No Escape

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Chapter 15

Anne was frightened when one of the two men who approached her spoke. "Don't fight back if you don't want something bad will happen to your friend and aunt." He threatens. She has no choice but to follow them. Her feet were heavy as they led her into the parked car. She could not believe it was happening to her again now. She thought she had escaped this chapter of her life but she was completely wrong. She was too worried about her friend and aunt's condition to think of herself so she did not hesitate and go with them, even now her whole system is full of fear.

When the car started moving, her tears inevitably flowed. She was weeping quietly. All these will not happen if she leaves immediately with Melly which is what she decided last night. But it was too late to blame herself, the two people who are most important to her were already in danger.

She could not believe that Ricky could afford to hire people to abduct them. Although she did not know him personally based on Martin's story about him, he did not have many resources after his sister being put in jail. Inside the car was filled with silence, which further added to the trepidation she was feeling right now.

They traveled for more than three hours before reaching their destination. Their car halt in front of the high iron gate. This kind of entrance reminds Anne of Martin's place and also those towering trees around the property. As the car got inside the yard the nervousness she felt intensified. When they got out of the car, she could not control herself not to panic, added by the surge of negative emotions, her eyesight gradually darkened and she lost consciousness before they could get inside the house.

Fortunately, the man next to Anne caught her immediately before she fell to the ground, he carried Anne, and while on their way inside the mansion his boss approaches him with a confused look.

"What's the matter?" A man with a dominant voice asked upon seeing Anne in that state.

"I have no idea, Sir. Not long after we got out from the car, she suddenly fainted." The man who carries Anne replied.

"Bring her to my room." He said authoritatively. Which was immediately followed by his man. He did not want their reunion to be this way but he had no choice, he is running out of time. It's either him or Ricky who can get Anne first. He could not allow that to happen so he preceded him by taking a drastic step.

The man was about to go upstairs to take Anne there when he abruptly stopped from his track when his boss speaks again. "I'll just take her to my room." The man looked at his boss in hesitation. He pondered in his mind if what he heard was correct?" His boss now raised an eyebrow at him helplessly so he just gave the woman to him. He fully understood what it said to him, he just could not believe his ears that his boss will offer him help by carrying the woman.

When he put the woman down on his bed, only now did he has a chance to look at her closely. There seemed to be some kind of emotion that arose in him that he could not explain. As he looked at her for a long time, he realized that he misses Anne. Maybe he felt it before but did not pay attention to it since he is busy with the company.

What he was thinking was interrupted when he heard the loud honking of the car outside and since he had no expected guests so he wondered who it was. He took the phone out of his pocket and dialed the number of Ryan who was one of his men. "See who's out there. Inform him that I can't be disturbed now." Then he cut the line. He turned his attention again to the unconscious woman. He gently stroked her cheek. He was tempted to kiss her but he resisted the urge. It is not right for him to sneak a kiss especially in her current state, So he was content to just caress her cheeks.

Suddenly the door swung opened which surprised him. "Is it hard to understand what I told you Ryan that I can't be bothered right now?" He said without glancing if who it was. His back is still facing the door while looking at Anne.

"What do you think you're doing?" A loud voice echoed through the room.

Suddenly he stood up and looked at the source of the voice that was none other than his uncle. "What are you doing here? And what have I done that made you mad like that?" He was surprised because it was the first time he had seen him angry like this.

"Until now you don't know what you did wrongdoing and what do you call what you are doing to Anne now?" His face still showed annoyance for his nephew.

"Saving her from, Ricky I guess." He proudly said. He did not even ask how he found out that the woman was in his custody. He is certain that just like him, Martin's men also follow the woman to ensure her safety. That is why the reason why his uncle found out right away that Anne is with him.

On the other hand, the two did not realize that Anne had regained consciousness because they were still arguing. She slowly opened her eyes and a foreign room was exposed to her sight. Only then did she remember what had happened when she heard them speaking again and now their pitch was not as high as earlier. And because her back was facing them she could not see their faces but their voices are somewhat familiar to her. He can't be wrong Gabriel and Martin are the ones he hears speaking.

She breathed a sigh of relief but not until she remembered that Melly and her Aunt has been captured. "Why do they have to do it? She internally asked, remained silent, and listened to their conversation without moving an inch afraid that they will know that she is already conscious. Although it is wrong to eavesdrop she sees it as an opportunity to answer her questions in mind.

"You know that she was abducted before but you repeated it. Don't you just think that he might be traumatized by what you did?"

Gabriel thought for a moment before talking. "Okay, I got it. I made a mistake. But that was the only way I could think of so that Ricky would not be ahead of me. I sent one of my men to fetch her, but she always ran away. What do you think I should do? Maybe you understand me if why I did that." He gave a long statement, hoping that Martin will understand him, but instead, he reprimanded him like a child.

"There are many ways for you to get her back but not the way you did. Even if you justify what you have done, your method is still wrong!" He said emphatically.

Gabriel could not speak to refute what he was saying he knew his uncle was right.

What Anne heard was enough to answer the questions in her mind. She slowly moved to let them know that she already regain her consciousness. She turned to face them. She pretended to be surprised to see the two of them. She widened her eyes to make her acting look convincing. She did not want them to know that she had heard what they were conversing about.

Gabriel was the first to notice so he spoke immediately. "It's good that your consciousness is back."He said with a smile.

But Martin's reaction was opposite when he heard what Gabriel had just said. "What do you mean she regained consciousness? Is there something that happened earlier?" Martin's appearance became gloomy. If he was not his nephew, he would have punched him earlier. He could not understand herself as long as it involves Anne he worries too much.

"She lost consciousness before she could get inside, that is based on the statement of one of my trusted men." He explained. He said briefly

"Look at what you did. Fortunately, that was the only result. What if she had heart disease and had an attack?"

"You think too much Martin. Calm down. It won't happen. And besides, she is okay now."

Martin just looked at him badly in response.

Anne who was just listening to the two could not help but interrupt them as her stomach began to rumble. "Can I have breakfast? I'm starving." She said as the two continue their conversation she could not tolerate the hunger anymore. She no longer wondered why she felt starving when his eyes accidentally hit the wall where the clock was hanging she saw that it was almost 11 a.m.

The two guided her to the dining room. Both held her elbow. Martin is on the left while Gabriel is on the right. It was as if they were afraid that she would disappear from their sight any moment. They acted strangely but she did not say anything. On their way down they engulfed with silence, not one of them dared to speak.

When they were in the dining room, Anne was amazed at the amount of food on the dining table. However, she was not surprised anymore since Gabriel is accustomed to preparing this sumptuous meal whenever he wants even when there is no occasion.

Martin and Gabriel raced to pull out a chair for Anne as they approached the dining table. The woman just looked at them both, She restrains herself from smiling because of their actions, which she has already noticed earlier. And so as not to offend one of them, she pulled up another chair for her to sit on. The two just looked at each other and pushed back their pulled chair.

Anne ate well she temporarily forgot her friend and aunt because of starvation. After dinner, he immediately asked Gabriel, if where they are?

"Later they will be here, so don't worry." He replied.

"Why don't they just join us now?" She wonders.

"I have something important to say that they do not need to hear."

"How important is that, that you do not want them to know."

"I will go straight to the point. Ricky is looking for you now. He wants us to pay, because of what happened to his sister and you are his first target. I need you to be an instrument to catch Ricky." Anne's eyes go wide, she did not expect what she heard from Gabriel. "That is if you will agree to my suggestion." He added when he saw that Anne was utterly shocked by what he said.

"That is the stupidest suggestion you have ever come up with. Are you serious? do you want to put Anne in danger? Why don't we just let the police do their job." Martin's voice showed annoyance.

"That we have been doing for a year now but still nothing is happening. So, do you have a better idea in mind than me?"

"Yes, she should live normally. Only that she will be accompanied by guards wherever she goes until our issue with Ricky is not over yet."

"You have a good idea but how long will we wait. My idea is a bit risky but our problem with that man will end soon.

"It is easier said than done especially if Anne's life is at stake here. Why don't we ask Anne since she was the first to be affected by it." Then they turned their gaze at her, who was just listening intently as if weighing their points.

She felt bad because Gabriel's tone seemed that he doesn't care if she will be put in a hazardous situation.

What else did she expect from him, nor did it even formally say goodbye to her before she returned to her hometown then. Only now did she realize that she was hurting inside every time she remembered it.

After all, who is she for the man to focus on? She was just a fake girlfriend for hire then. So, she should not be offended by what he did. She reasoned to herself, afterward.

She was brought out from her thoughts when she saw Martin's hands are waving in front of her face. She blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry I just remembered something."

"Care to share." Gabriel chipped in causing her face to turn even redder.

"It was just a random thought. Not so important to discuss with."

"You say so." Gabriel shrugged not buying her alibi.

"What do you think? Which suggestions are more okay with you?" Martin asked again.

"I think I prefer your suggestion over Gabriel," Anne replied without hesitation.

"It's settled then. And one more thing, he will stay with me temporarily."

"What? She will stay with me. And that is final." Gabriel insisted.

"You may have forgotten that when she was under your care Melanie's men abducted her. And I will not allow that to happen again." Martin's stern statement.

"It was different then because I had not yet discovered their bad intentions now I was prepared for what might occur."

"Won't you even ask me what I want?" She said as they look like children fighting over a toy. Who would have thought that businessmen like them would have a side like this one?

The two cease their argument when they heard her spoke and looked in her direction in unison. "I will choose no one." She further teased them, of course, her face and tone were serious for them to believe in her.

"Whether you like it or not, you will stay with one of us. So, you will choose between me and Martin." Gabriel said emphatically that his forehead was now furrowed.

Anne looked at him intently before she spoke. "Okay, since you leave me no choice. I will stay with Martin."

"What? No way!" He outburst.

"You told her to decide. Now that she has decided, you should accept it."

"I am to blame for why she was placed in this position, so it is only right that she should stay with me."

"In that case, why did you even ask if you had already decided for her. Sometimes you are ambiguous to talk to." Martin said irritably.

"Gabriel has a point but my decision will not change, I will stay with Martin temporarily." She said firmly.

Martin smiled sparingly. Ever since he separated from his ex-girlfriend, he has rarely smiled. "You've heard her..."

Gabriel interrupted him, "All right, you will take care of everything from now on." Then he brushed his hair with his fingers in frustration. He immediately turned away without saying goodbye.

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