Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Come on! That looks good,” Harley says as Noah puts on a bright pair of pants and walks out only for the boys to start laughing at him.

“He looks like a walking highlighter!” Evan says and everyone bursts out laughing while Noah pouts. Harley walks up to him, giggling and she hugs him.

“You look smart and I love highlighters Noah. They are used to highlight something important, but you are the important one here,” she says and he looks at her and gives a huge smile.

“See, why can’t all of you be like Harley?” Noah asks slipping his hand around Harley and the boys stop laughing.

“Noah! No one is as kind as Harley to put up with 5 baby boys who need constant assistance and attention,” Harvey says and now Harley was the one holding her stomach with pain as she laughed the loudest among all of them.

“That is true,” she says and Noah gives her a cute stare and acts like he’s offended but he starts laughing after seeing Harley laughing too.

“Alright, alright, will you buy those pants? It’ll look good once you wear a black shirt with it,” Harley says looking at Noah who turns around and looks at his reflection in the mirror.

“But I don’t think anyone would wear this,” he says and Harley walks up to him and stands next to him.

“Dare to try and set a trend Noah. I know for a fact that people will love your fit,” she says and Noah smiles widely looking at Harley through his reflection.

“I’m buying this,” he says walking into the dressing room to get changed into other outfits Harley had given him and the ones he liked.

They were currently out shopping in their free time and Harley came with them because the boys liked her company and they felt very close and comfortable with her. They were like best friends despite knowing one another for only a month.

“You guys be nice to him,” Harley aggressively whispers to the boys and they laugh.

“He is our little brother Harley and we pull his leg,” Andrew says and Harley puts her hands over her hips.

“I know that but he is a little sensitive boy and be nice to him. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you,” she says and Andrew lifts his hands up in the air in defence.

“You know Harley, you are like our mother despite being younger than all of us,” Alex says and Harley smiles.

“Well someone has to act mature,” she says and they laugh.

“Wait? Seriously? Ira and you are a couple now?” Harley asks shocked and Alex nods.

“I know right? Who saw it coming?” Evan says laughing.

“I did,” Harvey says and everyone laughs.

“Well, I hope Ira and you have a good time together Alex,” Harley says and Alex smiles.

“Is she really that pretty as she is on all those magazines?” she asks curious and Alex nods.

“She really is and she is a very caring person,” he says and Harley nods.

“It must be so great talking to her right?” she asks all dreamy.

“Are you her fan or something?” Andrew asks and Harley nods excitedly.

“I love her like come on, who wouldn’t?” she says and they laugh seeing her become a small happy girl.

“Well, I’ll make sure the both of you meet then,” Alex says and Harley’s eyes grow wild and she hugs Alex.

“Thank you Alex! You really are the best!” she says kissing his cheek and he smiles and laughs hugging her back. She was jumping now. Despite Alex being a man of very few words and being a very mysterious guy, he somehow didn’t want to hold him and his emotions back when he was with Harley.

“Alright! Let’s get going then,” she says as Noah comes out and they go to get their things billed.

“I’m buying this too,” Harvey says grabbing a pearl necklace and a new golden ring and everyone was surprised.

“You know what Harvey? I stan you and your non-toxic masculinity. I respect you Harvey,” Harley says proudly and Harvey smiles and side hugs Harley as the person scans their items.

Harvey was a sweetheart. He was a very kind and humbled man despite being so famous and rich. He respected woman and everyone loved him because of his soft spoken skills but people knew that he could beat someone up but he wouldn’t unless it was necessary.

Alex as said earlier was a man of very few words and he was usually very quiet and mysterious. But he was a sweetheart once you know him. He was a nice guy too and everyone loved him too. Harvey and Alex were everyone’s favourite, even by the people who didn’t listen to the band but the ones who did, loved all the boys equally.

Evan was a sarcastic and naturally funny guy who used his humour to lighten up everyone’s mood and break the tension. He was a very sassy guy but he was really nice too. He cared about people and treated his fans very respectfully.

Andrew was the most mature guy out of the five boys and he was considered their dad because of it. He was a funny guy and Evan was his best friend. Evan and him had a sassy and playful friendship compared to the rest of them.

Noah was the baby of the group. He was an adorable guy and a sweetheart. Everyone loved him no matter what and he never failed anyone. He had the most adorable laugh and personality and was considered everyone’s baby brother and he was very affectionate.

Harvey was from Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK so he had a Cheshire accent. Noah was from Westoe Village, South Shields, UK therefore having a very strong and fast Geordie accent. Alex was from Challacombe Close, Brentwood, UK therefore having a strong Essex accent. Andrew was from Bermondsey, Southwark, London, UK and had a London accent and lastly, Evan was from Didsbury, Manchester, UK and had a Manchester accent. Harley was from Melbourne, Australia and having lived there for 18 years, she had a strong Australian accent.

Harley was considered to have a weird Australian accent and so different than the rest of the Australians. Her accent was the strongest kind and she spoke really fast which made it hard for normal people to understand her accent and no one else had her accent because she had a different way of pronouncing things than the rest. Sometimes even her dads couldn’t understand what she said.

And Noah too was like Harley because no one understood what he spoke sometimes because he spoke really fast and with a strange pronunciation but somehow Noah understood Harley’s weird and strong accent and Harley understood his.

Harley had gotten popular due to her friendship with the boys and many were jealous of her for the same reason because she hangs out with the 5 hottest and most popular singers which belong to the top band in the world.

They walked out and the paparazzi were surrounding them within just a few seconds of them stepping out. They were all screaming their names and asking them thousands of questions and Harley was new to this and she didn’t know what to do.

“Harley, come on,” Harvey says holding her hand and stands next to her in the middle of the boys and they walk swiftly towards another store.

“Guys, please,” Andrew says blocking his face from the flashes and it was getting dark outside too so the flash made it worse.

“Oh lord! I can’t see where I’m going,” Harley says to herself.

“It’s alright. I’ve got you,” Harvey says and he never let go of her hand as they walked down the road, surrounded by cameras.

“Boys, who is this girl? Is she Harvey’s new girlfriend?” one asks and Noah got defensive.

“Every girl who hangs around us doesn’t have to be someone’s girlfriend. She is our stylist and our best friend,” he says getting mad. Noah never got mad and it was very rare to see him raise his voice.

They walked to an ice cream store where the paparazzi wasn’t allowed.

“Thank you guys,” she says and they smile. They all order their ice creams and share a couch at the back.

“Mmmmm, this is delicious,” Evan says as he eats his.

“Really?” Harley asks and Evan nods. He gives her a taste and it was indeed delicious.

“We all are literally exploring Canada now if you think about it,” Andrew says as he tastes Harley’s ice cream and suddenly all of them were sharing each other’s ice creams.

“That is so true,” Alex agrees.

“You guys should visit Australia. I will show you around every place that has the best food and just are the best places on the planet,” she says biting into her cone.

“Then when we go to Australia, you will be our tour guide,” Harvey says and Harley smiles.

“That I will do so gladly,” she says and he laughs. They did have a good time just having all the ice cream flavours and talking.

“You have ice cream on your nose Noah!” Harley exclaims and he laughs. She takes a picture of his silly and adorable face before wiping it off.

“Thank you Harley,” he says and she smiles, ruffling his hair. They pay for their ice creams and sit in their cars. Harley sat in Harvey’s car since he was going to drop her home and the 0ther’s shared one back to their rooms.

“Thank you so much Harvey,” Harley says hugging him before she got out of the car and she liked the way he smelled.

“Have a good night Harley,” he says kissing her cheek and she nods. He waited till she got inside and then drove off. That was such a simple gesture but yet Harley was impressed.

Her parents were out on a date so she watched television in her room and went to bed since he had to wake up early and go to a meeting to see the clothes Gucci was sponsoring the boys. She knew that it was going to be a long day tomorrow.

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