No Escape

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Chapter 4

More than half an hour had passed, but he is still not awake. She has no choice but to wake him up. She knocked on the door but no answer, she tries it again but got the same result.

She turned the knob and it opened. Her eyes wandered around the room. It was a study room to be exact, just equipped with a sofa bed.

There, she saw the man lying almost naked on the bed. Suddenly her heartbeat quickened, she did not know what to do. For a moment she could not move from her position.

Her mind fighting over whether she would wake the man from his deep slumber or not and she chose the latter. She slowly closed the door again and decided to just leave without saying goodbye. She grabbed her bag lying on the bedside table and left.

When she arrived at the hotel lobby, she was surprised when two guards greeted her. She smiled then passed them and continued pacing out. She just stopped walking when one of them grabbed her by the arm. "Sorry Miss, but can we invite you to the office?" Said the muscular and very tall guard.

"What for?" She asked confused.

"Just come with us first."

"It can't be. I still have work."

As the two continued to exchange words, another guard called their team leader to inform the situation.

"It won't be long, Miss.," the guard said.

"I will not go with you unless I know the reason why." Her statement was firm.

"You will also know when we get there." His statement was also tough.

It remained like this for a few more minutes before Anne thought that nothing will happen if they argue, so even if it is against her will, she just goes along.

Hesitant though, Anne followed the two guards to the office. She did not insist on going out anymore. She felt as if she had committed a serious crime for them to treat her this way. Are they serious? Because three guards are watching over her. They seem to be afraid that she will escape any time now.

"We are here now in the office. What do you want from me?" Anne said as she sat down.

"Let's wait for Mr. Stewart, Miss. Only he can answer your question."

" Mr. Stewart, who is he?"

"You will also know when he arrives."

Soon Martin arrived as well. When he got there he saw Anne, who was just sitting quietly and deep in thought. "You can all leave now." He ordered the guards. When they heard his command no one dared to speak and everyone left the room quietly.

Upon hearing that familiar voice Anne looked where it came. She saw the man just entering the office. "You." She said in a low voice almost whispering.

" I hope it is not too late for us to get to know each other since we haven't got a chance yesterday night to introduce ourselves. I'm Martin Stewart and you?" He asked even though he already knew her name. He then reached out his hand to shake the girl's hand which she accepted. But she immediately pulled out her hand away from the man when she felt something different. It was as if there was electricity running through his whole body.

"I'm Anne Peters." She speaks but her eyes cannot look at the man's face.

"Didn't I tell you to look at me every time you speak?" He said in a cold voice. Mr. Stewart is a person who hates repeating himself and that is exactly what Anne is doing to him right now, which he did not like.

He looked in the direction of the man without speaking. He also looked at her for a few seconds they just stared at each other. Anne first looked down she could not bear to look at him any longer as if it would swallow her whole.

He spoke again this time his voice was in his usual tone. "Why did you leave and why didn't you wait for me to get up?" He knew the answer to that question but asked it anyway so that, he could have a reason for Anne to obey his wishes. For a moment his memory returned to what had happened earlier

Anne did not know that Martin was already awake before she managed to knock on his office door. Since it's a habit of him that every time he woke up, he did not get up immediately and his eyes remain closed for a few more minutes. Maybe that's why the girl assumes when she saw him that he was still sleeping, especially since he also ignored her knocking.

He waited if what the girl would do next, but nothing happened. Until he heard it closing the door again. That's when he opened his eyes. He was still lazy to get up.
Could not blame himself for the reason that, it was dawn when he fell asleep.

Before he entered the shower room to do his morning routine, he first called the room service to deliver breakfast to his suite. He was not even halfway through his bath when the doorbell rang. It was only about a few minutes since he called for room service so he wondered why it came so soon then he expected. He just ignored it thinking Anne was there to attend to it.

But after a while, it rang again. He wonders why the girl is not opening it. Feeling irritated, he came out of the bathroom. Opening the door he was surprised seeing the restless face of the hotel guard.

"I'm sorry for bothering, Sir." He said while looking at Mr. Stewart's bubbling hair. "But you need to know that Ms. Anne insisted on leaving. She is now in the office." He said worriedly.

" Go ahead, I'll be right next. Just make sure she never comes out." After this, he picked up his phone to call his driver but saw five missed calls from the guard earlier. This means that he called him several times before going up here. He did not hear it due to he is in the shower room. He has quickly done his bath and hurried to the office.

Without hesitation, she answered the man's questions. "I didn't bother to wake you up so I wouldn't disturb your sleep and I left because I still have a job and I don't want to be late. I hope it clarifies all your question. If you have nothing important to say I will leave." She said in disgust. She could not believe that the man would stop her from leaving just for this trifling reason. She did nothing wrong for him to treat her this way.

"Not so fast. I'm not done with you yet." He said firmly. His arrogance came out.

Her blood is starting to boil. What is the matter with this man? Last night she noticed that he was trying to convince her to come with him. And now that he wants to leave he prevents her from doing so.

"I believe we have nothing more to talk about and I will leave whenever I want. You can't stop me." She shows the man that she was angry.

"Try me." It was just a short word but full of threats.

"What do you want from me?" Her patience is running out at this time.

"On the contrary, you are the one who needs me." He said proudly.

"What do you mean by that?" She asked confusedly.

"Before I answer that, come with me." He ordered. She would about to object but he spoke again. "Don't you ever dare to defy me or else you will regret it?"

Anne threw a sharp look at the man. Seeing this made him angry. "Watch your gesture young lady as you might not like the outcome if you continue to oppose me. Now follow me or you want me to carry you like bridal style outside." He said in one breath. And he then marched out of the hotel.

Her shoulders were dropped as she followed behind him. ' This man is so impossible. Who did he think he was? ' She complained inside.

Outside, the car was parked waiting for their arrival. Martin chose to sit in the front while Anne was in the back of the car. Silence prevailed the entire time of their trip that lasts for more than an hour before they reached their destination.

The high iron gate automatically opened when they were in front of it, and that is where their vehicle entered. The car slowly moving in as they are approaching the gigantic mansion. It takes them about five minutes, before reaching the entrance door of the mansion.

Martin quickly got out, opened the back door of the car, and dragged Anne inside. She struggled with the man's grip on her hand. "What's wrong with you? You're hurting me." Tears welled up in her eyes. The man seemed to saw and hear nothing as they continued walking.

She could not see much around because of the blurry vision caused by her tears that kept falling. "Where are you taking me?"

"Can't you follow me without complaining?" He said angrily. He was running out of patience with this stubborn young woman.

"What do you expect from me, to just follow everything you want even if it was wrong? You can't do this to me!" She shouted at the man.

"I already did. Just shut up, before I punish you and you will not like that!" He yelled back.

Fearing that Martin might do his threat, she shut her mouth and quietly cried, as they continue to step along the hallway that seems endless.

When they entered a very large and luxurious room, she immediately sat down in the nearest chair she saw. Her knees were shaking with the various emotions she was feeling right now. She does not know what her fate will be from now onwards.

Her mind returned to the present when the man spoke again. "Your breakfast will arrive soon, just be good and nothing bad will happen to you." And as it stepped out the door, she was left alone in this huge room.

Shortly after the man came out she got up from her seat and turned the knob. Assuming it is open, but she failed, it was locked from the outside. She wanted to shout for help but she knew it was useless.
She also saw no neighbors near the mansion and even if there is, she doubted if anyone could hear her from outside the house.

She looked around the room. The first thing that caught her attention was its large window and suddenly she came up with an idea of ​​how to escape here. She approached the window and looked down as if she was estimating how high it was.

She was just on the second floor of the mansion. She thinks she can handle its height. She will only get the right opportunity before she carries out her plan. If only she could get a good conversation with him, she no longer had to do this.

When her breakfast came, she ate. She needs her strength. After that, she searched for her cellphone inside the bag but she was surprised to see that it was no longer there. The man-made sure that she could not ask for any help. Feeling depressed she returned the bag she had taken to the side of the chair.

Martin, on the other hand, came down. He went to where his office was. He called his investigator to follow up his investigation regarding Melanie's background. He wants this to end, as soon as possible so that he can return to his normal routine. Especially since he doesn't want to lock Anne here. He will also explain this to the woman in due time. Right now they have to endure each other first.

"You have been investigating Melanie for too long. I'm bored of waiting, if you can't, just say so and I will be glad to replace you."

"Give me a little more time. This woman is very careful which makes it difficult for me to find some of her records." His investigator Mark pleaded.

"All right this is your last, if you can't do it, I have no choice but to replace you." He turned off the line. He did not wait for him to speak again.

If his nephew was not important to him, he would not do such things. He cannot tell Gabriel what kind of girlfriend he has until his evidence is complete. Since he was pretty sure Melanie would just deny it. And because his nephew is blinded by love, he will believe that woman. He did not want that to be the source of their misunderstanding. So he must prepare well before he can reveal the truth to him.

The woman is very clever. Even his most famous and skilled investigator finds it difficult to gather information about her. He did not want Gabriel's life to be a ruin, because of that manipulative woman.

At first, he was delighted. Since the woman became Gabriel's girlfriend, he has lost his playboy status. He is getting away from the women who want to flirt with him. But eventually, that was not the only change that Melanie did to him.

Gabriel's attitude toward his parents has also changed, he lost his time for them And no longer follow their advice about their business. His world seems only to revolve around that woman.

His mother resented his actions which caused her to got sick and it reached Martin's attention. He dearly loves his half-sister, Daniela. His only family. So he will do everything in his power, to restore Gabriel's good relationship with his parents.

His older sister has a suspicion that Gabriel's girlfriend has something to do with this. This is why he hired an investigator to investigate the woman. And the initial report to him did not go well. He wanted Mark, his investigator, to dig furthermore strong evidence. So that the woman can no longer escape from it.

No one has dared to do anything bad to their family. They already knew what the consequences will be. He is sure that the woman does not yet fully know their family and what they can do for each other's welfare.

His patience is running out, after all, he can order to just kill the woman. To get rid of all his problems quickly, but he is not a murderer. It is not in his character to do such a bad thing.

When night came, Gabriel's phone rang, and he smiled. Even though he had never seen the screen he already knew who it was on the other line. "Hello to the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth." His introduction, that pleased the woman on the other line.

"You know that's what I love most about you. You're always telling the truth."Then it laughed softly. "Honey, how is our plan? has she agreed to marry you?" Impatience can be heard in her voice, even when she asks softly.

That was the question he avoided the most from his girlfriend. That was also the reason why he did not immediately call her after he talked to Anne because he does not want her to feel bad about it.

He was temporarily stunned and thought if how he starts to explain. Eventually, he also spoke. "She did not agree with my proposal but don't worry, the one that you recommend me, Ricky will help us. So you have nothing to worry about and our plan will be implemented sooner. " He comforted her so that she would not be upset with him.

Contrary to his expectations he thought, Melanie will be upset by his words, but not. When he heard her laugh on the other line he asked himself if which of the things he said was funny, to make her laugh. At the same time, he was also felt relieved that his girlfriend was not upset with him.

His question was answered as she spoke again. "I can't believe there is a woman who will reject your offer" Then she laughed again. Even though his ego was affected by her reaction, he remained silent and did not voice out what he felt within.

They have been planning this for a long time but they can't do it right away. It's difficult for them to find a woman who passes his parents' standard.

But one day, when he went to the store to buy his food supplies for a week and that is where he saw Anne. Fortunately, he knew the owner of the store so he did not have to worry about how to get her full name. Arman, the owner of the store where she was working even teased him before giving him Anne's full name.

He investigated everything related to the woman and he was pleased with the result. Especially when he found out that she had not been in a relationship ever since. If by chance that he doesn't have a girlfriend, he will be courting Anne.

Wait, why did he think of the girl to court. If his girlfriend knows what he is thinking now, she will feel bad about it. His focus should only be on Melanie and no one else. He loves her, so he will do everything he can to defend the woman from his parents. He will not let the two of them separate just because his parents do not want his girlfriend.

He was able to do what he is doing now because he loves her. So everyone who hinders their romance will be his enemy even if it means fighting his blood.

Anne was already in bed but he could not sleep. Her mind wanders how he got into this situation. She wondered why the man said she was the one who needed him.
Ever since she was brought here earlier in the room she has not seen him.

Throughout the day she only sees a maid who brings her food. Fortunately, there are many books on the shelves stacked inside this room, so she did not get bored all her day staying in.

She needs to be able to leave this place as soon as possible. She did not want to lose her job. She only relied on this to provide for her mother's medication who was seriously ill.

The next morning, the maid entered the room to bring Anne her breakfast. She told her that she wanted to talk to Martin but to her dismayed it did not respond to her statement.

Even talking to the maid is not possible. If she stays here longer, she might lose her sanity and that was one of the things she didn't want to happen.

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