The Unmarried Mother

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An Unmarried Mother Without facing the world. No matter what the society say... He was ready to fulfill her dreams and right to live freely. Maybe her past was what that bond them together.

Romance / Drama
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Today, Richa was very late while leaving the office, Ravi also had a similar situation. The boss's order was to go after completing the work.

Boss Came in Their Cabin and Ask Ravi, "How much work is still left, Ravi? Completed or not?"

Ravi said a bit upset, "Not sir, It's still a little bit left. Maybe it take one to two hours right now."

The boss turned towards Richa and said, "Hey Richa? how much work have you done? Is it completed or Some left?"

"No Sir, It is not completed yet. It may take one to one and a half hours." Richa said wiping her sweat.

The boss addressed them both and said, "Look, Ravi and Richa, you both know that it is already too late in this work. Yes or No?"

"Yes sir, you are right."

"See, I trust you both very much. Therefore, I have given you the responsibility to complete the work. Both of you will be delayed in completing this work. So do it as fast as you can."

Richa said, "Yes sir, your work will be completed before the presentation tomorrow."

"And you both will be late to reaching home. Ravi?"

"Yes Sir."

"I give you the responsibility to leave Richa her home. Okay?"

"Okay Sir." Ravi said

"Ok Richa, OK Ravi. I will have to leave the office now for a very important work."

After thinking for a while, Ravi said, "Okay sir."

The boss exited the office, after saying ravi.

"Oh, At least I got some relief after the boss left the office." Richa said taking a deep breath.

Ravi also nodded yes to her. Miss Richa, "Can you please finish your work fast?" Ravi asked

Yes of course, I have finish my work fast you also finish your work soon." Richa told Ravi

Then Ravi gave voice to the peon and said, "Hey brother, give me two cups of coffee, we are both very tired."

Okay, mr. Ravi , I relieve your tiredness. Saying this, the peon started preparing coffee.

Richa and Ravi also started completing their work.

While working, Richa said, "Ravi, I do not understand this one page work. Please explain me it in detail."

"Ok Richa, I complete your work and give it to you." Ravi takes that page from Richa.

Then the peon gave both of them a cup of coffee and said, "First of you both enjoy the coffee or else the coffee will be cold. And then do your work."

Richa said, "Yes Ravi, first you also drink coffee. It will take only 5 minutes to finish the coffee."

While drinking coffee Ravi said, "It will be too late for you to reach home today. Your mother and father will be upset."

"Yes Ravi, but I had already told them by calling. Richa said finishing her coffee."

I have completed my coffee, As long as you are doing my work, then I finish my other work.

Yesterday there was an important presentation in the office, which the boss gave to Ravi and Richa in the office today to complete the final report, while all the employees had left the office and went their home.

After that they have finished their all work.

It was almost 9:30 in the night. Both Ravi and Richa had finished the next day's presentation.

Ravi asks Richa, "Is your work done or is there anything left?"

Richa, "Almost Done, just a little bit left."

Ravi had finished his work. He was standing near Richa's table in her cabin.

Ravi raised a glass of water towards Richa, "Fresh yourself by drinking water. Just take a break. I'll complete your work. you don't worry.'

"Yeah, Ravi, you make this final Five minute work of mine. I am very tired. I'm too late." Richa said in a tired tone.

Ravi completes her work. By the way, Ravi did not raise more than a formal conversation with any girl working in the office with him. But according to the boss's order, he was supposed to leave Richa at home today. Because it was past 10:00 and too late.

In the parking, Richa was having a lot of difficulty in starting her scooty. Richa gets upset.

Seeing her, Ravi said, "Miss Richa, leave your scooty here.

Richa said getting upset, "So how will I go home?"

Then Ravi said, "Suppose, if you start beating this, and it starts. but after sometime, it will stop somewhere along the way."

Richa said, "Then I will show it to a mechanic."

Ravi said, "It's so late at night, the trouble will increase. What will happen if you'll not be able to find any mechanic?"

Richa said, "You too start once and see. There may be some difference between me and you, you will start."

Ravi said, "look, don't be upset Richa. Show your scooty tomorrow to the mechanic".

Richa thought for some time. Then said, "Tomorrow I have to come back again and be upset."

"So what is happening this night?" Ravi said

"Okay! I call Rishabh. He will come and pick me." Richa responded by taking out the mobile from her purse.

She placed a call on her mobile. ''Hello?, Hello?''

But the other side, there was no response. She Could not be able to talk anyone because of not holding the mobile network.

"Oh! My mobile is not holding a tower." Richa said getting upset.

"Richa, it's better to call someone than you go on my bike. I'll drop you and go." Ravi said while seeing her.

"But my house is in the other direction. You will have to take a long detour." Richa said.

"It is better to stand here than go with me anyway, it was the boss's order to leave you home.” Ravi said while folding his shirt on his arms.

"But you will have trouble. You will be late to reach your house." Richa said hesitatingly.

"So what happened? Let it be late anyway. I don't leave you here at this time." Ravi comfortably said As if he has no problem.

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