No Escape

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Chapter 11

"You know what to do and don't take your eyes off her." Martin sternly ordered and then cut the call. He is now heading to his sister's and brother-in-law's room, along with the three guards he hired to guard them.

When he opened the door, he was surprised by the unexpected scene. The couple's bed was messy, which indicates that something unpleasant has happened. He quickly approached them one by one and looked at their wrists, they were still throbbing but very weak. He immediately alarmed the nurse station and informed them of what had happened to the couple's room.

They responded quickly. They were temporarily evicted from the room. After a while, the doctor came rushing inside. Martin, who was just sitting outside, was just calm. He suddenly remembered his nephew and quickly called him to let him know about the event.

Not long after he called Gabriel he came rushing. He would have gone straight to his parents' room but Martin stopped him. "We are not allowed to enter the room yet. Let the medical staff do their work."

"Why did this happen? Who did this?" He asked confusedly. He looked around as if looking for something. "Where is, Anne? She's supposed to be here. Is she the one behind this?" He bombarded him with questions.

"Just take it slow with your words. We don't know the whole story yet but I can be sure that Anne has nothing to do with this." He commented.

"She was with them earlier how could she suddenly disappear, how can you explain that? And why if you defend her you seem to know her very well. You have not even seen her in person." He said irritably.

But Martin ignored his words. He understands him. Probably because he was so worried about his parents that he unintentionally uttered such statements. He tapped his nephew on the shoulder. "Don’t worry too much, we know them, they are both fighters and they would survive this. You'll see." He tried to ease his intense emotions

Somehow he was relieved by what Martin had just said. His parents are fighters. His hope now becomes high that they could surpass this. Remembering Anne, of course, even if he only knew her for a short period, inside him, he knew she couldn't do that. He was just shocked earlier that is why he was able to speak badly against her. But the big question he had in mind now was, "Where is she?" He was snapped out of his thoughts when Martin's phone rang.

"What's the update?" Martin asked and then quietly listened for a while. "All right, I'm going." He was a bit tense. All his life he had never felt as anxious as this one. "I need to leave. I just have to take care of something important. Don't worry all of this will end soon. Whoever is responsible with this, will pay, I promise that." He gave a long explanation to his nephew. You can feel the weight of the words he uttered in his tone. Then he ordered a guard to stay, while he took the two with him.

Gabriel would have asked what he meant by what he was saying but he quickly turned away. It did not escape from his naked eye the sudden change of Martin's face after that call. Sometimes just like his parents, he could not understand it either. It was as if he was also hiding something from him that he cannot fathom.


Anne awoke to the noise of commotion. She did not realize that she had lost consciousness again due to extreme hunger and fatigue from the tight bond.

Even though she wanted to know what was going on, her eyes would not permit her since she was blindfolded. She felt helpless. Suddenly she heard a loud banging on the door, which caused her to tremble with fear.

"Is this the end of her?" When she thinks about it, she inevitably becomes even more terrified. Whoever stomps on the door seems to be furious as if at any moment it will kill someone. She couldn't stop her knees from shaking. She tried to sit up even though she was having a hard time. After a few attempts, she was also able to sit.

She shouted when suddenly she heard something fall to the floor, followed by the footsteps and noise heading towards where she was. If she has heart disease maybe she was attacked earlier because of the extreme fear she feels now.

"Don't worry you are safe now." Said the man. His voice was familiar to her which somehow caused her to calm herself down

And then he gradually untied her straps until it was removed from her feet. The next thing he did was untie the rope in her hands. When her hands were finally free from the bondage, she quickly took the blindfold from her eyes to see the man that saves her. But it was tied too tightly to the back of her head.

"Let me help you." He stated. He was so close to her that she could already smell its mild scent and its warm breath against the back of her ear. She could not fathom but it caused an inexplicable foreign feeling inside her. It's weird to think that she seems to immediately feel comfortable with the stranger who is helping her now.

When her blindfold was removed, she looked around and saw the door lying on the floor not far from where she was sitting. That was the loud crash she had just heard. She was in a small room and not a single piece of furniture could be seen around. This place seems to have been abandoned for a long time due to the thickness of the dust that can be seen everywhere.

She saw two policemen and four civilians, one of them was Martin. She did not expect to see the face of her savior. "You?" She exclaimed. Her voice was full of shock and disbelief. "What is he doing here? Of all the people, why him?" She could not help but asked herself.

That was not Martin's expected reaction from the woman. Yet, he just doesn't mind it and picked up Anne instead.

"Put me down, I can handle myself." Anne was surprised at what he did. Martin disregard her words and continued to lift her out of the room. She is not ready to see him yet. Just the thought of seeing him around is causing her uneasiness, let alone to be touched by him again. "Can't you hear me? I said put me down." She said in disgust as it did not obey her, but he was stubborn and did not intend to listen to her. She could do nothing so she just let him carry her until they reached the ambulance car that is waiting outside of an old building where she was taken by the kidnappers.

Upon lying comfortably in the stretcher, a policeman approached her and asked about the events she remembered. She got up and sat down. She recounted everything that happened from the moment she received the text until she regained consciousness. Moreover, she did not remember anything, not even the face of the person who abducted her.

She was repeatedly asked the same question by the police investigator. The statements she gave did not seem to be enough for him, and she still answered_ the same thing. She was very hungry and tired but hesitant to express her thoughts. She winced as she spoke. That did not escape from Martin's sharp eyes and senses, who was now just next to her and listening to the policeman's interrogation.

"She is going to rest. If you have any further questions, just go to Stewart Medical Hospital." Martin said firmly. He then closed the ambulance door before the policeman could respond, the ambulance car sped off. The policeman was left stunned.

She breathed a sigh of relief because what she could not move to say to the policeman, was made by Martin for her. She was glad to hear also the name of the hospital where she would be taken. Since this is where Gabriel's parents are admitted. She will no longer have a hard time visiting them she is worried because she left them without letting them know that she will be out for a while. Perhaps they were already worried about her. She estimated that she had also been confined to that old building for several hours, enough time for them to know that she was gone.

Martin silently watched Anne as she lay on the stretcher. It was as if his heart was breaking earlier when he has seen her in such a situation that she was tied up and just sitting on the floor. He felt very sorry for the woman's condition. He could not understand why he was obligating himself to help this woman. No matter how many times he says that he will stay away from her but the opportunity gives way for them to always meet.

She just closed her eyes the whole trip to the hospital, afraid to talk to the man. To this day, the event of their last meeting is still playing on her mind, as if that only happened yesterday. It seems like fate was joking with her. After that incident, she no longer knew how to deal with the man.

When they arrived at the hospital, she was immediately subjected to a CT scan and all the possible laboratories. Most of the emergency room medical staff are very quick to assist with all her needs. What is happening to these people, with a word and a gesture of a hand, they quickly followed Martin without any further question. She even told the man that she only needed a little rest and food to regain her strength but he did not listen to her. He was still hard-headed as ever.

In just a matter of time, she has unbelievably done all her laboratories. She was immediately transferred to a room. She was amazed at the room she was taken to. If you look at it, it is more appropriate to say that you are in a hotel rather than in a hospital room. Thinking that she had no money, to pay for this kind of room, she suddenly panicked. Her thoughts only interrupted when the aroma of food greeted her as she is approaching the bed. Since her leg was still sore, the male nurse supported her from the wheelchair to her bed, after Anne thanked him it left as well. She looked around and did not see Martin there.

Anne was caught in the chest when suddenly someone spoke on the side of the room.

"Glad to see you again." Said a familiar female voice.

She looked in the direction where the voice was coming from and saw it approaching her bed. "Mildred, you are here. I mean what are you doing here?" She feels a mixture of joy and wonders at this moment. Somehow she had an acquaintance with whom she could talk.

"I'm looking forward to your arrival. I am here to assist your needs. Eat first I know you are hungry." She pushed the tray full of food next to her.

"Thank you."All she could say. And since she was so hungry she wasted no time and ate this mouth-watering food in front of her.

Mildred inevitably felt pity as she watched her quickly eat as if she had not eaten for several days. When she finished her lunch, she asked permission to go out for a while, but she refused. She wanted to grant her request, but she did not want Martin to get angry with her, since he strictly instructed her not to let the woman out of the room.

Mildred didn't say anything but Anne knew the man was the one who didn't want to let her go out. She is disgusted with the man because he controls her. He has no right to do these things to her. The way the man acted it seems like he owned her and she doesn't like that. "Where is Martin? Can I talk to him?"

"He just went somewhere. Don't worry, he will be back soon."

Anne smiled bitterly. She almost forgot that Mildred was loyal to the man so what better answer could she expect from her. But on the other hand, she was also very grateful to the man, if it did not come to rescue her something bad might have happened to her. She was still blank on who they were, if what was the reason she was abducted? She had many questions in her mind that needed answers.

Moments later a nurse entered her room and gave her medicine to take. Without hesitation, she took the medicine given to her and soon darkness engulfed her consciousness.

Martin is busy reviewing the CCTV footage, even though it has been reviewed by the Head of Security of the Hospital he owns. He had to make sure before showing it to his nephew. It was obvious on the monitor how Anne was abducted and taken out of the hospital until she was put in a black van. He sighed violently. He was furious with those who did this to the woman. He slowly connected the dots. If his suspicions are correct they will not escape his wrath.

Anne's eyelids were heavy. She tried to get up but failed to do so. Shortly after his attempt darkness engulfed her again. It also took quite a while for her consciousness to return. When she opened her eyes were still a bit blurred she had to blink a few times before her vision became clear. She stretched out her hands to regain some of her strength.

Suddenly her eyes widened when she noticed that she was inside an unfamiliar room. She shouted and sobbed causing everyone who heard outside the room to panic. She was startled when helpers rushed into her room. The concern on their faces can be seen. It is not hard to guess that they are all working here based on their uniforms. "Where am I?" She asked in tears but now she felt a little calmer. She thought she had been abducted again but she seemed to be wrong.

Before they could answer her question Mildred rushed in. "What happened?" She asked Anne worriedly.

"Where I am, Mildred?" She asked as she wiped the tears from her eyes with a blanket.

"You can leave us now," Mildred order her fellow servants and they quietly obeyed. When they were the only ones left in the room she spoke again. "You are here in Mr. Stewart's mansion."

"But why am I here?"

"I'm sorry but I can't answer you. Just wait for Mr. Stewart so he can explain everything to you. You can go out if you want so you don't get bored, or just read, this room has a mini library at that door. " Then she pointed to the door on the left.

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