Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Alright now. Go get dressed,” Harley says pushing the boys into their changing rooms where she had hung their suits they were wearing for an award show.

Harvey came out dressed in a floral pink suit with a black unbuttoned shirt and black shoes. Alex was dressed in an all black suit with an unbuttoned shirt, Noah was in a baby blue suit with a white shirt underneath, Evan was in a black suit with a white shirt underneath and Andrew was in a black suit with a floral unbuttoned shirt underneath. They all looked amazing.

“Good, now hair,” she says and they get their hair done. Harvey had curly hair which was just left the way it was but pushed back to give a messy look just like the other boys. Despite having the same hair look, they somehow made it look different.

As they were getting ready, Harley did some final touches to herself too. She was asked to attend the show with them and she agreed after they pleaded and persuaded her for weeks. She was dressed in a figure-hugging baby pink satin slip dress with off shoulder sleeves, a long trail and a thigh high slit.

Along with the dress, she wore a sparkly pointed heel, carried a clutch matching her heels and has her hair parted in the middle and straightened. Her makeup was done soft and dewy, making her look stunning.

“Do you have nail polish with you?” she heard Harvey ask the nail artist who just did Harley’s nails.

“No, you cannot wear it,” a member of their management says and Harvey was arguing with them.

“Why can’t I wear it?” Harvey asks, clearly disappointed.

“Well, because I said so,” the man who was identified as Max says. Max was Intrepid Brits’ Co- Publicist along with a woman, Ellen who wasn’t here today.

“Well Max, I am saying that he can wear what he wants,” Harley says standing in front of Max, up close to his face, threateningly.

“But we don’t want him to. What will people think?” Max asks stepping back and Harley crosses her hand over her chest and glares at him.

“He will do what he wants, so will the boys and you cannot say anything. Their life, their body, their wish. Don’t try to live theirs for them and people talk anyways,” she says in an angry and irritated tone.

“No. I said no. I am their publicist and I disapprove,” Max insists and Harley lifts her hand up in the air, silencing him.

“I am their stylist and I am saying that it looks good. So shut up and get out. You are not letting them get ready. This is my room and I control the way they look and I am saying that Harvey can paint his nails if he wants to and get his makeup done too if he wishes,” she says sassily and Max opened his mouth to say something but he goes quiet.

“You work for us Harley and we can fire you. Don’t forget,” he says and Harley laughs.

“I am hired by Kevin and not you imbecile so unless he fires me, I stay,” she says and he looks away like he was done.

“Exactly, so now out. They have to get ready without someone telling them what to do,” she says and he walks away, muttering under his breath but Harley didn’t care.

“Come on Harvey, do what you want with your nails. Boys, you too. We have to leave soon so make it quick if you want to paint your nails too,” she says looking at all of them and they all had a big smile on their faces.

They were so happy that someone stood up to their management and for the first time, they could do what they wanted, even if it was for just their nails, they were happy.

“Look Harley, I have pink and blue nails just like you and I are dressed,” Noah says showing his tiny, alternately painted nails excited to Harley and he was clearly happy.

“Yay! Now we are matching,” she says looking at his nails and she liked it. Harvey got all black nails with a white smiley face on his pinky fingers, Alex has yellow nails and Andrew and Evan got turquoise nails in different shades.

“They all look beautiful,” she says and they smile. They make their way towards the event where there were so many photographers screaming out their names. Harley went to the end of the red carpet waiting for the boys since she wasn’t a celebrity like them.

They eventually finished their interviews and photo shoots and made way towards Harley.

“Harley, meet Ira and Ira this is Harley, our amazing stylist,” Alex says introducing Ira Baldwin to Harley and Ira smiled widely. Ira was 23 years old, 2 years older than Alex.

“So you are the woman Alex keeps talking about and keeps praising you,” she says and Harley smiles as Alex slips his arm around Ira. She looked at Ira and admired how gorgeous she looked with her smokey eye, red lips, blonde hair, hazel green eyes and an amazing body.

“Well, he talks so much about you too. It’s nice to meet you Ira,” Harley says and Ira nods. Ira was an American so had no strong accent like the rest of them.

“Nice to meet you too Harley and by the way, you look gorgeous and thank you for everything you have done for Alex,” she says looking at Alex.

“Well, it’s literally my job to do so,” she says and Ira laughs. As she looked at Ira speaking to the boys, she suddenly felt insecure about herself. Ira looked so stunning and just so natural that Harley felt worthless.

She looked down at her feet and Andrew, noticing how Harley was feeling; he slipped his arm around her and kissed her head.

“You look gorgeous Harls. More than her and any other woman here,” he says using the nickname he always used for Harley. Harley looked at him and smiles gratefully. Andrew doesn’t let go of her hand even as they went inside and sat around the table that was assigned to them.

Andrew and Harley had a mature friendship. They were happy with one another and considered each other as family. They cared for one another. They joked around with the others but aside from that, they had each other’s backs. They were like literal brother and sister.

“There are so many famous people here,” Harley exclaims looking around and seeing so many celebrities around her and the boys laugh.

“Get used to it because you will be working with them,” Evan says and Harley nods. The show started soon enough and the Intrepid Brits’ kept winning one award after another, back to back in every nomination.

“A special shout out to Harley Cairns, for being not only our stylist but also our best friend. Thank you so much for understanding us and dressing us the way we want and not how the world wants. Thank you for taking care of us and for understanding our accents and being our translator. We love you Harley!” the boys say as they accept another award and Harley’s heart was full.

“Thank you guys and congratulations!” she says hugging each one of them and kisses their cheek as they come back and sit down.

In the middle of the show, she slipped away to use the restroom. She later checked herself in the mirror and a woman, Serena Ward, a world famous singer walks in hurriedly.

“Holy shit!” she swore as her dress started ripping at the side, more than it already was and her hair was falling out of a braid.

“Here, let me help you,” Harley says quickly walking up to her.

“I have some pins in my bag and some thread to stitch it up for now,” she says grabbing her clutch and sews Serena’s gown up. It looked so new, like there wasn’t even a rip in it.

“Let me braid your hair,” she says and Serena sat on the couch in the waiting area as Harley quickly started working on her hair.

“Do you always carry needles and thread in your bag?” Serena asks and Harley laughs.

“Yes. You never know when there would be an emergency,” she says and Serena smiles.

“I am Serena and thank you so much,” she says and Harley smiles. Harley noticed how Serena’s eyes were warm brown and looked so kind.

“I am Harley Cairns and it really isn’t a big deal,” she says and Serena stands up and checks out her hair in the mirror. Harley had breaded her strawberry blonde into a messy Dutch braid and it looked amazing.

“Oh Harley, you saved my day,” Serena says hugging her and Harley was squealing inside because she was Serena’s biggest fan.

“Wait, you are Intrepid Brits’ stylist right?” she asks and Harley nods.

“Ah! I see how much they seem to love you. You really are an amazing person Harley,” she says.

“Would you mind if I take a picture with you Serena? I am your biggest fan,” she says and Serena nods, and they take pictures together. Serena took some on her phone too.

“I love your accent. You are from Australia aren’t you? And you look so young,” Serena says and Harley laughs.

“Yes, I am from Melbourne, Australia and I am 19,” she says and when Serena was shocked, Harley explained how she got her degree early. Serena was only 6 years older than Harley. Serena was an American too.

“I really admire your work and support for the LGBTQ+ community and all the other minority communities Serena. It means a lot to see someone like you support them,” Harley says and Serena nods.

“I mean they deserve the world and love. Love is love and they shouldn’t be judged or treated poorly and everyone’s equal. And I stand by it,” she says and Harley loved Serena more.

“My dads’ love you too. Your music is always blasting in our house,” she says and Serena laughs.

“Well now I have another reason to love you and your parents. Your dads’ raised a lovely woman. Make sure you tell them that,” Serena says and Harley nods. They speak for a while and enjoy each other’s company.

“Well Harley, here’s my number. Next time when in town, give me a call and we’ll go out and thank you darling,” she says kissing her cheek and holds her hand as they go back to the award show. They sat in their own tables.

“Serena Ward huh?” Noah asks and Harley nods.

“She is a really nice woman. We exchanged numbers and she said that we should hang out more,” Harley says and Noah smiles, happily. They all were happy for her, because she was making friends other than themselves and she deserved it.

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