Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“Alright, good luck,” she says hugging all of them as they get called on stage and she turns to sit down to rest since she had been working all day, analysing and listing all of their outfits for their upcoming tour.

They were currently backstage of a bar where they were having a small acoustic performance and they were already dressed.

“Hey babe,” Blake says coming up to Harley and kisses her cheek from behind and she turns around and kisses him. They have been going out officially for the past month after they hit it off after multiple dates.

“You smell good today,” he says and she smiles.

“Thank you,” she says and he kisses her again. They sit and listen to the boys singing and they liked it.

“Harley?” Kevin calls her so Harley walks up to him. Kevin and Harley have also gotten very close and had a friendly relationship.

“Harley, you are doing an amazing job as a stylist and the boys love you. They seem so comfortable around you and you already know so much about them and our time here in Toronto is coming to an end and we have to go back to UK where they will be there for a few months before their tour starts and we all want you there,” he says and she was surprised.

“So you want me to move to the UK?” she asks and the boys had just come back after finishing their performance.

“Yes,” Kevin says as they all stand next to her and Noah puts his arm around Harley.

“But my whole life is here,” she says and Kevin nods.

“Yes Harley but your new life, your new job will be gone if you won’t move,” he says and she got sad.

“Harley, you will be with us all the time in the UK. You will never be alone because we will spend all our time together,” Andrew says and everyone nods.

“UK is beautiful too,” Evan adds.

“Everyone will love having you there,” Harvey says.

“And it will be fun,” Noah says and she sighs.

“Come on Harley. We’ll miss you, we need you,” Alex says.

“I’ll have to talk to my dads and will tell you alright?” she says and everyone screams putting their arms around her.

“Kevin, we are free for the whole day right? Then can we all go and convince Harley’s parents?” Harvey asks and Harley stared at him.

“Sure,” Kevin says and the boys with Blake and Kevin got into two cars and drove to Harley’s house. Harley was nervous about two things. One as to how her parents would react and two if the neighbours will know about the boys and will bombard them with questions.

“Alright here we are,” Harley says as they stop and Harvey holds the door open for her as she gets down and she smiles at him as she thanks him and the boys wear caps and sunglasses to hide themselves.

Harley puts in the pin code on the gate and it lets them in to her house and she found both her parents already in the house.

“Dad? Papa? There are people here who have come to meet the both of you,” Harley says and her parents walk to the living room from their office to be completely surprised.

“Harley, you should have told us earlier. We would have tidied the place up and ourselves,” Mike says and everyone laughs.

“Oh no. The place looks beautiful and the both of you look handsome. I am Harvey,” Harvey says shaking his hand with Mike and David and they immediately liked him for his manners.

“Dad and Papa, this is Andrew, Alex, Noah and Evan from the Intrepid Brits,” she says and they were happy to meet them.

“I love the band,” David says and the boys thanked him.

“This is Kevin, their manager,” she says and they shake hands. They liked Kevin too because he seemed nice.

“And this is their songwriter and my boyfriend, Blake,” she says and they were a bit surprised to be introduced to her boyfriend but they acted fine.

“And everyone this is my dad, David and my Papa, Mike,” she says and they all nod. They sit in the living room with everyone and Mike got them some drinks and everyone was getting along well.

“Well, how’s Canada?” David asks.

“Oh! Canada is so cold,” Alex says and everyone laughs.

“I know right?” Harley says and Alex nods.

“Apart from that, everyone is so nice here but they don’t understand our accent. They ask us to speak slowly,” Andrew says and Mike agrees with him.

“Oh that happened to us too, especially to Harley because she obviously speaks really fast and she has a strong Australian accent, which is usually stronger and weirder than anyone we’ve ever met,” Mike says and everyone laughs agreeing with him.

“But surprisingly Harley understands what we say despite our strong accents,” Noah says and Harley pats his knee.

“That is because Noah, we both have really weird and strong accents,” she says and Noah laughs. Since Noah and Harley were of the same age, they both got along pretty well and had gotten very close to one another, considering each other their best friends.

“So everyone’s here to ask you both something,” Harley says after a while.

“Mike and David, Harley is our stylist, our favourite one we have had ever and we really love her,” Andrew starts and her parents nod.

“She is really talented and gets along with us like we have known one another for ever,” Evan continues.

“And she really knows our style and what we look good in,” Noah says.

“She is more of a family to us than our friend,” Harvey says.

“So we want her to come to the UK with us because we are leaving to go back soon and we have a world tour coming up,” Alex says and Harley watched her parents’ reaction.

“But UK is so far away from here love. Who is going to take care of you?” Mike asks and Harley smiles.

“We will,” the boys including Blake and Kevin say together seriously.

“We will make sure that she is safe, comfortable and happy all the time,” Blake says and everyone agrees.

“But where will she stay?” David asks.

“Don’t worry about that. I have already asked my assistant to put apartments on hold for Harley so she can choose and move in immediately,” Kevin says and her parents nod.

“How long will the tour last?” Mike asks.

“8 months,” Kevin says and Harley was also shocked. 8 months of constant travelling?

“But will Harley be taken good care of during the world tour?” David asks and everyone nods with a small laugh.

“She will be treated not like a staff member but like one of the boys. As in she will be given all preferences like the boys get and she will be close to them,” Kevin says honestly and Harley was surprised because a staff member being treated equally as a celebrity meant a huge thing.

“Alright we trust you all,” David says after Mike nods his head and everyone jumps up from their seat to celebrate.

“This is wonderful,” Evan says and everyone agrees.

“Alright Harley, we leave in two weeks so have everything packed alright? And also you do not have to come to work for these two weeks because the boys have no interviews or shows but you have to design and order their clothes for their tour and in your free time you can travel with the boys,” Kevin says and Harley gives him a huge hug.

“You are the best boss in the world,” she says and he laughs hugging her back and the boys hug him too with Blake because Kevin was an amazing human being.

They had dinner at Harley’s place and left to go to their own house.

“So, what do you think of them?” she asks as they leave and her parents smile.

“They are great. I love all of them,” Mike says and David agrees.

“But Harley, I am not sure about Blake. I’m not fond of him,” David says and Harley looks at her dad.

“But dad he is nice. I like him,” she says and her dad kisses her head.

“And I am fine with you dating him but I’m just not a fan of your boyfriend,” he says and Harley nods. She soon goes upstairs and goes to sleep because she had only 3 hours of sleep the last night because she was on the phone with the clothing company who had messed up the order she had placed for the boys.

All day long she was working, taking calls, checking in the clothes that had come and she was exhausted and worn from it so she massaged her feet which were strained from standing for too long and she slept immediately like a baby.

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