No Escape

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Anne's quiet world has been chaotic ever since she first met Gabriel Williams a playboy billionaire who offered her a marriage the first time they met. Her world became even more chaotic because of his uncle who never stopped interfering in her life. Will Anne's elusive heart still find happiness in the midst of her chaotic world? Let's find out as the story begins to unfold.

Romance / Drama
Leslie Sobrepeña
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Chapter 1

Anne felt sad as she watched her friend, Melly. It was in front of her, crying her eyes out. This is one of the reasons why she still does not have a boyfriend until now. She was afraid of being hurt. Even if others say that she is a coward, she will not deny it. That was the fact, that she is really afraid to have an intimate relationship with anyone. Perhaps she has not yet found the right man for her. So far this is the last thing on her list to do.

Anne mind returned to the present when Melly touched her. She seemed embarrassed when she saw it already stopped crying that she did not even notice if she had not touched by her. She did not want her to think that she did not sincerely sympathize with her.

"Are you alright? Seems you are deep in thought." Melly asked her worriedly.

"I should be the one asking you that." Anne said while scratching her head. She felt guilty because she didn't give her full attention to her friend who needed it more at this time.

"Don't worry about me. Right now I am still sad, but gradually I know I can get over this." She bravely stated. "All I need now is to release all my resentment to get rid of it as soon as possible." She added and bitterly smiled.

Anne smiled back but it did not reach her eyes. She admired her friend's resilience. If this happened to her, she might not be able to cope. But even then she could not help feeling sad for her. She cannot count how many times this scene had happened to Melly because of men. She wants to reprimand her but she thinks this is not the right time. Especially, now that it is at the peak of her heart break.

She did not want to upset her more and cause a quarrel between them. All she can do right now is to accompany her.

She did not want to leave her in this situation, so she decided to sleep in her apartment.

The next morning she bid goodbye to her friend, since she needed to go to work.

Anne first went to her apartment and took a quick shower before going to work. She wants this kind of life without any complications.

She works as a supervisor in a grocery store. This is the largest store in their area so it is not surprising that it has many customers all day. It opens at exactly nine o'clock in the morning, but before it opened she was already there.

She was not surprised when she arrived, there were already a lot of customers waiting outside for the store opening.

She went straight into her cubicle and put down the bag she was carrying and started working, until the lunch time came.

Just like Anne used to do every lunch, she went out and bought food at the restaurant next to their store. And then back to her cubicle to have lunch there.

She prefers to eat alone. She has been used to it since childhood. Being an only child and having separated parents when she was only two years old. So she trained herself to be alone.

She has not seen her father since he got separated from her mother. She did not know the reason why her parents got separated and she had no intention of finding out.

She could not blame her mother for why she always had no time for her because she is always busy at work to support her studies.

When she was outside the diner and had already bought her lunch, she stopped from her track when somebody tapped her on the shoulder from behind. She was startled and immediately turned around.

She saw a tall man, it's body is muscular, and his face seems to be always ready to fight. Even though she felt uneasy, she was still able to ask the man.

"Who are you?" She asked in surprise.

"You don't know me but my boss wants to talk to you" the man said seriously. "He was inside that vehicle." He added and it pointed to the car parked nearby.

Her mouth dropped open when she saw the car pointed at by the man she was speaking to. It is a Porsche. She flickered a few times before turning her gaze back to the car the man was pointing at.

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