“So Harley how old are you?” Alex asks as he got his hair done.

“I am 19,” she says and he was surprised.

“What?” he says and she laughs a little.

“Yeah, I finished college while I was in high school,” she says and his eyebrows shot up to the air,

“That is so cool,” Evan says and Harley smiles.

“Are you an Australian?” Noah asks and Harley nods.

“Yeah. I stayed in Australia till I was 18 and my dad was transferred to Toronto and now we live here,” she says and they nod.

“Do you have any siblings?” Andrew asks and she shakes her head.

“Only child as of I know. I don’t know about my mom,” she says and Harvey looks at her.

“What do you mean Harley?” he asks.

“Well my parents got divorced when I was 7 and my mom abandoned me with my dad and his boyfriend because she says that I am a reminder of her failed marriage. I haven’t spoken to her or her family or my dad’s ever since,” she says and they nod.

“But we are proud of your dad and his partner,” he says and everyone agrees.

“You know being an only child seems wonderful,” Alex says and Harley stares at him.

“Why would you say that?” she asks and he shrugs.

“I have 3 sisters. One is older than me and two are younger. Like I’ve seen the oldest one in her teenage phases and the other two are in their teenage phase,” he says and Harley.

“But I love having a sibling. I have a twin sister,” Noah says.

“Same, I have 1 older sister,” Harvey says.

“I have a younger sister,” Evan says

“Well Harley you and I are the same. I don’t have a sibling,” Andrew says and Harley gives him a high five while laughing. The boys were fun to talk to and they got along fine.

“Good luck,” she says as they go for their press conference and she watches it from the back.

“How’s Canada so far?” one press person asked.

“It’s wonderful and everyone is so friendly and nice here,” Andrew says and smiles and they ask some basic questions.

“So Harvey, you look different and sexy today, is there anything new,” one asked and Harvey smiles.

“Well our new stylist is amazing. Thank you Harley,” he says looking at Harley and she smiles widely at it and the boys clap for him.

“Alex, there are rumours that Ira Baldwin and you are a couple. Is it true?” one asks about Alex and the famous supermodel Ira Baldwin.

“Um, I have never actually spoken to her so no. The rumours are not true,” he says squashing all the rumours and soon the interview got over and they come back backstage.

“Well Harvey, thank you for that shout out,” Harley says and Harvey smiles.

“It’s alright and also Harley, want to come with us for lunch? We are now heading to the studio for some recording and we’ll have lunch there,” he asks and Harley thinks.

“Come on Harley. It’ll be fun,” Alex says and she agrees. They all go in a van and reach the studio.

“Harley this is Blake Rolando, our songwriter, Len our record producer and guys this is Harley our new stylist,” Noah says and Harley meets the men who were behind Intrepid Brits’ amazing songs.

“Nice to meet you,” she says shaking their hands and she found Blake, a tall man of height 6 feet and 3 inches, of brown hair and brown eyes with an athletic body extremely attractive and he felt the same about her too.

“Alright, let’s finish our bit huh?” Len says and the boys go into the studio to record as Harley and Blake sat outside on the couch.

“So Harley how old are you?” he asks and she smiles.

“I am 19. What about you?” she asks and he raises his eyebrows.

“I am 22 but wait, how?” he asks and she explains her situation and he was impressed with her. She had learned that he too was from UK but was here in Canada for the boys for recording their new songs and his accent was beautiful for her.

“So Harley, are you single?” he asks and she nods.

“Cool. We should talk more. Here’s my number,” he says handing out his number and she takes it with a smile on her face. The boys came out soon and they go to lunch.

“So Harley, seems like you and Blake hit it off,” Andrew says and Harley blushes.

“Ah! She’s blushing,” Evan teases and she punches his arm playfully.

“Alright, alright. We exchanged number, it’s no big deal,” she explains but they kept talking about it and in some part of Alex, he didn’t like it but he kept it to himself. They had lunch and dropped Harley off at her house in the evening.

“Bye,” she said waving at the boys and they wave back at her.

“Good night,” Harvey says as the car drives away and she head back in. Her parents were on a date so she got changed and went to bed early because she had an early day tomorrow.

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