Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 33

Chapter 33

“Congratulations Harley,” Henry, a family friend says walking up to her and she smiles. Harley was at one of her new collection launching as collaboration with a huge, luxury company and everyone was extremely proud of her.

“Thank you Henry,” she says smiling at him.

Harley was dressed in a white ribbed vest top and a ruffled baby pink high-low skirt with a long train. She had her silver heels on and her hair was pulled into a high ponytail and her makeup was done shimmery.

Her baby bump of 17 weeks was well hidden and she was glad that it was hidden. No one had suspected anything and her feet were aching since she was wearing heels while being pregnant and she was tired. All she wanted to do was lay down.

“How’s everyone Harley? Charlotte, Alex, David, Mike, Heidi and the rest,” he asks and she smiles, holding her silver clutch in her hand, pushing a strand of her hair away from her face.

“Oh they are all wonderful Henry. You should come home sometime,” she says and he smiles.

“Oh sure I will. By the way where’s Alex? I thought he would be here too,” he says and she smiled wider.

“He’s out right now. He’s in Chicago,” she says as they were in Paris.

“What? I just saw him at your guest house on the way here. How is that possible?” he asks and she stopped smiling. She knew what was happening.

“I’m sure he just got back Henry. He must have been too tired to come. Thank you for coming,” she says and he nods, walking away. She turned around and walked outside.

“Nia?” Harley calls out and Nia comes running. Nia was dressed in a short floral dress and with knee high boots on. With her cornrow braids of lavender ombre hair and dark down eyes and amazing olive skin tone. She looked beautiful.

“Yes Harley?” she asks smiling.

“Nia, I have to go now. Will you be able to manage?” she asks and Nia holds her hand.

“Harley, today is your day. I won’t let you go. Come on,” she says taking her in and Harley sighs, following her inside.

There some companies came up to her and asked her for some brand deals and she took their contracts and then she decided to speak to her lawyers and management so that she can sign it later.

“Thank you all for coming,” Harley says hugging everyone and thanking them for coming here. As her guests left, she decided to go to her guest house and see for herself if Alex was back from Chicago like Henry told.

She took her car and drove to their guesthouse. The sky outside was very cloudy and she could see lightning. She knew that it was going to rain and she wished she could go back home before it did. It was pretty late at night too on top of it.

She was extremely tired and her head was aching form her tight and high ponytail and for working too long. But she drove to their guest house, punched the codes in and saw Alex’s car in the driveway.

She got down and locked her way and walked to their house and used her card to open the door and it opened. She was surprised to see the lights all turned on and she walked in.

“Alex?” she says and her voice echoes in the house.

“Alex?” she says once more and he appears from top of the stairs, buttoning his shirt.

“Harley? What are you doing here?” he asks and she was surprised.

“I came here because Henry said that he saw you here. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Chicago?” she asks and he appeared calm.

“Oh I came back just a few hours ago H. I was too tired to come to your launch so I stayed back here if that’s alright,” he says and she walks up to him and puts her arm around his neck and kisses him.

“It’s alright,” she says kissing him again and she notices something on his neck. He had a hickey and as she pulled down his collar, she saw many more. She moved away from him quickly and as she did so, she heard someone humming from upstairs.

“Who’s there?” she asks glaring at Alex and he shakes his head, and now he didn’t want her to go upstairs.

“H? H stop,” he says calling after her and holding her hand as she makes her way upstairs. But she pushed his arm away and went up the stairs, as fast as she could while being 17 weeks pregnant.

She walked into their room and she could hear her heels clicking on the floor and her rapid breathing. She saw no one there but she turned around and saw a woman in her robe, looking at her smiling.

“What are you doing here?” she asks horrified.

“What do you mean?” that woman asks.

“I meant what are you doing in Alex’s and mine guest house in our room and in my robe?” she asks and the woman smirked.

“Oh, ask your husband. He called me here,” she says and Harley turned around and stared at Alex.

She walked up to him and slapped him right across his face.

“You liar! How are you get her here and make her use my things while you lied to me?” she asks holding his collar and pushed him away. She walked up to her and slapped her too.

“And you. Aren’t you shameless? Sure he might’ve asked you and sure you did sleep with him, at least don’t seem so cocky and mean in my house,” she says glaring at her and that woman was scared of Harley.

“It’s not her fault H,” he says and she glares at him.

“Of course it isn’t. It’s my fault. It always is,” she says screaming on top of her lungs and smashes a photograph of them on the floor and it shattered.

“H, love. Stop it!” he says holding her hand and she pushed him away.

“H, listen to me,” he says and she screams once more now crying hysterically.

“No need,” she says pushing him away and walks out of the room. Alex asked the woman of she was alright and rushed after Harley and now she was already of the house and in her car. She drove away with her arm bleeding from the glass piece that had cut it open but she didn’t care.

It was raining heavily now and there were large thunders too. He kept screaming her name as he drove next to her but she just increased her speed. Soon, he blocked her car by stopping his in front of hers and now she had no choice but to get down.

“H? Darling, listen to me,” he says as she walks away from him and she turns around and glares at him. The rain was soaking them wet.

“Tell me. What will you tell me?” she screams and there were a people on the street who had surrounded them.

“Everyone’s looking at us H,” he says lowering his voice.

“Aren’t we living in the public eye? Don’t people already talk about me being stupid to let you stay? Let them watch,” she says shouting back loudly and walks away from him.

“It was a mistake H. That is my weakness but that isn’t love. You are the only one I love,” he says and she turns back and stares at him.

“Aren’t you ashamed? It’s my fault after all. I didn’t listen to anyone,” she says walking away and he runs after her and holds her hand, causing her to turn around.

“Please forgive me H. You mean the world to me and no one else. I haven’t loved any woman in my life the way I love you,” he says.

“You don’t talk about love. You promised me you would change the first time I caught you too and I forgave you like a stupid idiot I was,” she says walking away from him.

“I thought you knew about me when you forgave me. I thought you loved me despite it,” he says and she now walks up to him.

“That was when I thought you were perfect and I knew about you but I thought you would change. I thought you cared about our marriage or even Charlotte but you don’t,” she says walking away from him.

She walked into another house of hers she had purchased in Paris even before she got married to Alex and went in there. She ordered the security not to let Alex in and from the struggle; she knew that they didn’t let him in.

She stripped off her wet clothes and dressed her wound and it seemed deep. She got changed and drove to the hospital where she got stitches to her wounds and came back home.

She lays in bed and cried her heart out because she caught him cheating, proving all of the rumors to be true. She puts her hand around her belly and cries once more knowing that her child’s father was a cheater.

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