Living a dream: Part 1

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Come on Alex. I would die to have your voice,” Harley exclaims as they walk down the street.

“Me too,” Evan says and Harley looks at him.

“Evan, your voice is amazing! I will kill to have your voice. I would die just to have all of your voices. Gosh, I wish I could sing,” she says and Noah puts his hand over her shoulder.

“Well Harls, we can sing and you cannot according to you. You can dress people and we can’t so it makes us all even,” he says and the boys agree with him.

“That was a very smart answer Daffy,” she says squishing his cheek and he laughs. They had just finished their recording session and were walking to the bus to get ready for their tour and they were very excited.

“Nah, you are stuck with me forever,” Harvey tells Andrew as their conversation drifts and Harley gets into the luxurious caravan which was supposed to be for them. They were currently in Europe.

“Oh my god!” Harley exclaims as she sees Blake naked with another girl inside of the bus and they quickly moved away and wore their clothes.

“I can’t believe you Blake,” she says as she gets out of the bus, angrily. She couldn’t believe him because he promised her that he wouldn’t cheat on her. All the boys were confused but they stayed quiet.

“I am so sorry Harley. It’s not what it looks like,” he says and she turns around and walks up to him close.

“It’s not what it looked it? Blake I saw you naked with another woman, for the second time,” she says and the boys raise their eyebrows high in their air because they didn’t know about the first time he cheated on her and were surprised about the second time.

“You lied to me Blake. You promised me that you would never cheat on me again,” she says furiously.

“I am sorry Harley,” he begs but she shakes her head and tears started rolling down her cheeks. The girl had slipped out from the back when no one noticed her.

“Wait, you were cheating on me when we were in Ireland too. That was why you tasted different. I can’t believe you Blake,” she says walking away from him but he held her hand and pulled her closer to him.

“I am sorry Harley. I love you and I was stupid for cheating on you,” he says claiming that he loved her for the first time.

“No you don’t love me Blake. You never did. You cheated on me twice, as of I know. And you are not sorry, I know that you will do it again. I am tired of waiting for you. I am sick of this. I am sick of you going to a different girl every time. I want to be able to look at you and not be so hurt by you,” she says pushing his hands away and wipes her tears.

“Tell me one thing honestly, did you cheat on me any other time except the two times that I caught you?” she asks hoping he would say no but he hung his head low guiltily and Harley covered her mouth in shock and she cried even more.

“How many times?” she asks.

“Maybe more than 15 times,” he says and that hurt her more.

“So you are saying that in our 5 month relationship, you have cheated on me more than 15 times and you claim that you love me?” she asks raising her voice.

“Harley I am so sorry. I messed it up. This is all my fault,” he said and she nods.

“True, this is all your fault. You messed it all up but why did you do it? I want answers,” she demanded.

“I don’t know. I guess I was insecure that someone like you would never stay with me,” he says and Harley rolled her eyes.

“Blake, I fought for you. I wanted you and I gave you a second chance for Christ’s sake,” she says wiping her tears away.

“I don’t want to ever see your face again Blake. Ever again. We are over,” she says but he just holds her hand.

“I am sorry Harley but you will be seeing me because I work for the boys and so do you,” he says and the boys walk up to him.

“No you don’t Blake, not anymore,” Andrew says and Blake looks at them shocked.

“A man who cannot stay loyal to his partner cannot stay loyal to his employers so we don’t want you anymore,” Harvey says firmly.

“But who will write your songs?” he asks, scared.

“We can write our own songs till we find some other songwriters who will stay loyal,” Noah says and the boys agree.

“I love you Harley, please. I know that you want me too,” he says pulling Harley close to him and kisses her. She pushes him away disgustedly.

“No I don’t and you still taste like her,” she says wiping her mouth away.

“I should have listen to my parents. They told me that they didn’t like you but I wanted to show them how nice you were but you made me look like a fool. Thank you Blake and I never want to see you again. I hate you, we are over,” she says staring at him and turns away to walk into the caravan and the boys follow her.

Andrew walked up to her and gave her the biggest and warmest hug to comfort her as she cried hysterically.

“I can’t do this. I believed him even after I caught another girl in his apartment. I thought he would change,” she says and Andrew strokes her hair.

“He doesn’t deserve you Harley. He couldn’t see how amazing you are and he lost a gem,” Evan says and she looks at him.

“Look Harley, I am not very good at all this but let me tell you one thing. That man, he doesn’t understand your worth. He doesn’t see how smart, funny, talented, caring and ridiculously beautiful you are and I don’t think many people will but trust me, one day there will come a man who will love you with all his heart and you won’t remember these small minded guys who cheated on you and lost you so stop crying and feeling bad about yourself because you left him for good,” Harvey says.

“Harvey, that was beautiful,” she says and everyone agrees.

“Thank you, now get ready guys. You have a show,” she says and they all nod and go to get ready. Sure it did hurt that her relationship just ended but she had work to do and that took her mind off of things.

“Good luck,” she says as they walk on stage. Their show was a banger as always and everyone loved them, as usual.

“Today one of our best friends got her heartbroken by a man who didn’t even deserve her to be begin with. He didn’t see her worth and cheated on her with multiple women while having the perfect woman in front of him all along,” Alex says into the microphone during their break.

“Now, they just broke up, for good and we want all of you to show her some love and support because she deserves it. We all love you Harley!” Noah says into the microphone and the whole arena starts chanting ‘We love you Harley!’ all over again.

Harley was so touched by that gesture and she had to get on stage because the boys called her and as she did, everyone in the arena started screaming for her. She felt like a celebrity and she kind of liked it.

“Um, thank you so much guys. That was something I never thought I needed but that definitely made me feel better. Thank you,” she says into Evan’s microphone.

“Can I get your number Harley?” a man screamed from nearby and everyone turned to look at him. The camera focused on him and Harley laughed.

“Well, I just became single and I want to enjoy it but thank you,” she says and the man laughed.

“You look gorgeous and sexy though,” he replies back and Harley blushes.

“Hey man, calm down. We are right here,” Andrew says protective of Harley and everyone laughs.

“Well this is our unofficial sixth member of our band,” Andrew says wrapping his arm around Harley’s shoulder and she smiles. She hugs him and they all form a group hug as everyone cheers for her.

“Alright, this song is for Harley. Everyone sing, ‘You deserve better,’ along with us,” Harvey says and the music starts playing as they all sit around Harley and start singing their song about a girl and a boy who deserve better than what they got and Harley was smiling all along.

She was singing with them too because she loved them song and as she looked at the arena in front of her, there were torch from their phones swinging in the air and they looked like millions of stars up in the sky.

It looked so beautiful from up the stage seeing the fans that adore the boys singing and supporting them even if the boys didn’t know every single one of them. She was mesmerized by the love they received from their fans.

She hoped that one day people loved her the same way that they loved the boys, even a quarter of it was enough for her.

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