Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 26

Chapter 26

“This is delicious. Thank you Grammy,” Charlotte says eating her food and Heidi smiles wide.

“Of course love. I made this just for you,” Heidi says and Charlotte smiles widely. Charlotte was now 5 and she had a mix of British and Australian accent because of Alex and Harley and that honestly made her accent cuter.

They were currently having a family dinner with the Cairns’ and North’s at Alex’s parents place. They had a family day every so now and then because they believed in family time. Alex and Harley were married for a year now.

“Guys we have something to say,” Holly says looking at her boyfriend of three months, Landon Will.

“We are getting married!” she says and even though they were happy for her, they were a bit surprised. They didn’t like Landon much because of his personality but they decided to go along with him since Holly likes him.

“When is the big day?” Alex asks.

“In about a month,” Holly says smiling. Landon was a businessman and he was rich but he had no values.

“Babe, you might need to watch your eating. We don’t want you getting fat,” Landon says as Holly almost put a spoonful of food in her mouth and she was immediately dejected.

“Come on Landon. That’s rude,” David says and everyone agrees.

“Well I want what’s best for my fiancé,” he says.

“If you want the best for her then you would not comment on the things she does because she likes them. You like her habits and for who she is,” Harley says looking at Landon and he scowls. Landon never liked Harley because she was loved by everyone and was never afraid to tell people what she thought. He despised her.

“She won’t fit in her wedding dress,” Landon says staring at Harley.

“Well then we’ll get a different dress that suits her. A bride shouldn’t fit in her wedding dress, the wedding dress should fit her,” Harley says and Landon laughs nervously.

“Come on Hols, eat up. We want a bride who is healthy not sick,” Harley says giving Landon a side eye and Holly smiles, before eating her food.

“Oh and guys I want you to be my bridesmaids,” she says looking at her sisters and sister – in –law and they readily agreed. They chatted for a while and finished their lunch. As Harley saw Charlotte playing with everyone, she noticed Landon pull away Holly.

“Come on Landon,” she says as Harley walks up to them.

“I don’t like her,” he says and Holly shakes her head.

“Well I love her and you best believe she will be in our wedding,” Holly says referring to Harley.

“Well I don’t like her and I don’t want her in my wedding,” he says and Holly was shocked.

“That’s the thing. It’s our wedding, not yours and we did everything the way you want to Landon. The place, food, day, everything, at least let me invite the people I want to,” Holly pleads with her voice shaking.

“Yeah you did so because you love me and agreed to marry me,” he says rudely and acted cold towards Holly.

“Alright, that’s it. Landon leave,” Harley says walking up to Holly and she hugs her tight as Holly cries against her chest.

“You have made her cry. How can you see her cry?” she asks and Landon rolls his eyes.

“I see her cry one more time, you will be dead Landon. Trust me,” Harley says as she stood up close to Landon’s face. She was scary when she got angry and no one wanted to mess with her when she got angry.

Landon walked away so Holly and Harley sit down and Harley wipes her tears.

“Why do you put up with him Holly?” Harley asks.

“I love him Harls. I can’t lose him,” she says and Harley nods.

“I know you do but just be careful alright?” Harley says respecting the fact that Holly loved him despite knowing that Landon wasn’t the one for her. They go back to the house where everyone was watching a movie.

“Mummy, look. We are watching Frozen 2!” Charlotte says pointing at the screen and Harley laughs. Charlotte loved the Frozen franchise and always wanted to watch it. She sat down next to Alex as the movie continues.

“Into the Unknown!” Charlotte sings along with the song playing and everyone was shocked. She could actually hit all the high notes as Idina Menzel and sustained it too.

“Lottie?” Alex says and Charlotte looks at her father.

“Can you sing that again?” he asks and she nods and sings it again and they started applauding for her.

“My little girl can sing just like her father,” Harley says kissing Charlotte’s head and Charlotte giggles, sitting on Harley’s lap and lies on her chest as she continues to watch the movie.

“Mummy, Else froze. Elsa is dead,” she says and tears fall out of her eyes and it broke Harley’s heart seeing Charlotte cry.

“No Lottie, watch,” she says and Charlotte watches the movie, crying and she started laughing and jumping around after Elsa came back. Harley wiped her tears and kissed her head.

They decided to head back home after it got late and they were all happy. Harley kept thinking about Holly and wished everything would get better with her.


“Would you like to try out this dress miss?” the helper says holding out a wedding dress for Holly and Holly looked at it. By the look on her face, everyone knew that Holly hated it.

“Let her try it on,” Landon says and everyone looks at him. He insisted on coming dress shopping with them even though they asked him not to and he was being a pain in the ass for everyone.

Holly wore it on and came out. The dress was incredibly pretty but it didn’t suit her. It wasn’t made for her so she went back and tried on the dress she liked. It was a wedding dress with a deep v- neck, long lace sleeves and a thigh high slit. It was made for Holly.

“Oh Holly, this dress was made for you,” Florence exclaims as Holly came out and everyone agreed. The veil was placed on top of her head and she looked like a bride.

“You look beautiful,” Maisie gushes and Holly smiles and turns around to face Landon who was glaring at her.

“Babe, this is a wedding not a fashion show. I don’t want you looking like a hooker,” he said looking at her disgustedly and Holly was hurt.

“Hooker? Are you mad Landon? She looks like a princess,” Florence says coming to her little sister’s defense.

“Maybe in a porn video,” he says and everyone hated him. Holly went back to the dressing room and tried out another dress, despite loving the dress she just put on. She came out dressed in a sweetheart neckline dress and a mermaid skirt with some cutoffs. It looked beautiful.

“No Holly, you look fat in this. I don’t want you looking fat,” he says immediately and Holly broke down into tears and ran back into the dressing room. Harley decided to go and check on her.

“Hols?” Harley says entering the room and sees Holly sitting there, crying her eyes out.

“Did you listen to him Harley? He has nothing nice to say about me,” she cries and Harley holds her tight.

“I am sorry for saying this Holly but he isn’t the one for you. I knew it from the moment I met him. He isn’t right for you. You love him but he doesn’t love you the same honey. He doesn’t deserve you,” Harley says and Holly looks at her.

“But Harley, I won’t find a guy or love like Alex and you have. I won’t get a guy who treats me the way Alex treats you,” she says wiping her tears.

“No Hol, you will find a guy who treats you like his queen you just haven’t met him yet and I’m sure you will meet him soon. Don’t settle for anything less,” Harley says and Holly nods.

“Now listen. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with that pathetic excuse for a man? Do you really want to marry that douche?” Harley asks and Holly shakes her head. Holly did love him, but she had enough.

“Then what are you waiting for Hols? Go on, show him that you don’t need him,” Harley says and Holly nods. Her sisters who were standing near the door also agreed with what Harley says and they followed Holly.

“Landon, I need to tell you something,” she says and he stands up.

“I am done with you. I don’t want to be with you, let alone marry you. I need someone who will respect me and my choices not someone who calls me a hooker,” she says staring straight into his face.

“But you won’t find anyone like me Holly,” he says and she laughs.

“Exactly, I don’t need anyone like you. I’d rather die alone than be with you or someone like you. Here you go,” she says taking out her rings and places it in his hand.

“And if I find a guy who loves me, I’m sure he won’t be asking me to cover up my body so that his low self esteem would not be shown,” she says and the whole store laughs.

“Bye Landon. I hope I’ll see you again,” Harley says waving at him.

“You bitch,” he says and she just blew him a kiss and her sisters too laughed at him as he walked away, ashamed. The whole store applauds for Holly and the girls hug her tight.

“Now come on. Let’s celebrate your freedom,” Florence says linking her hand with Holly and they walk out of the store.

They pampered themselves with the things they wanted, ate everything they could and just enjoyed their time there. Holly was grateful for Harley because Harley had just saved Holly from a life time pain.

It did hurt letting him go but she was more relieved than hurt so she didn’t care to be honest. She was happy.

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