No Escape

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Chapter 3

He called his driver who was waiting outside. "Take Anne to her workplace. She is now leaving the restaurant, if she refused to tell her I insist." The moment he talked to her he knew immediately that she was stubborn.

"Let's see how hard-headed you are." He muttered inside.

Anne seemed puzzled as she walked quickly out of the restaurant. She almost bumped the man who is approaching her direction. Fortunately, she avoided it before it happens.

She never got to look back, because by chance she would have seen the man stop from walking and look at her firmly.

When Gabriel's driver saw her, he immediately went to her and offered to take her to work, she agreed with him without any arguments.

The man was still standing where he was. He watched carefully as the car leaves. When he lost sight of the car, that was his signal to enter the restaurant.

When he entered, the employees immediately greeted him. And he nodded in response. If you look at him, he seems to be used to being around. He went straight to his nephew.

When he opened the door he saw that it was sitting and talking on the phone. He did not disturb him and waited for it to finish talking.

It didn't take long when he saw his presence he immediately bid goodbye to the one he is talking to on the phone.

"What brings you here?" Gabriel said.

"Is that how you greet your, Uncle?" Martin seriously said, while leaning against the door.

He was shocked because he did not expect to see him here. Usually, it always notifies when he arrives, but the case is different now because it did not inform him.

Gabriel was used to his uncle, it was always serious and he didn't even seem to see him smile. He was so arrogant and not easy to be with. He is the only one who can endure his uncle's behavior. Martin is only three years older but acts as if he is way older than him.

What he is showing now is contrary to what he used to be. It all started when Martin's girlfriend, whom he deeply in love with, betrayed him. Since then he became indifferent to all. It was also painful for Gabriel to see that his uncle acted that way. He did a lot of attempts to help Martin, but it refused.

Only time will tell how long it will be in this condition. He hopes that this time will come soon.

"Have you eaten yet? Come join me. We have not seen each other in a long time." Gabriel said trying to ease the tension that is building up.

"No need, I'm still full. I just came here to let you know that your parents will be coming next month." Martin said then turned his gaze to the surface of the table. He was shocked by what he saw. Lots of food lying out from there, but he chose not to comment on this

"Why didn't they call me themselves and they even needed you to notify me?" Gabriel was wondering if why his parents did not tell him directly, which was unusual for them.

"They deliberately do not inform you, because they want to know if you are telling the truth that you and Melanie got separated."

Gabriel's forehead furrowed. "And why are you telling me this now?" He said.

"I just wanted to help you."

"Thanks for your concern. Sit down first, so that we can talk further."

"No need. That is all I can say. I won't take long, I still have a meeting to attend." And he marched out of the room without caring Gabriel's worried face.

He was left confused as to what he would do next. His plans must not be thwarted. And now he needs to do a drastic way to accomplish this.

He did not wait any longer and immediately called his driver to fetch him. "When he hung up the phone he also called again, to someone he knew would help him. "Let's meet at the bar tonight. I have something for you to do. I will text you the address." He said firmly. Then he turns off his phone leaving no arguments to the person on the other line. Soon his driver arrived and they went straight to his office.

On the other hand, Anne could not focus on what she was doing and was deeply affected by what the young man said earlier. Her work hours are now over but she did not finish much work.

When she was outside the store she remembered she left her bag inside where she put her car keys so she came back. This is what happens when she has a lot to think of, she becomes forgetful. After a while, she also came out and it was exactly that the heavy rain poured.

She was in a hurry to get to her car she did not notice the oncoming vehicle. It almost ran over her. To her shock, her knees shook, which cause her to lose her balance and fall on the road.

A man came rushing out of the car. He swiftly lifted Anne who was now speechless and took her to his car. He immediately ordered his driver to leave, as he embraces Anne who is now crying and soaking wet.

Anne came to her senses when the car started moving. She gently pushed the man away. "I'm fine. Just bring me back to where you took me." She said as she bowed her head, trying to hide her fear.

"I think you are far from okay. I will take full responsibility for what happened to you."

"But nothing happened and I was not hurt." She said still not looking at the man she was talking to. She was ashamed of herself because she seemed unwilling to let go of his embrace. And the funny thing is that she has not been able to look at his face yet.

"Whether you like it or not, you will come with me." His firm statement.

Anne did not dare to argue anymore. It seems there is something with this man that she cannot defy.

"And one more thing, face me when I talk to you. Is that clear?"

Anne was suddenly annoyed by what she heard from him. 'Who does he think he is. No one has the right to dictate her if what she should do.' So in retaliation for the man, she did not answer him.

"Is that clear?" Its voice is quite loud now. It was obvious that he is irritated with her. Their driver inevitably looked at them in the rearview mirror.

'This man is has a bad temper.' She thought. She did not know what went wrong with her, instead of being scared,
she pushed him even harder to get mad, through her silence. But what happened next is the thing she never anticipated.

The man hugged her again. "All right, if you don't want to look and answer me I will not let you go." There was a threat in his voice.

Anne felt strange instead of being angry, she seemed to enjoy the man's actions. She was temporarily unable to move, savoring his embrace. Perhaps it was only now that she realized that she was shivering in cold and find comfort with his embrace.

She almost forgot that she is soaking wet. She felt ashamed, so she gently pushed the man. Her first attempt failed she did it again but got the same result. Each time she tried to push it, his embrace tightened. Feeling defeated she lifted her head to obey the man.

Fortunately, he was sitting because otherwise, she might have fallen again. Her knees began to shake. This time it was no longer the fear she was felt earlier, but when she saw the man's face, she was dumbfounded. And it was followed by a lot of emotions that came crashing through her mind when their eyes met. It was too late when she realized that she was staring at the man.

"A penny for your thoughts?" He inquired, as he saw her staring at him and looking confused. This time he released the girl from his embrace.

Anne averted her eyes from the man. She felt relieved when it did not insist anymore. None of them spoke and their whole trip was engulfed in silence. Anne just comforted herself by looking out at the beautiful scenery they were passing through.

Their trip did not last long and their car stopped in front of a hotel. Before she could object, the man looked at her wickedly. Even to herself, she wondered, If why the man had such an effect on her.

Every time she tried to oppose it, she seemed to be discouraged. She then felt so annoyed that she did not know if it was for herself or this stranger.

Yes, he deserves to be called a stranger because she doesn't know him, or even just its name.

She seemed to be awakened from slumber upon hearing the man's voice. "Do you have any plans to get out of the car? His face is frowning.

Her cheeks blushed at what she heard. ' 'This man, always never fails to embarrassed her.' She had just seen it but she could no longer tolerate its behavior. She regrets why she just gave in to the man's wishes. Now it seems that he intends to do something bad to her. If not, why she was being brought, this place. If she hadn't been soaking wet, she would have run earlier, when the car stopped.

The man looked at her as if waiting for her to get out of the car.

Seeing the way he looked at her, she suddenly stepped out of the car. She's pretty sure in herself that she does not want to argue with him anymore. She could say that arguing with this man was useless since he always gives her no room for arguments.

There was no rain in the place they went to. When Anne remembered that she was soaking wet, she will inevitably feel ashamed of herself. She sighed deeply as she followed the man who was now walking fast inside the hotel. And since the man is many ways taller than her, she was having a hard time keeping up with his steps.

They had already entered the hotel. She looks like a wet chick in her condition. And it did not escape the judgmental eyes of those who saw her situation. Especially the hotel staff who couldn't help, but looked at each other meaningfully. At this moment, unfathomable shamed enveloped her whole being.

She slowly ran towards where the man was. She was confused and did not know what to do.

Upon seeing this, the man saves her from that embarrassing moment. He held her hand tightly and then whispered in her ear. "Don't mind them."

The hotel staff saw that and were surprised to realize who the girl was with. None other than the owner of this hotel, Mr. Martin Stewart.

Other's pretended to see nothing and continue with their respective work, while some simply chased Martin to greet him, but Mr. Stewart did not bother to respond.

Soon they also reached Martin's room. She was shivering from the cold. He seen this and immediately showed her where the bathroom was, so she could take a bath and get dressed.

"Everything you need is already inside," Martin told her.

She immediately complied. When she entered, she was amazed at what she saw. The bathroom is even wider compared to the rest of her apartment. She wasted no more time and take a bath.

After she took a hot shower she felt comfortable. She put on the pair of pajamas she had seen folded inside the cabinet and dried her hair before going out.

When she came out, she did not see the man there. She searched around the room thinking she could find him but failed. Anne suddenly nervous and thought badly, it disappeared only after she saw the food and a note on top of the table. She thought the man had left her and would lock her up here inside this room. That is of course is from her wild imagination.

She read the note, and it says. "Just eat first, I will be back." She smiled to herself. If she had not seen the food in front of her she would not have realized that she was already hungry. Since she had a lot on her mind, she forgot to have a coffee break earlier.

Meanwhile, Martin summoned all the staff and give them a lecture on how to treat their hotel guests properly. He doesn't know why but he had an urgent feeling to help the girl in any way he could. Every time he remembered the way the girl looks earlier, he could not help but feel sympathy for her.

After all, he can only order this thing to others, but he prefers to do it. He re-read the 'Code of Conduct' and hotel rules. After a long explanation, he finally finished as well. Before he dismissed them from the meeting and resume their respective work, once again he reminded them that he did not want that incident to happen again to any of their hotel guests. Or else, they will suffer the consequence of their actions.

Before returning to his suite, he called Gabriel, but he did not answer his call. His nephew was unaware that he already knew its plans and that is why he came here to prevent that from happening.

This is not a coincidence. Martin deliberately brought Anne here, for her to keep it away from Gabriel. Fortunately, the weather agreed, so it was easy for him to bring her here, which did not require to force her to go with him. If by chance, he might stick to his original plan which is, to abduct Anne. He knew that she would not come with him voluntarily. Especially, they do not know each other personally. For now, she shouldn't know anything for her good.

When he reached the suite, he found the girl sleeping soundly. He approached her on the bed and stared at her intently. He felt sorry for the girl and his nephew as well.


When he arrives at the bar, Ricky is already there waiting while drinking. Gabriel approached his seat, then wasted no time and immediately started his purpose in meeting him. "You know, I already quit doing that for a long time."

"All you need to do is pretend that you are stalking her and I will take charge for the rest. Is that difficult?" Gabriel said irritably.

"What if our plan does not work and I get caught? I don't want to go back to jail."

"I will take care of everything just trust me." He assured.

The man paused for a moment as if thinking about what to decide. A few moments later it spoke."All right, because you insist. How much will I earn?" He asked directly.

Gabriel smiled. "When money speaks, everything he wants, he gets." He thought. "When it comes to money, there is nothing to worry about." He assured the man in front of him.

"I know that I'm just making sure." Then he smiled greedily.

Gabriel then laid out his plan which Ricky immediately agreed to. He wanted to accomplish this as soon as possible as he was lacking in time. His parents will be coming next month, he had to prepare Anne before they arrived.

The next day as usual Ann woke up early. He got up to take a shower and before that he opened the closet first just in case she could find another dress to wear off. It would be embarrassing if he came home dressed like this. " Why did she forgot last night to wash her uniform? She would not have had such a problem now. She becomes forgetful again." Fortunately, when she opened the closet, she was exposed to her now dry uniform, along with other clothes that she estimates are more than the clothes she has in her apartment.

She did not expect to see it because she had not seen any woman here since last night, to have a lot of women's clothing here."Will she even bother with this? Of course not. Maybe for the women, he brings here. Who cares."

After she took a quick shower she opts to wear the uniform that she wore yesterday. Once done, she looked for the man to say goodbye. It only then did she realize that there was another door beside the bathroom she was bathing in. She suspected that the man was inside and still sleeping.

When she looked at the watch hanging on the wall it was only seven o'clock so she decided not to wake him first. She looked around since she did not have a chance to do it last night because she was too tired. Not just physically but most of all mentally. She felt overwhelmed by what had happened yesterday. The worst part was that she was almost hit by a car and who knows what will happen next.

As she keeps on roaming around she noticed that this room is huge. She saw that it also had a private balcony, a fireplace on the right, and a wet bar on the left side. It just means that this person is not an ordinary one.

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