Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

“Welcome to the premiere of ’Intrepid Brits: A story,” was written on a huge billboard as they pull up to the front of the red carpet. Their movie about their lives was being today and everyone was very excited.

Alex got out of the car first and walked over to the other side and opened the door for Harley and everyone shouted as they both got down. Harley turned around and picked up Charlotte and the screams just increased.

They walked around and posed for the pictures and they seemed so happy together as a family. They were all matching which made them look perfect.

Harley was dressed in an elegant column dress made of stretch satin with a sheer draped high neck and a corset framed with mini tailored silk cap sleeves and sheer cut outs framing the high cut side slit adorned with 3d silver lace appliqués.

Her dress was jeweled beautifully. Her makeup was dewy and natural with bold red lips and her hair was parted in the middle and was gelled back and held in place with some jeweled hair pins. She had her high heels on and only her rings on her finger.

Alex was dressed in a black and white suit with no tie and his tattoos on his chest were clearly visible, making him look hot. Charlotte on the other hand was dressed in a black puffy dress with silver designs on it, and she looked adorable.

“Hello guys, how are you doing?” an interviewer asks as they walk up to her.

“We are doing very well thank you, how are you?” Harley asks and the interviewer smiles.

“I am doing good too, thank you. Let me just start off by saying that you three look so beautiful,” she says and Harley smiles.

“Thank you,” Alex says.

“So-,” she starts but Charlotte interrupted her.

“Mummy, up, please,” Charlotte says lifting her arms up for Harley and Harley bent down and picked her up.

“Lottie, come here baby. Mummy is wearing a heavy dress and high heels,” Alex says holding his arms out for Charlotte but Charlotte shakes her head and hugs Harley tight, snuggling into her neck.

“I want Mummy,” she says and Harley almost got emotional.

“Then you’ll be with Mummy. Say hi Lottie,” Harley says and Charlotte gets up and smiles at the interviewer.

“Hi,” she says so sweetly. Charlotte was almost two years old and she had Alex’s exact shade of eyes and hair, making her look like him but more feminine.

“Hello Charlotte, how old are you?” she asks and Charlotte looks at Harley.

“Show them your fingers. I thought you. Remember?” she says and Charlotte nods.

“I am two,” she says holding up two fingers.

“Almost two but good job baby,” she says kissing her head and Charlotte laughs happily.

“Here, hold onto Bella,” she says handing Charlotte her stuffed giraffe she had brought with herself and Charlotte took it from Harley’s hand and fell into Harley’s chest and rested her head on her shoulders.

“Charlotte calls you Mummy right?” she asks and Harley nods.

“Yes she does,” Harley says shifting Harley onto the side where she didn’t have any jewels embedded in her dress as to not hurt Charlotte and balances on her hip and holds her in one arm.

“You are literally so strong. You were crouching down, in your pointed heels and now you are carrying her, while being in those heels and your beautifully, expensive and heavy dress. I admire you Harley,” she says and Harley smiles.

“Well, being a mom, you got to learn that kids want to be affectionate and when they do, you just go with the flow,” she says.

“Oh. Now you are making me want to have a kid,” she says and Harley laughs along with Alex.

“Are you guys excited for today? What can we expect from the movie?” she asks and Alex nods.

“We are very excited and from this movie, you will get to see our five guys’ personal life, in and outside the band. Our families are a part of it too so that’s exciting,” Alex says and Harley nods.

“Will baby Jake be accompanying you guys today?” she asks referring to Andrew’s and Louisa’s 1 year old son, Jake.

“No he won’t be. It would have been amazing though wouldn’t it?” she asks.

“But maybe next time,” Harley says and the interviewer nods. They walk away and everyone screams their name as they do so and they all waved. Charlotte didn’t let go of Harley and when she was put down, she held on to Harley’s hand tight or her leg too.

“Lottie, baby? Come on, Papa will carry you for a while. Mummy’s dress is heavy,” Alex says and Charlotte looks at Harley and then at her dress.

“Ok Papa,” she says jumping into Alex’s arms. She smiled for all the pictures and everyone loved her.

“Uncle Harvey!” Charlotte says as they smile for the pictures and tries getting sway from Alex.

“Papa! Mummy! Look! Uncle Harvey!” she says pointing at Harvey and they turn around and see him talking to an interviewer. Alex put her down and Charlotte ran to Harvey and hugged his legs.

“Lottie!” Harvey says picking her up in his arms and kisses his head as Alex and Harley walk up to him.

“She couldn’t wait after she saw you Vey. She loves you,” Harley says and Harvey smiles.

“You love me Lottie?” he ask looking at Charlotte and Charlotte nods.

“I love you Uncle Harvey,” she says and Harvey kissed her.

“I love you too Lottie,” he says. They all meet up with the rest of the boys and Louisa. Louisa was dressed in a red mermaid dress and she looked beautiful. All of them did.

“Cleo!” Harley says walking up to Evan’s boyfriend, Cleo Stevens, a fellow British model.

“Oh Harley! You look so beautiful,” he says hugging her and kissing her cheek. Cleo and Harley got along very well and became very good friends in just a few days.

“You look so handsome,” she says and he smiles. Charlotte comes back to Harley and holds her hand and starts walking with them to the inside of the theater. They sat down in their assigned seats and Harley gave Charlotte her snacks that were laid out for her and Charlotte ate some candies.

The movie started soon. It started with small clips of them on the talent show, losing it and then touring and experiencing fame, something everyone knows. They spoke about ‘Star’ management and how they manipulated them and then each member’s life was shown one after another.

“Mummy, that’s you!” Charlotte says pointing at the big screen as the camera shows Harley.

“I have never loved any woman more than I love Harley and I don’t think I ever will. She is just so down to earth, grounded and so ridiculously beautiful and kind. I sometimes feel like she isn’t real,” Alex says on the screen as they showed Harley.

“I’m settling down with her and my daughter. We built this house and our home too,” he says as clips of them show them in their new house and Charlotte running around.

“Being with the boys and working with them has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. They are all so talented and smart and funny, dare I say. Don’t tell them though, I won’t stop hearing about it,” Harley says on screen and everyone laughs.

“Charlotte loves Harley,” Alex says appearing on the screen.

“She never lets Harley get out of her sight and is always with Harley. She gets so upset when her Mummy isn’t with her, right Lottie?” he asks and Charlotte nods on the screen.

“I love Mummy. I love you too Papa,” she says and the whole arena goes ‘Awe’.

“When I’m with H, I feel comfortable and happy. I am usually a man of few words but with her, I am me. I have started to speak a lot more and have started to express myself in a better way ever since I’ve known her. She makes me feel loved and happy and I will protect her at all cost,” Alex says.

“Harley gets a lot of hate because she is with me. Some people hate her because they can’t accept the fact that I am in love with her and want to spend the rest of my life with her. Are they jealous? Bitter? I don’t know but I hate it when she gets hate because I love her so much and I want her to be loved the same way as the rest of us,” he says and clips show montages of them on tour, fooling around back stage and just being themselves off the screen.

“We all have become family,” Noah says as the rest of them stand next to him and smile.

“And we will always be a family, along with all of you,” Harvey says.

“So for being such amazing fans for waiting for us, we have a surprise for you,” Andrew says and looks at the boys who all smile.

“Our 7th album, ‘Coming Home’ is going to be released as you are watching this movie,” Alex says.

“Make sure you get it,” Evan says smiling and their partners come out and holds their arms. The boys slip their arms around their partners.

“Thank you all for everything and we will be seeing more of you just like you will be seeing more of us,” Harvey concludes and the film ends. Everyone gets up and starts congratulating them. The movie was amazing.

“We made it!” Alex says and hugs his band mates and Harley looked at them, smiling along with Louisa and Cleo. They walk out of the theatre and get interviewed once more.

Fans were screaming their names and they smiled and gave them autographs and took pictures with them. The world went crazy with the release of their new album and were so excited because it had been a year since a new album of theirs was dropped.

Charlotte got tired and slept on Alex’s shoulder and they decided to head home. As soon as they get home, they get her changed and put her into bed after feeding her some food and she slept.

Alex and Harley strip off from their clothes and sit in their hot tub.

“Today was amazing,” Harley says and Alex agrees.

“Everyone loves you and Charlotte,” he says and she smiles.

“Seeing you on screen, being so confident made me so emotional,” she says and he laughs.

“I am so proud of you Alex,” she says and he smiles, kissing her. Alex along with his band mates had become one of the youngest multimillionaires at just 20, 22, 23 and 24 years old. They ogt of the bath tub after a while and went to bed because they were so tired.

But they were happy. They were happy at where they were in their life.

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