No Escape

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Chapter 9

As he touched her face he remembered what had happened earlier.

He woke up feeling his throat dry. After he drank the water it was as if something was telling him to look at the CCTV connected to his phone, and when he did, he was surprised to see Anne running outside. It was approaching the front, so he deliberately opened the gate through a button that he always carries wherever he goes. Especially now, that he held the woman here. He will try to see how far the woman can reach by running.

He ordered the servants to remove the curtain and bed cover that Anne had used to escape. He is so angry. What if the woman fell from above. He would not be able to forgive himself for putting the girl in that situation.

When he went down earlier to follow Anne, he already made up his mind to finally let her go.

He got out of bed and went back to his room just next to Anne's room. As he lay down, his eyes accidentally hit the clock on his bedside table. It was four o'clock in the morning. He needs to sleep for a while because he will personally accompany Anne to her apartment and he still has work to do.

Anne woke up around six in the morning. Even though she lacked sleep and was tired, she still woke up early. She is excited to be back in her apartment. Getting up from the bed she was surprised when she saw two suitcases inside her room.

She went straight to the bathroom to do her morning routine. She then found Mildred packing clothes when she came outside. She recognizes the dresses. Those were the set of clothes that Martin allows for her to wear while she stays here. She did not bother to ask anymore she knew it would not answer her anyway. The first and last she heard her speak was their first meeting when Mildred introduced herself. So, she was suddenly surprised when she did not expect her to speak.

"We were very worried about you, Miss Anne, especially Mr. Stewart." You can say that she is telling the truth by the looks on her face.

"Thanks for the concern. I'm okay now." She said smiling.

"Come with me and I will take you to the dining room. Mr. Stewart is waiting for you there." Mildred says as she left the packing.

She arrives at the dining room where Martin is reading a newspaper. He stopped what he was doing upon seeing her. He handed the newspaper to Mildred which she accepted before going out. "Let's eat." He said to Anne.

He just nodded. They were both quiet while eating. No one wants to talk.

And that was the scenario until they were inside the car and on their way to her apartment. It was only then that the silence was broken when they were already in front of her apartment.

The man was about to get out of the car when she spoke. " No need. I can manage."

"Won't you even invite me to enter your place?" He asked. Sadness could be seen on his face.

"What for?" She would have said it, but when she saw his face she suddenly felt strange. Instead, this is the word she uttered. "All right."

She walked ahead of the man. She looked behind her when she did not feel his presence. She was stunned by what she saw. The man pulls out two suitcases from the compartment of his car.

As he approached her, she looked at him in a questioning way. The man ignored it and just kept walking while pulling the two suitcases.

"What is that for?" She couldn't help but ask.

"Just think of it as compensation for the inconvenience I caused you."

"What?" Her eyes widened. She did not expect that. She was about to speak but the man preceded her.

"I won't take no for an answer. And don't dare to argue, you wouldn't like the consequence."

Anne stomped as she walked. She deliberately shows the man that she does not like what he is doing.

When they entered her apartment, the man went straight into her room as if it were his own house.

"What do you think you are doing?" She felt both annoyance and anger at the man.

"Didn't you see that I just brought the suitcases into your room?"

"You can leave now. I want to rest" She said in a weak voice.

"This will probably be our last meeting. It is not good that we are still fighting."

"I agree with you. Now, if you don't mind, I want to rest." Anne said in a pleading tone.

Even if he wanted to stay for a while inside the woman's apartment, he could not refuse her request. With heavy feet, he stepped out of the girl's room until he reached the parking area.

When the man disappeared from her sight, for some inexplicable reason she seemed to regret why she had sent the man away. She was suddenly depressed. Her eyes were forming tears, she quickly flicked them so that they would not continue to fall.

Anne's phone rang that brings her out from her thoughts. She did not recognize the number coming out of the screen she answered it hesitantly. "Hello." and she was shocked to hear Martin's voice on the other line. "Your car is already here in the parking. And you don't have to worry anytime you can go back to work." He then cut the line of his phone he did not give Anne a chance to talk anymore because he might not be able to control himself and go back to the girl's apartment. He started the car engine and then drove slowly.

Anne hurried out, to find out if the man was still in the parking area. But she failed because when she arrived the man's car was no longer there. She could not stop the tears from flowing in her eyes. She wonders why she feels this way. He could not avoid asking herself "Will we ever see each other again?" She went back inside with a heavy heart.

The next day she goes back to work. When she saw her boss, she approached him to explain her sudden absence from work without prior notice, but before she could do it he told her that everything was okay and she had nothing to worry about. What Martin told her yesterday was true. She felt relieved and goes on with her work.

When lunchtime came, as usual, she went out from the store to buy her meal, but there she saw Gabriel waiting for her outside.

"How are you? I haven't seen you here in a few days." He said while approaching her.

"Don't tell me that you're stalking me." She was irritated by his statement. She avoided the man and continued walking.

"I have no bad intentions."

She smiled in such a way that she didn't believe what it said. She ignored him so that their conversation would not be prolonged.

But Gabriel was determined to talk to her. He followed Anne until they reached the restaurant."I will pay for your lunch, just hear me out." He pleaded.

You don't know how to give up, do you?" She is very annoyed now.

"Just listen to me first. After that, I will not force you if you do not want to."

"Do I have a choice?" She sighed in defeat. She knew it would not stop until he got what he wanted.

His face lit up and he saw hope at what the woman had said."After we eat, let's talk in my car." He said quickly, afraid that she might change her mind.

After Anne heard everything Gabriel said she seemed tempted to accept it right away but instead, she said something different."I will think about it first before I can give my answer. What you are asking me to do is not so easy."

Okay, I'll wait. I hope your decision agrees with me." He said at once smiling and winking at the woman, before leaving. He immediately called, Ricky to stop searching for Anne. Gabriel told him that she was already back. Tomorrow night he will continue the plan but this time Ricky needs to be drastic so that he can trap the woman right away. He was tired of waiting so long and it should not be delayed anymore.

It was late at night but Anne still did not fall asleep. What the man said still lingers in her mind. If she accepts what he offers she will no longer have difficulty with her mother's medicines. The big question is, 'will she be able to deceive Gabriel's parents just to solve her mother's medication?' Eventually, she also fell asleep thinking about it.

Her body ached when she woke up, but this did not hinder her from going to work. As much as possible, she won't want to miss her work anymore. She has been out of work for a few days. She will just take medicine to ease the pain.

While in the store, she almost pulled the time just so she could go home and rest. But destiny seems to be playing tricks on her because her boss puts her in overtime for an hour due to a large number of their shoppers up to this time. There is nothing she can do but complied.

Arriving inside the apartment, she slumped down on her couch she did not realize that she had fallen asleep until she just woke up from a loud knock on her door. She stood up and sluggishly stepped towards the door. She was shocked when she opened it and an unknown man was exposed in front with a knife pointed at her.

Her whole body seemed to lose strength. She was so nervous that she looked pale. She could no longer resist as he led her inside, but before he could do his evil plan, another man suddenly entered his apartment and wrestled with the previous man. She saw that opportunity to run out, she did not think twice and came out quickly. She was confused and could not think clearly. She was running as fast as she could. By the time she got outside, she was panting hard. She just stopped running when a car stopped next to her.

"Hop on." said a familiar voice. She looked at the source of it and saw Gabriel peeking out the car window. Without a doubt, she got into the car. As she already sat comfortably and her body was rested a little, Gabriel asked her if why she was running fast and she did not hesitate to recount the whole incident.

Even though he already knew what she would answer to his question he still listened carefully to the woman's story and pretended to be worried. After Anne had narrated everything to him he asked her. "Are you okay? Did they hurt you?" At this time his concern is already real. What if she was accidentally hurt by the people he ordered to scare her. Only now has he realize that his method is not right.

"You have nothing to worry about. I was okay and not hurt." She said the fear could still be seen on her face.

"You did well, that you did not resist. We do not know what they are capable of doing if you happened to fight back."

"I don't think I was the target of those and they just got me wrong." She said.

Gabriel was felt relieved because that was Anne's understanding of the whole event.
Luck is on his side now because he has fulfilled his plan effortlessly, and he was still far from being suspected by the woman.

Anne's body still hurts a bit. She begged the man to take her to a friend's house, where she intends to spend the night but he insists that she would stay in his place instead. At first, she objected but the man was very persistent. She did not want to waste her time arguing so she decided to just agree. She remembers Martin because he and Gabriel has a lot in common.

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