Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 23

Chapter 23

“The biggest boy band of the world, Intrepid Brits has announced their split after 10 massive and successful years together,” Joshua, the host of ‘Singing with the stars’ says as he enters the stage.

“The boy band that was formed here, on this very stage, 10 years ago did not win this show but they continued and kept winning everyone’s heart out there and every single award they were nominated for. With millions of fans, they won in their life,” he says and the fans scream.

“Their 9th and the final album, ‘Climax’ was debuted as top one in many countries and it was a banger. Having recently finished their 9th and final world tour called ‘Going away tour’, they have finally decided to split as a band and go through with their solo careers,” he says.

“They aren’t splitting because of any bad blood but they are splitting on good terms. They want to experience their solo careers too so for the very last time, they are back here, to perform for us, one last time as a band, on the show that started all. Everyone, Intrepid Brits!” he says walking away and everyone screamed out loud as the five boys came out.

“We would like to thank you guys for 10 wonderful years. You welcomed us with open arms and we are forever grateful for it,” Noah says.

“Though we might be a band anymore technically, we will always be brothers because the past ten years with these four boys, they have become more of a family than just band mates or colleagues,” Harvey says.

“We have so many wonderful memories together that we can’t even start explain all of them. Being on road with them, writing songs, fooling around is something I will miss every single day but we are starting a new era, not as a band but as individual artists,” Alex says.

“This does not mean we would forget our wonderful fans or our brothers. It’s just that we won’t be releasing songs as one but as five so you get five times more songs than you guys get now,” Evan says.

“As we step into a new era by ourselves, we are a bit nervous but we hope you would show us the same love and support you did all these years. There are no words to tell you guys how much you mean to us but say thank you for everything,” Andrew says.

“So, I guess this is our last show. Enjoy,” Noah says and they get ready to sing. They took their places in front of their stands and the music played. They started with their very first song together, ‘Drown myself in your memories’, then proceeded to sing, ‘The beginning’, and then ‘Stronger’, followed by ‘Range’, and then finally their final song, ‘Journey’.

As they finish the song, they were in tears, just like everyone in the huge hall. They wiped their tears and went in for a group hug, last time as a band.

“I still remember the little boys who came here, looking nervous and hoping to make it in the world out there but now, you all have grown up into these successful men that makes all of us proud,” one of the judges says.

“You started out with nothing but with the 5 of you together but as you leave, you leave with millions of fans as your family, lovely partners while one is already getting married to one, with blessed children but again with the 5 of you together. I’m proud of you guys,” Len, another judge says.

“I always thought you guys would smash all the records and you did. Continue what you love to do and good luck,” Charlie, another judge says and they nod. A small clip showed them all the moments they had together and everyone congratulating them.

“Thank you all, we love you,” they say, bowing down and walk backstage.

“This is it,” Harvey says and sighs. The boys look at one another, smile and go in for another hug. They were incredibly proud of themselves for coming so far and enjoying what they do.

“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools,” they all say it together and smile. They all laugh. They go over and hug, thanking all of the staff members, who were in tears.

“Guys, come on. This is not the end,” Evan says.

“Easy for you to say. You aren’t the one who saw these five boys grow up in front of you or spent all your time thinking about them and taking care of 5 little boys,” Kevin says getting emotional and he laughs along with everyone else.

“Come on Kevin, you will still be one of our close friends. Stop it,” Noah says and they hug him.

“I guess you don’t have to take care of five little kids anymore Ley,” Harvey says and Harley laughs.

“Oh you best believe I will. And what would I do without all of you? We are family, where would I go huh? I’m marrying one of your brothers silly,” she says looking at the boys and hugs them tight.

“I’m so proud of you guys,” she says kissing their cheek and they smile. They decided to go out for lunch and throw a small party for the last time.

All their families were with them too.

“Lou? Isabella? Shay? Florence, Maisie, Holly, Lennon, Robyn, Poppy? Will you be my bridesmaids? Serena as my maid of honor?” Harley asks and they all nod.

Lennon was Noah’s twin, Robyn was Harvey’s older sister, leaving Poppy who was Evan’s younger sister. Harley loved all of them like her own sisters and they loved her too. All of the boy’s family other than Alex’s loved her too, especially Harvey’s parents.

“Oh, then boys, Cleo? You too. Will you be my groom’s men?” Alex asks and they all nod.

“Oh, I can’t wait for your wedding,” Margot, Harvey’s mom says, clapping her hands and Harley laughs.

“Oh and Lou, Jake will be the flower boy along with Lottie, is that fine?” she asks and Louisa nods.

“Of course,” Louisa replies smiling.

“And is Char excited?” Heidi asks and Harley nods.

“She’s so excited. She keeps talking about it,” Alex says and everyone laughs.

“Oh and Harls, you will be designing all of our dresses,” Robyn says and Harley looked at her.

“Of course she will,” Poppy says.

“I mean she has to right? She’s the best,” Holly says chipping in.

“Yeah, that she is,” Maisie says agreeing with her sister.

“Harley, you have to design our dresses,” Lennon says.

“Girls, calm down. Let her speak,” Florence says, making all the other girls quiet.

“Thank you Florence,” Harley says and she smiles.

“Alright then, your dresses will be designed by me but let me tell you one thing. Your dresses will be of same colors but of different styles according to your tastes alright?” Harley says and they all nod.

“Good lord, you guys are tiring,” she says and everyone laughs.

“But you love us,” Robyn says and Harley nods.

“That I do,” she says.

“I hope the world won’t be too mad at us for dropping so many surprises. First our Alex’s and Harley’s engagement, new album, and then a tour, then Alex’s and Harley’s wedding and now our break,” Noah says and everyone laughs.

“Well, I know that they won’t be too sad that you guys split now that they have many more things to be happy about,” Cleo says and everyone agrees.

“Oh, I’m so happy for you guys,” Margot says along with her husband, Dylan.

“These boys have grown up so much haven’t they?” Victoria, Evan’s mom says and her husband, Harry agrees.

“Oh I still remember the time Andrew called me up and said that he was put in a boy band. He was so happy,” Rosie, Andrew’s mom says and his dad, Jack laughs loudly because he remembered how happy he was.

“Oh and remember when they won their first award? They were so happy,” Erin, Noah’s mom says.

“I still remember how much Noah screamed that day,” Edward, Noah’s dad says and everyone laughs loudly.

“These boys have grown up so much. We are so proud of all of you here. Not only the boys, but everyone,” Margot says and they all smile. They drank to that and enjoyed the night as a family. They were excited to start the new chapter of their lives despite being a bit nervous.

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