Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 22

Chapter 22

“How are you doing today Manchester?” Evan asks and the whole arena cheers and shouts.

“Good, because we would be in trouble if you guys aren’t doing good and not enjoy our show,” Harvey says and everyone laughs. The boys were in Manchester for a show and the tickets for it were sold out in just 3 minutes and only 70,0o0 tickets were released, leaving everyone who didn’t get them disappointed. Today was their 10 year anniversary of being formed and this show was the only one they had today to celebrate their anniversary.

“Let us all thank all of our incredible fans for staying by our side for almost 10 years. Can you believe it?” Noah says.

“You have been through us from the start and we are incredibly grateful for all of you,” Harvey says and everyone nods.

“We got so lucky for having you guys,” Evan says.

“We have completed 9 and half years with my brothers, these four incredible men,” Andrew says and the boys smile.

“And to all the good memories!” Alex says and everyone cheers for it. They start by singing their first song, a global hit single, ’Drown myself in your memories,” and everyone loved it. It was a nostalgia feeling and everyone liked how much they had evolved.

“Today our beautiful partners have joined us today,” Andrew says looking at the VIP box in the front and Louisa, Cleo and Harley waved at them and everyone screamed. Noah’s model girlfriend, Shay Sten was also with them.

“And we are so grateful that they could join us here,” Noah says and Shay smiles widely. Shay was a beautiful brunette with dark brown eyes and beautiful caramel skin. She was very attractive. Shay and Noah had been dating for about three months and everyone loved Shay.

“Oh, I wish I had someone now,” Harvey says into the microphone and everyone laughs.

“You’ll find someone mate,” Andrew says side hugging him and they laugh.

“Come on, let’s continue,” Evan says and they take their places in front of their stands and start singing their songs. Everyone loved it.

“Alright, this song is a song I wrote with the help of my four brothers when I was asked to hide my love for one special woman. A woman who is the strongest, most beautiful and talented in the world. The woman who is going to be my wife soon. This song is a song I wrote about my H,” Alex says looking at Harley and the whole stadium goes, ‘Awe’.

“Everyone, this is ‘Secret love’ and then ’I. love. You,” he says and everyone cheers. They start the song and everyone was swaying from side to side, slowing with their torch turned on in their phone, up in the air.

“Cause baby you know I’m happier with you,

And I hope that one day you’ll be mine too.

And if you want to spend your life with me,

Then baby, let me say that, I love you!” Alex sings and hits his highest note and everyone had goosebumps on their hands. Alex was known to hit high notes so effortlessly but this note, was a very hard one and was higher than the studio version but he slayed it so easily.

“I love you too Alex!” Harley screams and Alex heard it. He blew her a kiss and she blushes as the cameras find her.

“Alex, look. Someone wants to know if the tattoo on your arm is Harley,” Noah says reading a fan’s sign and everyone screamed in response because they wanted to know.

“Yeah it is. It’s quite obvious isn’t it? This eye is blue with some green and gold in it and it resembles her eyes,” he says confirming the eye tattoo on his arm and the cameras zoom on it. He had gotten it inked to show his love and commitment for Harley.

“The detailing is beautiful. It’s beautifully done,” Andrew says inspecting it since he had tattoos himself.

“It was. It took about three hours or more to do so. I showed them this picture of Harley’s eye and got it done exactly with all the perfect details and I surprised her with it,” he says smiling.

“Was she surprised?” Harvey asks and Alex nods.

“She started crying. She was touched,” Alex says and everyone went, ‘Awe’ while looking at Harley and she blushed.

“You look beautiful Harley!” someone screamed at her and everyone turned to the source of the scream, surprised.

“You are incredibly pretty!” he screamed once more and Harley smiles not knowing what to do.

“Hey man, I’m right here. She’s my fiancé, don’t try hitting on her,” Alex says and everyone laughs.

“But I can’t take my eyes off of her. She’s breathtaking,” he says and Alex made a funny face.

“I know she is but she is mine. I got there first, look at the ring on her finger,” he says and the man laughs along with the rest.

“She is perfect. She is the woman of my dreams! She’s so promiscuous,” he shouts once more.

“Alright man, that’s it. I know her value and I know how attractive she looks but she’s mine now so back off. I will get physical with you if I have to,” Alex says looking straight into his eyes.

“She can carry my children, just one night and she can be yours again,” he says, getting cocky and it wasn’t funny anymore, everyone realized it.

“That’s it,” Alex says standing up angrily and turns off his microphone. Andrew and the others had to come and hold him back so that he wouldn’t launch himself on the man.

“Respect their relationship man. Security, show this man out,” Harvey says and the man was dragged out of the arena.

“I am being very serious guys. I love you all but Harley is mine and if you think and fantasize about her, I swear,” Alex warns getting angry for the first time. He never got angry but everyone loved him more now because he was protective of his fiancé.

“Alright, let’s calm down hulk,” Evan says and Alex laughs. Everyone laughs too and the mood lightens. They chat with the fans and they all loved them.

“The music seems to be broken,” Noah says fixing his in-ear piece and everyone looked at the DJ.

“It’s alright, we’ll do an acapella,” Harvey says and everyone screams because they hadn’t done an acapella performance in so long. The whole arena went silent to listen to it. The boys looked at one another and nod.

They started performing their song, ‘Every night’ and improvised it with a small part of Evan rapping and Andrew beat boxing. Their harmonies were on point and they slayed it. The music didn’t come back till they finished and no one was complaining.

“That was fun,” Alex says after they finish the song and everyone cheers for them. They take a small bow.

“Get me some water too Drew,” Noah says and Andrew threw the bottle that was intended for towards Noah but Noah missed it and it almost hit Evan but Harvey caught it.

“Mate! You have very fast reflexes,” Noah says.

“I’m so sorry,” Andrew says and Evan brushed it off. The microphone was passed around so that the fans could ask the questions they wanted and a microphone was given to their partners too.

“Harley, this is a question for you,” a girl says and Harley looks around and nods.

“You and Alex have been together for more than 5 years and you guys are getting married soon and I’m sure you guys have sex. How come you didn’t end up pregnant?” she asks and no one could believe that was her actual question. Their jaws dropped to the floor in shock.

“Oh my god,” Evan says out loud and Harley was going beet red.

“I’m so flustered right now because I never thought I had to bring up my sex life in front of thousands of people,” she says.

“Alright, fine. We have protected sex because we aren’t ready for another kid yet,” Harley says and puts the microphone down and buries her face in her hands.

“Alex, is Harley the best one you’ve had?” someone asks him and now everyone was surprised again.

“Yes she is,” he says.

“Alright, that’s it. No more questions about our sex life guys,” Alex says and everyone laughs. Harley was still very flustered from the questions she was asked.

“Is your wedding date set?” a man asks and everyone wanted to know it.

“Yes it is but it’s a surprise for you guys,” Alex says winking.

“Who all are invited?” someone asks.

“Um, our families and close friends. It won’t be too big or too small, just the perfect size,” he says and everyone cheered for them.

“Oh and guys, our 9th album, Climax is out now, so make sure you all buy it,” Harvey says as they finished their concert and the girls with Cleo went backstage to meet them. The album was a hit despite being out for only a month.

“Alex, I have never seen this side of you,” Harley says walking up to him.

“Forget about you, I have been with him for more than 9 years and I still didn’t know he had this side in him,” Andrew says.

“Well all these years I didn’t have her did I?” he says and that was sweet.

“Alex,” she says getting soft and kisses him.

“Oh come on guys,” Cleo says and everyone laughs.

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