No Escape

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Chapter 5

While Martin was having his breakfast, Mildred who is assigned to deliver Anne's food approached him. " Sir, if you have time, Ms. Anne would like to talk to you." She politely said.

"All right, you can leave now." He seriously said. Even though he had not talked to her yet, he knew she would beg him to send her home. That will also happen but now is not the right time. He did not want to talk to the girl, cause every time they had a conversation he loses his energy, explaining to her if why he did what he is doing. He is not yet ready to reveal the truth, especially and his nephew will be affected.


Melanie was furious, the opposite of what she had shown Gabriel last night. She does not want to show her boyfriend how she feels. She doesn't seem to be able to wait any longer.

The man did not know her very well. She could have killed his parents if she had wanted to. She inherited a lot of money from her former husbands. He can hire a murderer to make everything easier for her. But she would not do that she had to be discreet with her every move.

She has been doing this for a long time now. She socializes with rich people and then she looks at her next target when she finds it, she attracts them using her beauty. When they fall into her trap, which is to marry her. She waited a little while before she took the next step on how to kill them.

She has been married three times. All three of them died in a car accident. Then after the wealth is transferred to her, she will move to another place, where no one knows her and there she will find a new prospect. Of course, with her planning ability and with the help of her brother, Ricky that is why she can accomplish all this.

No one ever doubted her, cause she always plays nice and innocent in front of others. Only now is she having some difficulty.

Gabriel's parents are hard to deceive. She finds it difficult to tame the two. It seems that they prefer to die first than their son. If she was not afraid that her plans might not be fulfilled, she would have killed them a long time ago.

Right now she can do nothing but wait for what her boyfriend will do next. It does not work if she loses control of herself she must always hold it, for her to attain her ultimate goal.

She intends to stop this evil deed after she has carried out her plan with Gabriel because his wealth is too much for her to live luxuriously throughout her life. Not to mention the other assets she acquired from her ex-husbands. Why did she decide to stop? For the reason that she was also afraid that eventually someone would discover what she was doing and that was what she was avoiding happening.

She did not want her hard work to be in vain. If she is imprisoned, all the wealth she has gained will be worthless. So she will take extra precautions in all her actions.

What happened to his brother in the past should not be imitated. That time, Ricky was so angry that he could not think straight so he almost killed his co-worker. He was jailed for attempted murder. Fortunately, she bailed her brother and he did not rot in jail for a long time.

During those times she was newly married to her first husband. She is lucky because her husband is capable and it no longer hesitates and helps her brother.

But even though it helped her, she still managed to kill him. Her heart was hard, hardened by the poverty and the countless challenges that came into her life.

They were young when their mother died And because of the father's great love for their mother he could not stand it. Gradually he became careless with himself and with them. He soon died in a car accident because he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Since then life has been difficult for them. Their mother's brother adopted them but they did not last long because they were not treated well. They moved to their other relatives but were given the same treatment. They endured all that. When they reached the legal age to work, there they left under the care of their relatives. All they were thankful for was that they funded their education until they finished school.

She did not want to experience such an event again in her life, so when she got the chance and had the idea that she could use the beauty to rise faster in life, she did not hesitate to do, what she is doing right now.

She does not want a difficult way to achieve her dream she wants the easier way, and that is to marry rich men. At first, the older brother was not in favor but when he benefited from what Melanie was doing he finally agreed.

Since then, Ricky has been her assistant in all her plans. She just makes sure that every move they make is clean and free of any traces that will point to them.

Like Melanie, Gabriel is also angry but unlike his girlfriend, it is not so intense. It can be said that it is more of a concern than a feeling of anger. He was skeptical because Ricky told him earlier, that he did not see Anne at her workplace. He did not want to think that the girl might have been scared and decided to stay away from him.

He was running out of time, and another day wasted. He tries to get rid of bad thoughts in his mind. He had to go to Arman the owner of the store where Anne worked to make sure.

In a hurry, he did not even get to call his driver and drove alone. While on the road, he prayed fervently that the suspicion would not be true. Then it will be difficult for him to find a replacement for Anne, especially since he only has a short time left.

He needs to find a way to get it right before it can reach his girlfriend's attention. When he arrived at the store. He saw Arman leaving. He hurried out of his car and approached him. He did not bother to greet him and went straight to the inquiry. "Did Anne tell you the reason why she did not go to work?" He asked nervously.

Arman was suddenly startled by the voice speaking behind him as he opened the door of his car. He turned to the speaker and saw Gabriel and his face was full of concern. "I'm glad you come here more often now. " He said smiling to ease the man's worried face a little.

"What can I do for you?" He asked because he had not quite heard what it was saying earlier.

"I was just curious why Anne did not go to work. Did she say anything to you?" By now he was controlling the emotion. He did not want him to notice that he was too worried.

"She said nothing. Even I was wondering as well. It is not in her habit not to let me know if she will be absent from work."

"I went to her apartment but she was not there either," Gabriel said.

Arman's forehead furrowed now. He took the phone out of his pocket and called Anne's number. It just rang but no one answered. There seems to be something strange about what is happening. It is only now that Arman is paying attention to this. If Gabriel had not come to him, he would not have noticed it. "I called him but she did not answer my call."

Gabriel was even more confused by what the man said. He came here to find an answer and not to make his mind even more confused. He did not want to admit but maybe the girl was scared of what he offered here and suddenly left without informing anyone. That is to say, he is the cause of its sudden disappearance.

"We have a little misunderstanding when we last met. I am not sure but I have a suspicion that this may be the reason why she left immediately." He said honestly.

"You said, you are not sure, so there is probably another reason why she leaves without informing us. Just calm down. Only now have I seen you worry like that with a woman. I was happy and finally, you saw a woman you would take seriously." Then he smiled.

Gabriel forced a smile. Arman probably thought that the reason he was worried was that he loved the girl so much and he was afraid of losing her. He pretended to agree.

Their conversation was interrupted when Arman's phone sounded. When he looked at the screen, it was a message from Anne. He read it quickly. It is said there that she apologized for not formally informing him. She also added that she will file indefinite leave and just forward it later to his email account. "You have nothing to worry about Anne texted me just now, that she will take an indefinite leave." He assured him.

Instead of calming down, he was even more disturbed by what he heard from the man. This means that he will look for the girl. He controlled himself not to show his uneasiness. He can no longer stay here. He did not know how long he would be able to handle his emotions.

He then bid goodbye to Arman. When he got into the car, he drove it fast. It was as if he was venting his anger through it. While on the road he called Ricky, that they should meet. He decided that they met at the restaurant where he proposed to Anne.

He first went home to get the documents related to Anne's background. When he arrived at the restaurant he owned, he instructed the manager, that if some one searches for him by the name Ricky she would send him to his private room. Then Gabriel went straight to it. He did not wait long and the man also came with the manager. He immediately handed the document to Ricky, when his staff left.

"It has all the information you need. All I want is for you to find Anne. I want a good result. While you are looking for her do not call if you have nothing good to report. Are we clear?" He firmly stated.

"You can count on me, I will not let you down." His words are full of determination. For him, this is not just a command. He and Melanie's fate depends on it. Even if it does not say so, he will do exactly what he was told to do.

"Good! You can leave now." Somehow his anxiety subsided and he felt relieved.

Martin smiled to himself as he now sending Anne's indefinite leave to Arman. He does this because he also does not want the woman's job to be affected. He is also thankful that her phone does not have a password, so everything was easier for him. He also sent a message to her friend Melly, saying that she would be gone for a while to visit her mother. All his life he did not think that he could do what he was doing now just because of his nephew.

He is no different from Gabriel. He also changed his behavior just because of the woman he loved so much. He also admits to himself that even now when he remembers her, he still feels pain inside him. He could not quite imagine, that she preferred an old man over him. Is it because the old man was richer than he was in those times.

But now it is different because he made sure that he could surpass the wealth of the old man whom his ex-girlfriend preferred. That was his motivation to further intensify what he was doing to make the company stand out above all other companies.

Unbeknownst to most, he is also behind his nephew's successful business. Gabriel is important to him so he does everything possible to make the business grow that Gabriel inherited from his parents. He now fears that the young man will neglect the business just because of Melanie. She did not have a good influence on him and because of his great love, it seems that even his mind is being affected by her.

The night came again and Anne was sad that she was still here in this mansion. She could compare herself to a prisoner who could not get out and could not do anything she wanted. She did not know what mistake she had made to experience this.

She will carry out her escape plan, by midnight. . She didn't even have anyone to talk to. Only books were her companion. She would never want to stay in this place any longer.

She did not realize that someone was coming until the door swung opened. That was Mildred and it was with someone she had just seen. Like Midred it also carries food. She was amazed at the amount of food they brought but she did not dare to speak.

She already learned her lesson this morning when she talked to Mildred and she ignored her. She avoided that happening again, so even though she was tempted to ask, she did not do that.

As they put the food on the table they were silent, all she could hear was the rattle of cutlery placed on top of the plates. When they had finished putting all the food in, they left. She stood up and approached the table to start eating. Sitting there she only noticed that two empty plates were placed on the table. 'Does this mean Martin and I will have dinner together?'

This is not possible. Her plan will be ruined. She later plans to run away, how can this be? She looked at the door when she heard footsteps approaching her room.

"You don't seem to be happy to see me. I thought you wanted to talk to me." Martin said as he stepped towards Anne. He could not bear to ignore the woman's request to talk to him. He also did not want her to think that he was a bad person.

So far this is the only thing he can do for the woman. To give the simple things she will ask for, except for sending her home. Even though he felt sorry for the girl right now, he could do nothing. He just thinks that what he does is also for the benefit of the woman. So far she does not know it but at the right time, she may thank him for what he has done.

"Let's eat first before we talk. I know you will like the food that they served." He smiled at Anne trying to catch her attention who is not looking at him right now.

Only now did he pay attention to the girl's appearance. She is so beautiful that it is not surprising why his nephew chose her. He started eating and took his eyes off the girl's face.

Anne felt her cheeks heat up. Oh my! Is she blushing? Why every time she is near or talks to the man she seems to be out of her mind. She will not be surprised if one day she does whatever he may ask her to do, even if her mind is against it. She secretly stared at him while eating. What she did not know the man was doing the same.

They seem to be watching each other's movements. Martin was the first to break the silence. "I want you to know that I have no intention of harming you."

"I will only believe if you release me. I want to get back to my normal life and that will not happen if you keep me here."

"I hope you understand that what I am doing is for you."

"Explain it completely so I can understand why you are doing this to me."

"For now, I can't answer that. You will also know when the right time comes."

The man seemed determined not to tell her the truth so she decided to keep her mouth shut from asking questions. Eventually, they also finished eating and the man invited her to have a drink at his minibar.

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