Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 32

Chapter 32

“Jake!” Harley says walking up to her Nephew as he ran to her. She bent down and picked him up in her arms and twirled him around. Jake was 9 years old now. Him and Charlotte were 10 months apart and were best friends.

“Aunt Harley! I’ve missed you,” he says as she kisses his head and she smiles.

“I’ve missed you too darling,” she says putting him down and he holds her hand tight. Jake loved Harley too and she was his godmother since Louisa knew that Harley would take good care of Jake if anything happens to her or Andrew.

Charlotte hugged Jake too and held on to Harley’s hand.

“Aunt Harley, come on. I need to show you something,” he says running while holding her hand so she followed him to his backyard where there was a huge flower bed with all kinds of flowers. Charlotte followed them too.

“Wow Jake. You did all of this?” she asks and he nods proudly. Jake loved gardening and he always brought some seeds, sowed them and took good care of them.

“I made this for you,” he says handing her a flower crown and that looked so beautiful.

“Oh Jake, love. This is beautiful,” she says.

“Bend down Aunt Harley,” he says and she crouches down to his level and he places it on her open and wavy hair. It looked amazing with the loose fitted black full sleeved t-shirt and a pink skirt.

“I love it darling. Thank you,” she says kissing his cheek and he smiles.

“Here you go Lottie. This is for you,” he says handing Charlotte a different one and she smiles widely.

“Thank you Jake. I love it,” she says smiling as Harley places it on top of her head.

“Let’s go meet mummy and daddy,” she says and he nods, leading them to Louisa and Andrew.

“Harley!” Louisa says coming over to her and hugs her very tight.

“Oh Lou, I missed you so much,” Harley says

“Andrew, oh come here,” she says giving Andrew a huge hug and he rubs her back.

“It’s been so long now Harley,” Louisa says and Harley laughs.

“I’m so sorry,” she says and Louisa brushes it off because she was happy that Harley was here because nowadays she never came out of her house.

“Oh Char. Look at how tall you’ve grown,” Louisa says kissing Charlotte’s cheek and Charlotte smiles widely and hugged Louisa and Andrew too.

“Thank you Aunt Lou, you look beautiful,” she says and Louisa fonds over her niece.

“You are so sweet love,” she says ruffling Charlotte’s hair.

“Mummy! Look! Daisy and Uncle Harvey are here with Sam,” Jake says pointing at the security gate where Harvey was holding Daisy in his hands and Samantha walked next to them, with a huge smile on her face.

“Daisy!” Harley says walking up to her god daughter and Daisy’s face lights up seeing Harley and she starts giggling and wriggles out of Harvey’s hands and runs as fast as a 10 month baby can to Harley.

“My baby, come here,” Harley says picking up Daisy in her arms and kisses her rosy red cheeks and Daisy gave Harley a big hug and Harley loved it.

“I swear she loves you more than us,” Samantha says walking up to them and they laugh.

“How are you Sam?” Harley asks hugging Samantha from the side. Samantha and Harley were good friends and got along well.

“I am doing so well,” she says smiling and Harley gave Harvey a hug too and kissed his cheek.

“Aunt Harley! Aunt Harley!” Jake says running up to Harley and starts poking her leg.

“Yes darling?” she asks sweetly looking at him and he raises her arm high up in the arm.

“You want me to pick you up too?” she asks and he nods. Harley tried giving Daisy over to Samantha but Daisy threw a tantrum and clinged on to Harley tight and everyone laughed seeing how the both of the kids wanted to be in her arms.

“Come on darling. I can pick you up on the other side,” Harley says picking him up in her free arm and he lays on her shoulder too, hugging her tight.

“Someone didn’t like his cousin in the arms of his god mother,” Andrew says and everyone laughs.

“Mummy, me too!” Charlotte says and Harley thinks and asks Andrew to place Charlotte on her back and Charlotte clings onto her mom tight. The kids take in the scent of Harley, warm Vanilla and they always felt like home and comfortable when they smelled her.

They walk towards the backyard and Harley walked slowly with the two of her god children and her daughter in her arms and Harvey stayed back to walk with her.

“Are you alright carrying the four of them?” he asks mentioning her unborn child in her womb and she nods.

“Yes Vey, it’s alright,” she says and he smiles.

“You look so powerful carrying four of them you know,” he says and she laughs. Her baby was now 12 weeks old and she still hadn’t told Alex because he never had time to even talk to her.

“Alex?” he asks and she shook her head, giving him the answer he predicted. He places his arm on her side and they walk to the backyard and sit on the chair where the kids still hadn’t let go of her.

“Alright now, Jake, go on. Go play with your cousins,” Louisa says and he looks at mom, pouting.

“Go on darling. Take Daisy with you and give her the flower headband you made for her. Go Lottie,” Harley says and Jake nods as he’s put on his feet and Charlotte nods too. They both hold Daisy’s hands and take her to the flower bed and they sit down on the grass as they play with some flowers.

“I need to tell you all something,” Harley says softly and everyone looks at her and lean forward, everyone except Harvey.

“I’m pregnant,” she says and they all screamed out of surprise and happiness and the kids looked at them so they get quiet.

“No one else knows. Not even Alex,” she adds quickly and they nod.

“How long?” Louisa asks.

“I am 13 weeks in,” she says and they all start fonding over her.

“That is wonderful babe,” Samantha says holding her hand and Harley smiles.

“Why doesn’t he know?” Andrew asks and Louisa kicks his leg under the table and Andrew yelps.

“It’s alright Lou,” Harley says.

“Drew, Alex isn’t with me at all. It’s a new girl every day and he isn’t home half the time. When I try to talk to him, it always ends up with us fighting and not talking to each other for weeks,” she says and Andrew nods.

“When will you tell him?” Louisa asks and Harley sighs.

“I don’t know,” she says.

“Wait, it’s his right?” Andrew asks and Louisa kicked him harder this time along with Harvey.

“Yes. It is his. I have never cheated on him, or anyone nor will I ever,” she says and he regretted asking it.

“Can I see your bump?” Samantha asks and Harley nods, lifting up her shirt and a small bump was visible. They rested their hand on it and moved away before the kids could see.

“Charlotte? Does she know?” Harvey asks and Harley shakes her head.

“I haven’t told her yet but she’ll be so excited to have a sibling,” she says smiling at Charlotte who was playing with her cousins and laughing. They spent time till the evening there and soon got ready to leave to their houses.

“Lottie, baby?” Harley says as she enters Charlotte’s room and she looks up, smiling.

“Yes mummy?” she says and Harley sat down next to her.

“Baby, I have something to tell you,” she says and Charlotte patiently waits for Harley to continue.

“You are going to be a big sister,” she says and Charlotte’s eyes go wild and hugs Harley tight before moving away scared.

“Did I hurt the baby?” she asks and Harley laughs shaking her head.

“No you didn’t. Look at your little brother or sister,” she says showing her bump to Charlotte and she places her hand first and then kisses it and lays on Harley’s lap talking to her little sibling.

“Do you want a sister or a brother love?” she asks and Harley thinks.

“I’m fine with both,” she says smiling and Harley nods. She was fine with any to be honest.

“Baby, don’t tell Papa. He doesn’t know,” she says and Charlotte nods, not asking any further questions because she knew that her parent’s relationship was very strained and that her dad wasn’t faithful to her mom.

She slept on Harley’s lap, with her hand on her belly. Harley went back to her own room and tried falling asleep but her mind was on her husband and wondered what he was doing with whom this time.

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