Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 27

Chapter 27

“Mrs. North, this way,” the security guard says leading Harley into the hotel where she was staying while attending her fashion show to showcase her spring collection. The paparazzi were standing outside, clicking pictures of her and she just smiled and waved.

“Nia? What’s happening?” she says calling up her assistant.

“Harley, you have to move your hotel room. Our management decided to get you a better room and its very close to the venue. It’s about 10 minutes away,” Nia says and Harley walked out of the hotel and sat in the car and arrived at the new hotel.

She walked in and then was checked into her room and her luggage was brought in too. She liked this room. She immediately took a shower and put on fresh clothes and packed her outfit and makeup and drove to the venue.

“Everything’s perfect right?” Harley asks walking in and sees the models getting dressed in the clothes she had designed.

“Harley, look at this dress,” Nia says showing a dress to Harley that was torn at the bottom. Harley felt the fabric in her hand.

“Get me some scissors Nia,” she says, sitting at her desk and Nia ran around and got Harley a pair of scissors. Harley carefully cut the fabric, leveling the dress and asked for some lace. She quickly attached the lace and the dress looked new.

“There, give this to Jennifer. This would look amazing on her body,” Harley says handing the dress to Nia who gave it to Jennifer, a transgender model. Harley had one policy; she made dresses for all body types and skin colors and for all genders and her models represented that. Her work was full of diversity.

“Alright, good luck guys!” she says and they all smile and get ready to walk out. Harley was dressed in a baby blue suit with a corset underneath it. Her hair was parted in the middle and was gelled back and her makeup was very minimal.

She saw the models walk on stage through the television back stage and everyone loved her collection. She could see how happy everyone was and then it was her turn to walk out on the ramp and as she did so, everyone started cheering for her.

A smile immediately broke on her face as she walked down the ramp with her models. This show was a success.

She spoke to the guests who had come to attend the show and some were already browsing through her samples and pre ordering her outfits. She spent about 4 hours talking to each and everyone one of them who had shown up and to the fans who were waiting outside.

“Thank you guys!” she says hugging everyone one of her models and her staff and everyone responsible for helping her launch her new collection and for helping her with this successful show.

“Harley! Harley, where’s Charlotte?” the paparazzi asked as she walked out.

“She’s at home with Heidi,” Harley says sitting in her car. Charlotte was left back at home since both Harley and Alex had to work. Today Alex had to work in the studio too and they were travelling.

“Thank you so much Nia,” she says and Nia smiles.

“Come on now, let’s go rest,” she says and Nia nods. Harley sees someone she knows in the lobby and she talks to them for a while as Nia goes into her own room to rest. Harley got up soon and went up the elevator to her floor.

She got off the elevator and she walked till the end, only to realize that this was the wrong floor so she walked towards the hallways to get to another elevator and as soon did find the elevator but as she walked closer, she saw Alex a bit away from the elevator near a room.

As she decided to call his name, he moved back to reveal a girl, standing there in her robe and they were very close to each other’s face. Alex wrapped his arm around that girl’s back and kissed her.

Harley ran to the elevator and kept pressing the button but the elevator didn’t come. The girl saw Harley getting into the elevator, looking absolutely broken. Harley was shocked and had tears in her eyes but someone else was in the elevator too so she held it together till she went to her room and then broke down.

Alex was cheating on her and he lied to her about working when he was here, in this hotel with another girl. If her management hadn’t changed her hotel room, she wouldn’t have seen this but still it hurt her.

She cried until no tears came out and her eyes were blood red. She didn’t even realize how time even flew by and before she knew, the sun was setting. She hadn’t eaten anything the whole day except for the coffee and a bagel she had in the morning so she was hungry.

She decided to go to a restaurant but she was afraid she would see Alex with her, so she ordered room service. Alex never called her and she never called him. She just lay back in bed, with her heart broken and stared into the darkness till the sun came up again.

Today was Noah’s birthday and the boys had planned a surprise for him by showing up on his live show and they had asked Harley to go with them too. She had obviously accepted this happily.

She got dressed in a simple white top with a black denim short skirt and wore her leather jacket to go with her boots. Her hair was pulled into a messy ponytail and she did her makeup herself and the fact that she cried the whole day before was concealed.

She planned on taking off her engagement and wedding ring but then decided against it because she didn’t want to give up. She wanted to fight for them because she loved him and they were married, she couldn’t give up so easily. She didn’t want to.

She carried her hand bag and went downstairs. Nia had gotten Harley a smoothie and Harley was so grateful for it as she sipped on her way to Noah’s concert. It was mid afternoon now as she got down the car and showed the security the VIP and backstage passes arranged by Noah’s assistant.

She went backstage and found all the boys already there, even Alex. It hurt to even look at him so she didn’t look at him.

“Harley!” Andrew says giving Harley a big hug and Harvey followed next. Harvey immediately knew something was wrong but he said nothing. Alex came over to kiss her but Harley avoided it.

“How was your show yesterday Ley?” Harvey asks and Harley gave him a small smile.

“It went amazing. It was a success,” she says. She maintained a smile on her face.

“Alright, guys. You can go now. He’s going to sing a song,” his manager says and the boys nod. They all were given microphones, including Harley and Noah was about to sing an Intrepid Brits’ song, making it perfect.

“Maybe if you see yourself through my eyes,

You’ll maybe realize that you are the one for me,” he sang.

“Maybe if you could listen to my thoughts,

You would know that you are the only thing on my mind,” Evan says appearing on stage and Noah was surprised. Everyone in the arena was screaming loud because there they were, all 5 boys together after 3 years apart.

“Maybe if you listen to my heart beat,

You would know that it’s you it beats for,” Harvey sings joining Noah on stage.

“Maybe if you hold my hand,

You’ll see how perfectly it fits,” Andrew says smiling.

“And maybe if you let me in,

Maybe if you have me a chance,

You’ll know,” Alex sing looking at the boys.

“That we are meant to be,” they sing in perfect harmonies and everyone went mad at seeing them on stage. They all went in for a group hug as Harley stood there watching happily.

“Come on Harley!” Noah says pulling Harley into their hug too and they all squished one another.

“What are you guys doing here?” he asks surprised as they move apart.

“Surprising you of course. It’s not every day that our Daffy turns everyday 27 now,” she says and he smiles widely. His crew brought out a cake for him and the whole arena sang, ‘Happy birthday’ to him.

He was in tears as he saw everyone wishing him. He cut the cake and fed them all.

“H, here,” Alex says holding up some cake to feed Harley but she looked straight in his eyes and looked away. As she did, she saw the girl who was with Alex the previous night in the audience and that shattered her heart.

She quickly walked off stage in tears and ran to the dressing room and broke down into tears. Alex followed her in and he was so upset seeing her cry.

“H? What happened? Why are you crying?” he asks and she stood up and stared at him.

“You are asking me that? Don’t you know what you did Alex?” she asks and he still didn’t get it.

“I saw you and her Alex. I saw you kissing her and taking her into the room last night,” she says and the look on his face gave the truth away. He was ashamed of himself.

“H, I’m sorry,” he says trying to hold her cheek but she moved away.

“Don’t even dare touch me after touching her all night,” she says staring at him with disgust.

“Why Alex? Wasn’t I enough for you?” she asks sitting down.

“Harley, it’s just that I have never been in a pure and faithful relationship before and some sick part of me thinks that this is too good to be true and I just-, I’m sorry,” he says truly meaning it.

“No Alex. You cannot use that excuse. Not after being together for 8 years and being married for 3,” she says.

“I was at home, taking care of our daughter while you went around sleeping with others,” she says.

“No Harley this was a first,” he says and she scoffs. She knew this wasn’t the first so she just stared at him.

“Alright, I’m sorry. It did happen a few times before, but not more than 5 times,” he says and she couldn’t believe him.

“And that’s supposed to make me feel better?” she asks and he shakes his head.

“But she’s my daughter isn’t she? She-,” he was interrupted by Harley.

“How dare you say she’s yours when I have been taking care of her and raising her ever since she was born? I have been there for Lottie even when you weren’t there and I took her to work too when you were tired. I stayed up all night looking after her and tried not to wake you even though I had 3 hours of sleep. I raised her and loved her like my own and you say she’s yours?” Harley says fuming with anger.

“She might not be born to me Alex but she is more of a daughter to me than to anyone else. She calls me Mummy for goodness sake,” she says and Alex almost regretted saying it.

“I’m sorry. I know that and I am very grateful of that,” he says.

“Then why did you cheat on me Alex? Is that the way to show me gratitude?” she asks and he hung his head down low in shame.

“It would have been different if I neglected you or ignored you, still bad but different. But I never neglected you and gave all of my attention to you and Lottie. I used all my spare time on you and made some time even when I was busy,” she says staring at his head.

“I am going back home. I’m taking Charlotte and we are going on a holiday. Do not try following me or call me because I am so upset with you. I need some time,” she says and he looks at her.

“At least tell me how long and let me speak to Charlotte,” he says understanding what Harley meant.

“You can talk to Lottie anytime you want and as for the duration, I don’t know and I hope by the end of the trip, I’ll know if we can still be together,” she says and now he was crying.

“H, you know how much I love you. You can’t give up on us. I’m sorry. Please,” he begs.

“I didn’t give up on us Alex, you did but I need time because I love you way too much to even be angry with you so I think you know how much it hurts to even think that the man I love with all my life is the cause of my pain,” she says and Alex knew how much hurt she was going through.

“Please H, don’t give up on us,” he says as she walked out the door and saw the boys sitting outside the room and she immediately knew that they had heard everything. They had come back soon after Alex did after wrapping up Noah’s show because they knew something was wrong.

“We didn’t mean to pry,” Evan says but Harley shakes her head.

“It’s alright,” she says giving him a smile. They hugged her tight and let her go. She broke down in the car too and she was sure that someone was filming her but she couldn’t see who. She just drove away to her hotel room where she packed her things.

She flew back to London where Lottie was to take a trip by themselves. Just mother and daughter and she had planned the trip on the flight to London.

Heidi was shocked after Harley asked Charlotte to try packing things for a trip but she sympathized with her after she told Heidi everything. Now the only thing everyone could wish for was that Harley would forgive Alex and give their marriage a second chance.

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