Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 25

Chapter 25

“And the British single award goes!” the host says at the Brits and everyone was nervous.

“Alex North for ‘Aftercare’!” he says and Harley jumps up from her seat and hugs him tight. They were clearly very excited. He walked on stage and everyone was still cheering for him as his sing played in the background.

The song aftercare was referenced to a moment after having sex and the song was quite sexual. It was Alex’s first song released after splitting from his band and he was the first guy from the band to release a song so he was naturally nominated with in just a few weeks of it released since it was such a hit. It was a part of his first album, ‘Premiere’ which was going to be realized soon.

“Um, hi, hello,” he says and everyone gets quiet.

“Obviously I would like to give a massive thanks to everyone who has been with me from the very beginning, about 11 years ago. I would like to thank my team, Kevin, Josh and just everyone,” he says and everyone cheers.

“I would like to thank my fans because to be honest, I didn’t expect anyone to vote for me,” he says with a voice filled with pain and he had tears in his eyes, so he stepped back as everyone cheers.

“This means the absolute world to me to know that there are people who are still rooting for me and I- this song was quite different from the ones you are used to hearing because obviously this was all sexual in this and I didn’t try to hide it, so I’m glad you guys liked the new approach,” he says and his fans laughed along with them.

“I would like to thank my beautiful wife, Harley Cairns who is more excited than I am for winning this award for staying by my side and for even inspiring this song, so thank you H,” he says and blows a kiss to her and she smiles.

“Again, massive thanks to everyone especially to my four brothers without whom I could not have been here. Thank you so much everyone,” he says ending his speech and everyone was still cheering for him as he got down.

Not all of the boys were present here but only Harvey who gave Alex a big hug and congratulated him. Everyone knew that Alex’s ‘Aftercare’ and Harvey’s ‘Not me’ would have been nominated for the same category but Harvey’s didn’t since the release of his song was past the deadline, so Harvey wasn’t nominated for any of the awards this year just like the rest of the boys but they were so happy for Alex.

“And the best artist video of the year is!” the host says once again and everyone was nervous. Both Alex and Intrepid Brits were nominated for this and they wanted both to win.

“Actually its ‘are’,” he says and everyone was confused.

“Intrepid Brits for ‘Journey’ and Alex North for ‘Aftercare’,” he announces and the screams were doubled. Everyone was on their feet, screaming and cheering for them. Alex stood up and looked at Harvey who stood up too and they make their way to the stage.

“Oh lord! Two awards in one night. I must be the luckiest bastard in the world to have such an amazing fan base. I still can’t believe you guys still want me to win and this means a lot to me, more than anyone can even imagine. Thank you H for being in this video with me. So once again, thank you everyone,” Alex says accepting his award.

Harley was in this video as Alex’s partner and since it was a sexual song, there were some steamy scenes and Alex was glad that it was with Harley because he knew he wouldn’t be comfortable doing it with someone else.

“I can’t believe we are still winning awards. Do you Alex?” Harvey asks and Alex shakes his head.

“But that aside, we would like to thank our team who has worked hard for getting us where we are, to our parents and families who has supported us all along no matter what our decisions were, to our friends who decided to stay by our side and believing in us, our fans for being the best fans in the world,” Harvey says and everyone cheers.

“And finally, ourselves because without the other boys and our friendship, I don’t think we would have 10 amazing years together and the success we have now. Without us five guys, we would not be where are now, so Noah, Evan, Andrew and Alex, thank you,” Harvey says and Alex smiles.

“Oh and we are so proud of the boys’ accomplishments and their new work. And Alex, congratulations lad, you have made us all very proud,” he says and gives Alex a big hug on stage.

“Oh and we would like to thank ‘Star’ management, especially Peter because if you hadn’t been so cruel to us, we wouldn’t have realized about how cruel the world is and maybe we not have met so many amazingly good people in life if it weren’t for his selfish needs. Again, you might have tried to break us down but we grew strong, stronger than you can even imagine and look at where we are now. We are all happy in our new era in our lives,” Alex says looking at Peter who was sitting in the audience.

“Oh and how do you like seeing us win Peter? It must hurt right? Well, get used to it because we won’t let people like you bring us down because we know who we are now and we have people in our lives who support us and love us in whatever we might do,” Harvey says and everyone laughs, except Peter who was glaring at them but that didn’t matter. They were happy.

“Thank you everyone!” they say in unison and get down the stage. Harley was still jumping from excitement. She hugged the both of them and kissed Alex because she was so happy for their achievements.

Harvey had to perform his new single, ‘Not me’ so he got on stage and took his place in the centre, in front of his stand. He was a bit nervous since it was his first time performing alone, without the boys but Alex and Harley reassured him.

He started off strong and he sounded exactly like his studio version. Everyone loved hearing his voice and his high notes. They could even hear the pain in his voice and he wasn’t afraid to show his vulnerable side.

“But baby you look happy and in love,

I know one day, I’ll move on from you.

But if he breaks your heart, like I’ve seen you hurt,

Just know that I am always waiting for you,” he ends the song and everyone, especially Harley was on her feet, applauding and cheering for him. But little did she know that this song was about her, no one knew that of course but Harvey wished she knew.

“Congratulations Rena!” Harley says hugging Serena after she won her award for global success.

“Oh thank you babe,” she says kissing her cheek. They had known each other for about 6 years and they were still going strong. They gave everyone friendship goals and everyone admired their friendship and relationship and just how much they supported and respected one another.

The show was over soon and they walked out and posed for some photographs, Harley was dressed in a champagne sequin material short dress, a plunging neckline and flared sleeves, teamed it with nude high heels and a cute clutch.

Her hair was parted in the middle and held back with some pins and her makeup was nude lips and neutral eyes, highlighting her eye color which made her look beautiful. She had only her wedding and engagement rings on her hand and that seemed to be enough for her.

Alex and Harley posed together and everyone loved seeing them. They seemed so natural and happy with one another and they could capture it. They did have some interviews and they loved it.

“So Harley, you were in this video and this video was very steamy. How did it feel doing it?” the interviewer asks and Harley laughs.

“I mean I felt comfortable since it was with Alex but then again there were people around us so I felt a bit awkward but at the end of the day, it was with Alex and it didn’t matter,” she says smiling.

“Many people are blasting you for having a 5 year old daughter at home and for doing such a video. What do you have to say?” she asks.

“I mean Charlotte knows that her mom and dad are in love and that in love, people do show their love physically. She had no problem with the music video so why does everyone else suddenly feel the need to say something?” she says and the interviewer nods.

“You and Alex have been married for 6 months now. How does it feel?” she asks.

“Oh it’s been amazing. I still sometimes wake up in the morning and take some time to realize that I am married to him because it seems like such a dream,” she says and they laugh as Alex kisses her head.

“Alex, you mentioned in your song, ‘Give me your body and let me do all the work’ and many other references like that. Is it Harley?” she asks.

“Ah yes, that is Harley. The whole song was inspired by her and our sex life if that isn’t obvious with the lyrics already. She is the best I ever had and she’s good in bed,” he says and Harley was flustered.

“Alright, you need to stop talking about our sex life so often. I do not want to wake up in the morning and see our intimate life all on every gossip magazine alright?” she says and Alex laughs kissing her.

“Of course H, but I need everyone to know how much I love you and how loved you make me feel, especially in bed,” he says.

“Alright, that’s it. Thank you so much Jenna,” Harley says covering Alex’s mouth as he laughed and thanked the interviewer.

“Have a nice day Jenna,” Alex says as Harley drags him away. They both laugh together because it was a silly thing and some people asked him for pictures and autograph and Harley stood back, watching her husband proudly.

“Harley? Can I have a picture with you?” a girl asks walking up to her and she was surprised.

“Of course,” Harley says resting her hand on the girl’s shoulder and smiled for the picture.

“Thank you so much Harley. I love you,” she says and it touched Harley’s heart.

“I love you too and you just made my day,” Harley says and the girl smiles, walking away. That did make Harley’s day because she never knew people wanted to take pictures with her. She did speak to some of Alex’s fans and they seemed to love her.

She took some pictures with them and hugged them. She made all of them feel happy and warm. She made them feel comfortable and they liked her for it. She scored all of their hearts once more.

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