No Escape

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Chapter 2

"Are you sure that I am the one your boss wants to talk to? Because as far as I remember I do not know anyone with that type of vehicle" Anne said confused.

"Like me, you don't know him either, but he wants to talk to you." He directly said.

She hesitates whether to follow the man in front of her or not. What if they are bad people.

The man seemed to have read her mind so he immediately spoke to refute her thoughts. "You have nothing to worry about my boss just really wants to talk to you." It's a calm statement.

She looked closely at the man as if weighing what he had said, then looked at her wristwatch and found that she still had enough time left before her lunch break ends.

Then she spoke. "Alright, I'll come with you." She saw his face lit up after she decided to go with him, it was as if a thorn had been pulled out of his throat.

The man acted like he was afraid of the consequence in case she did not agree to talk to his boss. And because of this, curiosity arises within her.

As they walked closer to the car, various questions came to her mind. So she did not realize that they had reached the place where the car was parked.

Her mind went back to the present when the back door of the car opened and revealed the person who wanted to talk to her.

She was momentarily taken aback when she saw a very handsome young man who is sitting there.

She never expected this scene. She swallowed hard, suddenly her hand was sweating, and followed by the pounding of her chest, that she could not explain.

It would have been easy if only an old man wanted to talk to her and not as handsome as this man.

The young man motioned for her to come in when he noticed her hesitation. She obeyed him. As soon as she sat down, the car started moving.

"Where are you taking me, Sir? I thought we were just going to talk." Anne said panic is evident in her face.

"Yes, we will talk but not here." He said with a smile, to alleviate the uneasiness that she felt. "By the way, I'm Gabriel Williams but you can call me Gab." He added, then he held out his hand to shake the girl's hand.

She hesitated but reached out her hand anyway, to shake the young man's hand. She did not want to be rude, especially since, she just met him and he did nothing wrong.

The trip did not last long, their car halt at a famous and fancy restaurant in their area.

Gabriel supported her as she got out of the car. Just like a real gentleman. His small gesture made Anne feel like she was special.

She felt uncomfortable the moment when they got inside because this is the first time that someone brought her to a fancy restaurant.

When he turned his gaze at Anne he could see that she was uneasy, so to reduce her feeling of nervousness he grabbed her hand and gently squeeze, then asked, "Are you okay?" She nodded to him then smiled without uttering any word.

They were greeted by a tall lady who she thought was a manager of the restaurant because of her attire that was different from her co-workers. "Sir, everything is ready." The lady said.

"All right, just bring it inside after we eat. You may leave now." Gabriel said.

"Yes, Sir." Then she takes her leave.

'What could that be?' Anne asked herself upon hearing what the two were talking about.

She was no idea what is going on right now, but there is a presumption that it is not good. She did not know the man personally and what he needed from her.

Anne can do nothing but follow, to be able to answer the questions that were running in her mind.

Gabriel took her to a private room, located at the end of the restaurant aisle.

When they were inside, she was amazed to see the beautiful interior of the room with the wide table in the middle, enough to accommodate a dozen people.

The color of the room is gray and in the left corner, there is a pair of large sofas facing a widescreen wall-mounted television, underneath there are speakers, microphones, and a DVD player.

Just right above the table a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling. If you look at it, it looks like you are more in the dining room of a house rather than a restaurant.

Her mind returned to the present when Gabriel pulled out a chair for her and she immediately sat down. The young man sat down also right across her.

She wasted no time and talked to him." If you don't mind Sir, can you please get straight to the point? I'm running out of time. My lunch break will end soon." She worriedly stated.

But he just smiles at what she said. It was as if it doesn't care if she will be late, which caused her to be annoyed. "Is this man is listening to me." She complained within.

Anne frowned to show that she was disgusted. The young man saw it and did not like it since he was not used to someone opposing him. Then he spoke in a serious tone, "Let's eat first before discussing my proposal with you."

She looked at the man in confusion, she wants to ask him if what proposal does it mean. She had a feeling that even she insists on her question she still can't get an answer from him.

He stared at her intently as if studying her and her every move. After a few moments, he spoke "You are even more beautiful up close."

She was shocked to hear it, she did not expect the young man to say that. She looked at the man shyly.

She could not bear it's staring, so she first lowered her eyes. She was uncomfortable in her seat. She seemed to melt under his stares. She wishes that their lunch arrives soon so that the man's attention will divert to food. Soon enough, her wish came true, when the food arrived.

One by one as the dishes were placed on the table she was amazed at the quantity, while there were only two of them. She couldn't help but ask. "Wow, so plenty of food. Are we expecting someone to come and join us?"

Gabriel was amused by what Anne said. He wanted to laugh but he just held back. He did not want the girl to think anything negative about him and it may compromise his purpose to her. "No, just the two of us." Then he looked at the girl's face as if scanning her facial reaction.

He saw the shock on her face but it immediately returned to its normal form. "I don't know what you like, so I made them prepared a lot, for you to choose from." He added.

She smiled slightly.

"Let's eat," He said.

And since she was in a hurry to get back to work she immediately complied. She quickly took her food. She was so focused on what she was eating that she did not notice that the man was staring at her the whole time.

When she was done eating, that is the only time she realized that his food looks untouched. "Aren't you hungry?" She asked wondering.

"It's your fault why I haven't eaten yet." He teasingly said.

"And why am I to blame?" She asked confusedly

"You are so cute while you were eating so I could not take my eyes off you."

Her cheeks flushed when she heard his words, so to cover it up she pretended to be angry and speak "How can you say that? I'm just eating."

"You know you look cuter when you are blushing like that." He bluntly said, which caused Anne's cheeks to blushed even more because of the words he uttered.

She is not used to being praised by an extraordinary person like him and to recover from the embarrassing situation she changes the subject. "I finished my lunch maybe we can start talking about what you have to say." She hardened her voice but failed.

"Don't be in a hurry I haven't eaten yet, after I did we will talk." He said calmly.

How calm the man is, is the opposite of what Anne feels. "You are not serious aren't you?" She said anxiously. "You know I still work to do. If I can't come back on time I will suffer the consequence or worse I might get fired." She said exaggeratedly.

Although the truth is, that she also doubts that her boss will do that. Especially, this is the first time she will be late for work.

"Don't worry, Armand already knows we're together." He said calmly.

She was shocked upon hearing him, cause he knows the owner of the place where she works, but that was only for a moment. She thinks the man is telling the truth, because what will he gain if he makes a story.

She could not think any more of any excuses to quickly leave this place. She sighed deeply in defeat. It was too late when she realized that she sighed a little louder when the young man commented.

"Okay, I will take that as a cue for me to start my lunch."

There was nothing she could do but wait for him to finish. It didn't take long and he was done eating. He called his assistant, Margie. "Get in here. He commanded.

As soon as the woman entered the room, Anne noticed that she was carrying a folder. Gabriel introduced the woman to her. "Anne, this is my assistant, Margie."

"Nice to meet you, Margie."

"It's my pleasure to finally meet you, Ms. Peters," Margie replied and extended her hand to Anne to shake hands which she reluctantly accepted.

She wondered why the woman knew her. She would not be surprised anymore if she found out that they had already investigated her. Since seems they already know her.

She came back from her deep thoughts when the young man began to speak.

"Probably you are wondering why I wanted to talk to you." He stated while holding the folder.

"Stop beating around the bush, Mr. Williams," Anne said nervously.

"Okay". He said and paused for a while. "I am looking for a wife and I think that is you." He said without blinking.

Her heartbeat suddenly quickened, she did not expect it. She feels different emotions right now. She did not know if the man was just playing with her. But this is such a sensitive thing that no one dares to joke about. "Is this for real?" She asked in disbelief

"I can't blame you if you don't want to believe it. But I assure you that I'm telling the truth." His sincere statement.

"No. You're just kidding aren't you?" Anne got up angrily from her seat.

" I wish I was just joking, but I wasn't." He said seriously. He wanted to show the girl that what he was saying was true

"Are you done? If you have nothing else to say, I will leave before I lose my mind." And she hurried out of the room.

Gabriel was left stunned. He did not expect to find it difficult for him to talk to the woman. He will take this as a challenge. Instead of being discouraged, he was even more determined to get her by any means.

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