Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 28

Chapter 28

“Mummy, come on. Look!” Charlotte screams from the water on the beach and Harley looks up. They were in Monte Carlo, Monaco on the beach. The beach was a private one so it was not crowded.

Harley stands up and takes off her cover-up to reveal a pink bikini, showing off her incredible, fit body and curves. Her skin looked bronze under the sun and she looked like a Greek goddess.

“Lottie? What is it?” Harley asks getting into the water with Charlotte and Charlotte held up a shell.

“Look how big it is Mummy,” she says and Harley looks at Charlotte’s gleaming eyes. She was so happy after she found that shell.

“It really is big. Wonderful Lottie,” she says giving her a kiss on the head and Charlotte ran out of the water and placed her shell in her bag and ran back to Harley who had already placed paddle boards for them.

“Let’s go for a ride, come on Lottie!” Harley says and Charlotte ran as fast as she could and sat on the board as Harley paddles them away from the shore. Charlotte had her lifejacket on for safety too.

They went further away and soon just rested. They went to their luxury speedboat and just lay under the sun, sinking in the warm rays.

“Mummy?” Charlotte asks as Harley hands her an iced drink.

“Yes Love,” she says sipping on her own virgin mojito. She didn’t want to drink any alcohol because she had to take care of Charlotte too.

“Why are you mad at Papa?” she asks and Harley sighs. Charlotte would find out one way or another because it was in every magazines and tabloids that Alex was caught cheating on Harley and that Harley had found out and that their marriage is in trouble.

“You see love, Papa made a stupid mistake. He was caught with another woman while being married to me so Mummy is obviously mad at him,” she says and Charlotte sips on her drink.

“Will you and Papa get divorced Mummy?” she asks and Harley shakes her head, sighing.

“No love, not at all. I love him too much to let him go but I am mad at him and it will take some time for me to forgive him,” she says and that made Charlotte smile.

“You know Mummy, Papa always asks me about you whenever I call him,” she says and Harley looks at her surprised.

“Really?” she asks and Lottie nods.

“He misses you and loves you Mummy,” she says and Harley knew that. They just sip on their drinks and sun bathe. They swim in the water for a while and as the sun set, they got off at the shore and took a quick shower before going for dinner.

“What would you like to eat now Lottie?” Harley asks as they sit at the restaurant.

“Can I get a cheeseburger with fries and coke Mummy?” she asks and Harley nods. Harley was dressed in a simple white long dress with thin straps, open back, deep neck and a slit. Just a simple dress with dainty jewellery had never looked more beautiful than on her. She skipped makeup and wore her hair in a messy bun.

“Would you like any drinks miss?” the waiter asks and Harley thinks.

“Come on Mummy. Have at least a few glasses, it’s fine,” Charlotte says and Harley looks at her and then back at the waiter.

“A sea breeze, thank you,” she says ordering a vodka cocktail and they ate their dinner as soon as the food arrived.

“Hello,” someone says and Harley turns around to find a man standing in front of them. He was an attractive young man, no doubt in that.

“Hi?” Harley asks confused.

“I’m William Quill,” he says smiling.

“Harley Cairns North,” she says.

“I’m Charlotte North,” Charlotte says and William looked at her.

“She’s your daughter? You look too young to have a daughter Harley,” he says, clearly flirting with her. Charlotte looks at Harley, like she was waiting for her reply.

“She is my daughter,” Harley says blankly and goes on to sip on her drink.

“You look beautiful. Can I have your number and then maybe we can you know, get to know each other better,” he says moving closer to her but Harley moved away.

“I’m sorry but I am married,” she says and that was when his eyes fell on her rings. She hadn’t taken it off because she didn’t want to.

“Ah! I see the rock but your man doesn’t have to know,” he says and Harley was mad.

“I am married and I love my husband. So will you please leave me and my daughter alone so that we can have our dinner in peace?” Harley says strictly and William was a bit taken back.

“Aren’t you and your husband fighting? It’s all over the newspapers,” he asks, testing her.

“Whatever’s happening between the both of us is our business, not yours and as you mentioned, he is my husband. So I’m not interested, thank you. Now leave,” she says staring into his eyes and he walked away embarrassed.

“Mummy?” Charlotte says as Harley wipes her tear away and looks at her daughter.

“Yes?” she says and Charlotte just smiles so Harley smiles too. It had been 2 weeks since she’d even seen or spoken to Alex and she did miss him. She missed being with him and feeling safe with him. She missed being in love with him.

“Let’s get some ice cream,” Harley says and Charlotte nods, excitedly. They get some ice cream in cones and get some for later in big tubs and walk to their room. Their hotel room was a five star ranked one and it was a suite so it was beautiful and enormous.

“Let’s watch something,” Charlotte says turning on the television and goes through channels as Harley sends their clothes for laundry and sits back down with Charlotte and checks her phone and finds nothing important so she puts it away.

They chose a movie and watched it as they ate their ice creams and Charlotte fell asleep on Harley so she put her to bed, turned off the television and sat outside in the balcony.

The fresh and cold breeze blew her hair away from her face as she sat there and let her tears just fall down her face. All along she had held it together but she couldn’t anymore. She just wished she could forget everything and start new.

She sat there for a while and then went back to her room, contemplating whether to call him or not. She decided against it and went to sleep, hoping the pain would go away and she could go back to the way she was.

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