No Escape

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Chapter 12

Melanie was furious after hearing what Ricky had reported to her over the phone, she threw the glass of wine on the floor causing it to shatter. She now drinks alcohol to celebrate the success of her plans. But she does not expect, that she will be having a problem, along the way as her men executing it. She ordered his brother to flee immediately and hide.

She did not worry about herself if the men they ordered to abduct Anne spoke. Since she does not show them in person. All she worries about is her brother, Ricky because he is the one facing, and giving them instructions on what to do.

They planned to keep Anne for two days and then release her. Once the murder of Gabriel's parents has been carried out, they plan to hold Anne accountable for it. They already have hired two men ready to testify against her. The idea would have been great but she wondered why Anne was tracked down right away by the police.

Unbeknownst to Melanie, Martin has men that always follow Anne wherever she goes to guard her safety, and this is the reason, why her bad intentions are now failing.

Melanie had been lying in her bed for more than a few hours, but it was still hard for her to fall asleep. She was worried about his brother's safety. She keeps on tossing and turning the entire time that she was lying down. Even if she wants to call him, it is not possible. She was being careful with her every move.

She was brought out from her trance when she heard her phone ringing. When she picked it up she saw Gabriel's number flashing on the screen. Suddenly his heartbeat quickened, she put the phone back on her bedside table "Does he already know that she is the mastermind behind all of these!?" Suddenly her whole body trembled. She could not bear it if the man will know her secret and reject her, worst of all is, if he would hate her. She just looked at her phone, afraid to answer it. Later, her message tone rang out. She hesitated to pick up her phone. The message still came from Gabriel informing her that his parents were gone. A small smile drew from her lips. If so, her suspicion was wrong. The nervousness she felt earlier was replaced by happiness.

The man called again and this time she answered her phone. "Sorry, Babe. I know I disturbed your sleep. I just need someone to talk to." An anxious and emotional Gabriel can be heard in another line of the phone. He is sobbing.

"You don't bother me, I haven't slept yet." Her tongue slipped. Then she looked at the clock hanging on the wall. Oh my, it's almost one in the morning. She should not have said that she was still awake. Great! What is her alibi now if he asks why she is still awake at this time. Now she groaned in frustration inwardly. But that did not last long and she was relieved because he did not ask about it and continued talking about how bad his day was, and the incident that took place regarding his parents' death.

She was just quietly listening to him. What else can she say, she is the only reason it is happening now to the young man. One part of herself is sympathetic to the man while the other part is celebrating because no one is going to hinder their relationship. In a few days, weeks, or maybe months, he will also forget the pain caused by the loss of his parents she will help him recover.

After a long moment of silence, the man asked her if she was still there. The only thing she answered was that "I'm still here."

There was a moment of silence before the young man spoke again. "Take a rest babe, maybe you are tired. Let's just continue the conversation some other time. I still have a lot to take care of for my parents. I would appreciate it if you could come later. I will text you the address." He stated in a sad tone.

"I was very surprised by what happened to them. You can expect me to come later." She tried to lower her voice to make it sound that she is grieving also. When Gabriel's call ended, she could not contain the happiness inside. In her eagerness to tell the good news and no one to talk about it, she dialed her brother's number intentionally.

"Why did you call? Are you out of your mind? What if I was arrested and the policemen received your call instead of me!" Ricky was furious on the other line. His voice is deafening.

"Hey, relax. Before you..." She was interrupted by Ricky before she could finish her statement.

"What is happening to you? You panicked earlier, now all of a sudden you sound complacent." Wondering his sister's strange behavior.

"Let me finish speaking first before you comment. Is that okay?" She said annoyingly. Ricky could not utter words after hearing what she said. "Okay, I will take that silence as a cue for me to speak."

She continues talking and happily recounted to his brother what Gabriel had just told her, sounding like a child who had gotten what she wanted.

Ricky seemed incredulous that they had killed the two. Due to the chaos that takes place last night, he forgot to mention to his sister that they did not finish injecting the poison into the couple's body, since their lookout outside informs them that he saw four people coming in the direction of the couples room. So they did nothing even though they had not finished what they were doing, they hurried out of the room.

Ricky estimated that less than half of the toxins were injected into them and he is not one hundred percent sure if it will work. But after hearing Melanie's statement his doubt has vanished. "You still have to be careful, and don't worry about our men who have been arrested, I will take care of them so that they will not be able to speak." He sternly said.

"Thank you very much, brother. What would I do without you? But don't worry too much. With Gabriel by my side, I know I am safe from any investigation."

It sighed deeply and spoke again." You say so." This was the first time she had thanked him and called him brother, so he should not oppose her. She was too happy for him to ruin her mood. She was the only family he considered, after losing their parents a long time ago since their relatives did not treat them well that's why he could not find love in his heart for them.

The whole night had passed and the dawn had come and Martin still had not arrived. Anne just woke up she didn't sleep much last night. She remained lying down for a while before entering the bathroom and took a shower, then he went out and searched the kitchen. She looked around and noticed that this house is way too smaller compared to the huge mansion that Martin first previously brought her. The surroundings are clean and tidy. The decorations around are also simple yet pleasing to the eye. It really looks like a typical house.

Anne's mind returned to the present when Mildred spoke behind her that made her startled. "Do you like this new house. This is Martin's birthday gift for me, last year" She proudly said.

" I like your home decor, it is simple yet beautiful." She said honestly. She did not think that the man was generous enough to give the house as a gift.

"I'll take that as a compliment." Then Mildred smiled broadly. "You woke up early." She remark.

Anne smiled. "Yes, I used to wake up early." She paused for a moment and reluctantly asked. "Has Martin arrived yet?"

"I do not know. I just woke up. If you want you can go for a run. That's good since it's still early." She changes the subject. She did not want to tell her the truth so that she would not have to worry about it.

Anne seemed to notice this so she just didn't push it further. "Your suggestion sounds good. I have also not been able to run for a long time." He was suddenly excited but that was only temporary. Her abduction flashes through her mind so she decided not to go out and instead volunteered to help Mildred prepare their breakfast.

Mildred is very pleased with Anne because, like her, she is also good in the kitchen. "You know your future wife is very lucky besides you are very beautiful, you are kind, and most of all good at cooking." Mildred praised her, causing her cheek to turn red. When Mildred saw this, she was even more amused by the woman.

It's night but Martin still hasn't arrived, Anne is starting to get anxious. She couldn't help but ask Mildred while they are having dinner. "Why is Martin not here yet?"

"I also do not know. He does not answer any of my texts or calls." Even she also begins to wonder.

Anne was already in the room but she still hoped that before she could fall asleep the man had arrived but she failed until she completely lost consciousness and was taken to slumber.

The next day when she woke up she felt as if something heavy was resting on her hip. She held it to lift but she was surprised to see that it was an arm. She almost screamed, if only she hadn't restrained herself. She suddenly stood up in shock especially when she saw who the person next to her was. "What is the man doing here?"

She was afraid it might wake up so she quickly went into the bathroom to take a shower. After taking a bath she slowly came out and changed. What she did not know was that Martin had been awake for a while and was secretly watching her as she got dressed. While the man was doing this he seemed embarrassed but he could not control himself to not look at the beauty in front of him.

When she was done she left the room immediately. She went straight to the kitchen and found Mildred cooking there. Just like yesterday, she helped her. They were about to finish their cooking when Martin entered the kitchen. He had just taken a bath and was now wearing his office clothes.

"Smells good." He commented as he approached them and took a seat.

Mildred smiled upon seeing him, she filled the man's cup with coffee and then gave it to him.

She seemed to be pierced by the way the man looked at her. Anne was just quiet the whole time. The truth is that every time she is close to the man’s presence she becomes uncomfortable, but she has to put it aside if she wants to return to her normal routine.

After they had breakfast, she wasted no time and spoke. "I want to go back home."

"Let's talk in the living room." Martin stood up first and she followed. Mildred was left in the kitchen to take care of their dishes.

When they were comfortable sitting in the living room, Martin began to talk about everything that had happened. Anne couldn't seem to believe that there were people like Melanie who could do that. "That woman is crazy." She exclaimed after that.

"Yes, I agree otherwise she would not have thought of doing so." He paused for a moment then continue. "Before I forget later my driver will pick you up and take you to your new house."

"New house?" She wondered what the man had said.

"Yes, new house. Ricky is still free. We do not know when he will return to take revenge, and you are one of them. Just to make sure, you will hide for a month there."

And that's exactly what she did for her safety. She hid a month before Martin sent her back to her hometown.


Gabriel was furious as he drank alcohol alone inside his bar. Whatever he used to feel for the woman has been replaced by pure anger. He could not believe that she would do this to him. Despite his love for the woman, this is what he will receive in return. His mind went back to what happened two days from now.

It was as if a thorn had pulled Gabriel out of his throat when the doctor came out and announced that his parents were safe. But the happiness he felt was only temporary because when Martin arrived something was revealed to him that he was too shocked, and he can't seem to accept the fact that Melanie, his one true love could do such havoc to his family.

He still did not want to believe but the evidence gathered by his uncle in front of him now that was exposed could not lie. How he has been silly for a long time. He almost lost the two most important persons in his life just because of that woman, who doesn't even deserve his single glance. He was remorseful, why he did not listen to them, that no other intention but his welfare. He could not stop the tears from falling in his eyes in rage. "How long have you known this?" He asked sadly, free from any resentment.

"It's been more than a month, I just can't tell you because the evidence I'm holding is not yet complete." Martin seriously stated.

He cannot blame them. Perhaps if they had revealed earlier, these things about Melanie without any document that was presented to him, he will not have believed either.

"How are they?" He asked referring to his sister and brother-in-law.

"They are no longer in danger. For now, we will just wait for their consciousness to return."

Martin sighed deeply. He did not know that he was holding his breath until he released it. Now her worries are slowly diminishing. "Anne was at my house. She already knows everything, your mother told her." He then looked at Gabriel's expression. It was blank and he didn't seem to hear anything he said. "Don't blame us, we are doing our best to keep you safe against that girlfriend of yours, or I must say ex-girlfriend" He added.

"I am so grateful for all your help when I was still blinded by that woman. I swear I will make her pay for everything she did. Even if I would have to travel the whole world so I can just catch her, I will gladly do it." He firmly stated. He couldn't even utter Melanie's name. To think that her name would slip on his tongue he already despised it. In an instant, the love he felt for her was replaced by hatred. All he wants now is for the woman to be arrested immediately.

He was momentarily taken aback by what Gabriel had said, but he was no longer surprised by his attitude towards her. In all the trouble it caused their family, she deserved to rot in prison. Not only did they become the victim of the woman, but she also had three other families who were victimized due to her selfishness. "I have a plan in mind so we can find the woman easier without you having to explore around the world." He emphasized its last eight words because these are also what Gabriel said earlier in an exaggerated way.

Suddenly it sat up straight in the chair. "All right, tell me what are you planning to do?" He stated interestedly. They discussed the details of his plans and how many people and police will back him up in case the plan will not succeed. It looks like his uncle has been prepared for it already. He admires Martin's plan and intelligence to come up with that idea in mind. All he has to do is be a good actor and everything will go smoothly as planned.

Melanie arrived at the place where he texted. He deceived the woman when he said that his parents' remains were there. The woman was shocked when she saw the police waiting for her instead of Gabriel. She was arrested and did nothing but cry.

Gabriel was a bit far from where Melanie was. He deliberately wanted to keep his distance away from her since he fears that he may not be able to control himself and kill her in front of the policemen.

Melanie did not escape the law. With Martin's help, the families of her former husband's found out what she had done. So it added to her case which led to her being sentenced to life imprisonment.

Ricky has never been arrested until now he is still in hiding. But the police did not cease on searching him.

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