No Escape

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Chapter 13

It's been a year but it seems like things happened recently. They are still fresh in Anne's mind. After that incident, she quit her job for good and returned to her hometown to forget everything. After a week, they decided to move and there they chose to live in his mother's hometown. She made sure she could not be found, especially Ricky, Melanie's older brother. Since he is still not caught by the police. Before she left, Martin gave her a large sum of money to provide for her mother's needs. She no longer hesitated and accepted it. Since then she has not communicated with them except with her friend Melly. Of course, Anne warned her that no matter what happens, she would not let anyone know where she was. Melly also assured her that if she had to make up a story she would do it for her sake. Melly already knew the whole incident. There is no point in her hiding it. She also wanted her to immediately understand why she decided to leave, and being a good friend she supported her.

She has also found a job that is also close to where they live. Her life is quiet now but why does she still feel emptiness. When she thinks about them she feels like she is hurting inside that she cannot figure out what the reason is. Somehow she was still upset with Gabriel because it didn't even show up to her, so she could at least say goodbye before she leaves. The last time she saw the man was in the hospital. Since then, she had no news of him.


Gabriel's meeting just ended when his phone rang. The number flashing on his phone screen is not in his list of contacts, but he accepted the call.

"You will pay for what you did to my sister..." The man's voice was booming on the other line.

Before he could finish speaking, Gabriel immediately interrupted what he was going to say next. "You are so brave to threaten me..." Even though he did not introduce himself, he immediately recognized his voice if who he was.

Just as he did the man on the other line also did not let him finish speaking and continued to speak again. "You probably won't say that I was just threatening you if I could send Anne's head to you. How is that?" And then it laughed as if it was losing its sanity.

"For all I care, go on. Who are you scaring? Me?!" In a fit of rage, he could no longer restrain himself and uttered words that he eventually regretted as soon as it slipped his mouth. He then immediately ended the call. He is fuming in anger. He could not believe that Ricky still dared to talk, and threatens him like that. After all, he and her wicked sister had caused a lot of trouble to him, especially with his parents that they almost got killed. This is all their fault if why this is happening to both of them.

He was skeptical about what Ricky said.
Throughout the remaining hours of work, since he called him, he was less focused and restless. What if he's not fooling him around, and true to his words, just now it sinks into his mind. He suddenly felt nervous. Whether this is true or not, he can not just ignore it.

Anne suddenly popped into his mind. The last time he saw her was when her parents were still in the hospital. He has not been able to show up to Anne since Martin rescued her from the abduction. At that time he was still confused, and could not think straight, so everything was taken care of by his uncle. For about half a month he cannot function well, he was greatly affected by what that wicked woman did. He almost shunned everyone around him, except his parents and Martin. This was the reason, why he was no longer able to meet Anne before she left.

At exactly five o'clock Gabriel went out of his office which is so unusual for someone like him that is very workaholic.
He immediately called the detective he knew, while on his way home. He is one of the best detectives in the country. He needed to find Anne before Ricky could get ahead of him.


"Care to share your thoughts? It is best to let someone know about your problem. You know I'm just here and willing to listen." Sharon, Anne's colleague stated, as she saw her deep in thought.

Anne smiled back when she heard what she said. "Nothing just random thoughts." She replied.

"I doubt it. But if you are ready to spill the beans, always remember that I'm here." Then she winked and went back to work.

Anne laughed softly at Sharon's curiosity. She does not know how to give up on asking her, every time she sees her out of herself.

She just shook her head at what Sharon said and then continued working. Time flew fast and before she knew it, it was already five o'clock. Her co-workers started going out but she still stayed in her chair she still had one more unfinished file in her hand. Her boss strictly instructed her to finish it this day. If only she hadn't lost focus earlier she would have done it by now. But even if she blames herself, nothing will change.

She will just make sure that next time it will not happen again. It becomes unhealthy in her work if it continues. She also does not want her boss to notice it and might be reprimanded, since it is very strict, particularly when it comes to working efficiency.

She spent more than half an hour before she finished her job. When she came out, the sun was setting. She remembers that they had little food stock left so she decided to drop by at a grocery near their office. As she walked towards the store, someone grabbed her arm that startled her. She turned around and saw a man she did not even know.

"Come with me." He spoke seriously.

When you combine fear and confusion, the result is bad because you can no longer think clearly, and this is how Anne feels now. She did not think twice and pushed the man with great force and because the man was unprepared he fell.

She ran fast without looking back. She even heard the man cursed in shock at what she did. She was very nervous while running, fortunately, the soles of her shoes were low, if by chance her heels were high she might have stumbled.

When she was in front of their office building she looked behind her and when she did not see the man, she went inside to hide. The guard who saw her wondered why she was gasping for breath. "Ma'am, are you all right? " He asked worriedly.

"Someone is chasing me. If a man is looking for me tell him that you did not notice me, and do not let him in. Call the police station if he insists. I'll just rest in my cubicle and I'll go home later when I regain my strength." She said quickly, in her panting voice, and entered the elevator.

"Mom, I might be late for home, I still have work to finish." As soon as she is sitting comfortably in her cubicle she called her mom and makes an excuse for going home late, not wanting her mother to worry about her. She did not want to add to her sufferings. When her nervousness subsided, as well as the fatigue from running, she decided to go home. Their guard hesitated when she bid goodbye, but she made assure him that she was okay and she would just be careful.

She just got out when the taxi called by their guard arrived. She almost ran from the door of the building to the car, afraid that the man might still be there. Every day she walks to the office and back home but now is an exception because of the things that took place, earlier.

She hurried inside their house, there she breathed a sigh of relief upon stepping her feet inside. "I'm glad you're here. I'm going to a party and I might be late for home." Her aunt said when she saw her enter the kitchen.

She embraced her, "Be careful and have fun." Anne said.

"Your mother went to bed early. I asked how she was feeling but she just answered me that she was even better than the bull." She shook her head.

"Oh! you are not used to Mom. You know that she loves to joke. That is one of the things that makes her feel happy now despite her illness." She admires her mother's positiveness. Ever since she got sick and ceased working, you have never seen her feel discouraged.

Myrna was the older sister of her mother. She helped them a lot and was the one who took care of her mother since she got sick. She was a seamstress and that was what she loved to do while watching over her mother. She also got married twice but all of that ended in divorce. She did not have a child to any of her ex-husbands and that part was depressing of all. Since then she has closed her door for those who intend to woo her and stay next to her younger sister.

After she ate she washed the dishes and suddenly, the plate she was gripping in her hands slid causing it to fall and shattered Gradually she felt nervous the first thing that came to her mind was her mother.
She ran into her mother's room when she got inside she woke it up, but it doesn't respond to her anymore. Even though she shook it on her shoulder several times but still got the same result.

Her hand trembled as she called for an ambulance, then she also called her aunt to let her know what had occurred. They were both crying on the phone while talking.

Once in the hospital, the pain she felt became even worse when the doctor declared that her mother did not make it, that she was gone.

Myrna caught Anne with tears in her eyes when she entered the hospital. "What happened? How is my sister?" Panic evident in her face. When she continued to cry and did not respond to her queries, Myrna did not feel good about it. She did not ask any more questions. Just a glance at her niece she seemed to know what had happened to her only sibling. Even though she has prepared herself when this day comes but it feels different when it is happening in front of you.

Her mother was soon buried. She was still sad but she could handle it now compared to the first day when her mother was gone. Somehow she gradually accepted her death. To ease her sadness, she just thinks that her mother is happy now and has rested from the anguish caused by her illness.

Almost everyone who accompanied her mother's funeral left but she still had no intention of leaving. The only ones left with her were her aunt and friend Melly who were on leave from work for four days just to sympathize with her grief.

She did nothing but sit on the lawn and blankly looking at her mother's grave.
She spent about two more hours before thinking of going home. She was even startled when she turned around and her aunt and friend were still there. She almost forgot their presence. "You are still here, I thought you both went home ." She utter.

"We can't leave you here alone, and besides it is getting gloomy. It looks like it's going to rain anytime soon." Melly voiced looking up at the sky.

She also looked up and it was true. They hastily ascended into their respective vehicles before the rain fell that will make them wet and they went straight to their house.

"What are your plans for now? Will you still live here? "Melly asked curiously as they both settled in Anne's room.

"I have no plans yet. I might as well remain with my current job." Sadness can be seen on her face.

"All right, it's up to you but if you decided to come with me I assure you there is a great job waiting for you there. Just say yes and you can have it."

Anne just laughed softly at her. It was as if she was the owner of the company the way she talked to.

"Why are you laughing I'm not kidding. I am telling the fact. If you do not want to believe that is your problem because you missed a good opportunity."

"I will let you know if I change my mind."

"All right, I hope you think about it carefully. Even if you are new to the company, you will earn a high compensation."

"I will let you know, okay?" That was all she could say at the urging of her friend.

"I have two more days to stay here, so why don't we go shopping tomorrow. What can you say?" She gladly asked, shifting the topic.

"It's a good thing that you suggested that. I can't remember anymore if when was the last time I go shopping." Anne thinks this is also a good way for her to have a bonding time with her friend while she is here.

Melly was happy with her response. She will take advantage of this chance to convince the friend to go with her. Of course, she has her motives if why she badly wants Anne to take her suggestion.

Because of their unstoppable conversation that evening, it took them one o'clock in the morning before they fall asleep. The next day when Melly woke up, Anne was no longer by her side. She rapidly took a shower, got dressed, and headed to the kitchen. There she found Anne preparing food with her aunt. "Good Morning." She greeted, then sniffed. "Smells good. I can finally eat home-cooked food. I can no longer remember when I last cooked. I'm sure it tastes good." She added and then chuckled.

"Morning. It's nice that you are already up." Myrna replied to Melly's greeting.

"You do not have to flatter to taste what we cooked, Mel, you know that." Anne grinned. She knew her very well, that food was her weakness. The only problem is that it doesn't love to cook.

"Who is flattering? I'm just expressing the fact."

"That's enough, let's eat first." Myrna scolded the two before their conversation will end up in an argument. They immediately followed and ate peacefully.

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